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  1. Letter from Jo Anna BREEDLOVE McDANIEL dated June 25, 1991.
  2. Writings and sermons of Rhapherd Thomas BREEDLOVE in the possession of the author.
  3. Essex Co. VA Deed Book 1738-1742, pp 288-291 October 20, 1741
  4. Betty WAHLE, descendant of William BREEDLOVE, is a genealogist with whom I corresponded in the summer of 1991.
  5. In the papers and sermons of Rhapherd Thomas BREEDLOVE is a handwritten note of his stating that it contained facts from the family Bible. Whose family Bible is not stated, and it is obvious from the dates of birth that it was not R. T. BREEDLOVEs generation who was speaking but the next youngest generation. Great-grandfather would be Simpson BREEDLOVE. The note reads: Great-grandfathers family settled in 1864 at Gap of the Mountains (probably Cranfalls Fall near Bosque River.) Grandmother BREEDLOVE born 1866, Granddaddy BREEDLOVE born 1864. Dingler is where Papas grandfather buried.
  6. In Greene County, Missouri, 1850, besides Simpson are: Same page as Simpson, (Page 392) Spencer BREEDLOVE, 42, m, South Carolina; Sally BREEDLOVE, 35, f, Tennessee; Sarah E. BREEDLOVE, 12, f, Tennessee; Charles F. BREEDLOVE, 8, m, Tennessee; Mary M. BREEDLOVE, 6, f, Tennessee; Loviea (?) C. BREEDLOVE, 4, f, Missouri; Caleb BREEDLOVE, 1, m, Missouri. Page 363, #1741, William BREEDLOVE, 31, m, Farmer, 1000, Mississippi; Susan BREEDLOVE, 30, Tennessee; Vica G. BREEDLOVE, 10, f, Missouri; Charles N. BREEDLOVE, 7, Missouri; John __. BREEDLOVE, 5, Missouri; William O. BREEDLOVE, 2, Missouri. #1742--James BREEDLOVE, 22, Farmer, Tennessee; Cyntha BREEDLOVE, 25, Missouri; Elizabeth PURSLEY, 6, Missouri; James PURSLEY, 4, Missouri; George PURSLEY, 2, Missouri. #1743--William BREEDLOVE, 64, m, Farmer, North Carolina; Amy BREEDLOVE, 61, f, Tennessee; Columbus BREEDLOVE, 22, m, Tennessee. Page 367, #1805--Charles BREEDLOVE, 28, m, Tennessee; Amelia BREEDLOVE, 20, f, Tennessee; Mary BREEDLOVE, 2, f, Missouri; Morgan WHITE, 24, Tennessee; Jane WHITE, 28, Tennessee. Page 369--John BREEDLOVE, 27, North Carolina; Rebecca BREEDLOVE, 27, North Carolina; Emavillis BREEDLOVE, 11, f, Missouri; Nancy BREEDLOVE, 9, female, Missouri; Charles W. BREEDLOVE, 7, Missouri; Ransom D. BREEDLOVE, 5, Missouri; Frances M. RANY, 10, m, Missouri; Nancy RANY, 8, Missouri; Eliza BREEDLOVE, 35, North Carolina; Ferdinana M. WHITE, m, 22.
  7. Adrienne Taylor,, says: Simpson and Sara were my 3rd great grandparents. Their daughter, Mira, married William Warren Gage. They had a son, William Thomas Gage, who married Lucinda Elizabeth [Bettie] Chastain. They had several children, including my grandmother, Maude May Gage (Riggs, Taylor, Lindholm).
  8. Thomas L. BREEDLOVE in the 1900 census said his father was born in Missouri and his mother born in Mississippi. Comanche Co. Census, 1900, p 136.
  9. Sources: Letters of Dave BREEDLOVE, 1900 Comanche Co. Census, 1870 Smith County Census, 1880 Coryell Co. Census, 1900 and 1910 Erath Co. Census; 1850 Green County, Missouri Census, 1860 Johnson County, Texas, census; writings of R. T. BREEDLOVE; Materials on microfilm collected by Olive BREEDLOVE SMITH and posthumously edited by Jean Scrogin and Priscilla BREEDLOVE Gryder available from the Mormon Library for use in its branch libraries, which includes communications from Dean Breedlove, Davis Breedlove, Jesse Davis Breedlove, Jr., and Eula Haskew among many others; and a hand-written record of interesting contents from BREEDLOVE Bible in R. T. BREEDLOVEs papers, Dave BREEDLOVEs charts sent to R. T. BREEDLOVE with correspondence, and his later chart sent by Peggy BREEDLOVE.
  10. I did not have time at the courthouse in Gatesville to check to see if from other marriage records I could determine the denomination of J. R. SEWARD. I asked the clerk if she knew and she said she did not but guessed he was Methodist.
  11. Chronicles of Smith County. Tabitha LEWELLEN married Abraham GORDON, and Lucinda LEWELLEN married William GORDON. Both Tabitha and Lucinda were sisters of Roxanna Pauline SPENCE BREEDLOVEs mother, Nancy LEWELLEN SPENCE WHITWORTH and the three are buried together in the Hannibal Cemetery in Erath County. The GORDON families and John LEWELLEN and wife Nancy COLEY (with their unmarried daughter Nancy LEWELLEN who became Roxanna Pauline SPENCEs mother) moved from Effingham County, Illinois, to Smith County, Texas, at the same time. Nancy COLEY LEWELLEN and John LEWELLEN are buried at the Verner Cemetery in Smith County which I believe is close to the original cite of Pleasant Retreat Church.
  12. George Nickolas GORDON, son of Abraham GORDON and Sarah HILL, grandson of Abraham GORDON and Tabitha LEWELLEN. Nicks grandmother and R. T.s grandmother were sisters.
  13. Melba Sample family history received April 13, 1993.
  14. Melba BREEDLOVE SAMPLE family history, op cit.
  15. Three of Davis Breedloves descendants have myotonic muscular dystrophy. Information about other instances within the family should be forwarded to the Genetic Screening Service in Lubbock.
  16. Melba BREEDLOVE SAMPLE family history, op cit.
  17. Men of Achievement in Texas, Garland A. SMITH.
  18. Information on Irl and Merles family from a letter from Merle BREEDLOVE to Melba BREEDLOVE SAMPLE dated February 7, 1992. Additional sources on J. D. and Annie BREEDLOVE family include: Census records, Erath County, 1900, 1910; Coryell County, 1880; Smith County, 1870; Alma Ellen ANDERSON BREEDLOVE; writings of R. T. BREEDLOVE; State of Texas historical marker; Record of graves in Erath County; Death record of Lottie BREEDLOVE in Erath County; Chronicles of Smith County; death certificate of J. D. BREEDLOVE. In the group picture, the order is Dean, Henry, Jesse, R. T., Ernest, (1st row) C. B., Nora, Annie, Irl.
  19. Source: State historical marker at Huckabay, across the road from the cemetery where Lottie BREEDLOVE is buried.
  20. Written about 1969 for the Quanah Tribune Chief.
  21. Daddy does not often call her Mamacita (Spanish for little mama) for nothing!

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