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  1. Charles BREEDLOVE and wife Mary PARR and the related ALLAMAN and PARR families.

  2. James BREEDLOVE and wife Mary ____.

  3. Charles BREEDLOVE and wife Sally FLETCHER.

  4. Martha W. (Patsy) BREEDLOVE SCOGGINS, her Husband and Children.

  5. Simpson BREEDLOVE. My colorful ancestor.

  6. Jefferson Davis BREEDLOVE and his wife Roxanna Pauline (Annie) SPENCE.

  7. Rhapherd Thomas BREEDLOVE and his wife Irma Lorene RICHARDS.

  8. Sam Rhapherd BREEDLOVE and his wife Alma Ellen ANDERSON
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After years of research, having a great deal more information on many of my family lines than on the BREEDLOVE line, I wrote a professional genealogist who, like me, had the maiden name of BREEDLOVE and started her search with that name. She promptly wrote echoing my frustration, saying "Yes, the Breedloves ARE a 'particularly worrysome line to research.'" [COMMENT-1]

Although my grandfather Rhapherd Thomas BREEDLOVE was not a genealogist, he did love family history, and he did a lot of wondering about the family line and could tell you as much about it as anyone else could. He summed up the family tree in this way:

I came from a long line of nobodies. I can't trace my family back beyond the war of 1812, and not much has happened since then to enhance the name. There were some of us at the battle of San Jacinto, but I don't even know if they were my folk. Grandpa went with TAYLOR to Mexico during The Mexican war, but he made no big splash. I learned to ride in his old military saddle. But that didn't seem to help the status of the family any. My birthplace was a boxed house, one room and a lean-to. There was an attic for storage and room for the spinning wheel. A porch lent a little shade to the front of the house. The house couldn't be dignified by the name "log cabin," so I couldn't have run for office![COMMENT-2]

I'm comfortable with my BREEDLOVE line now but only through the thorough research and careful reconstruction of the line by my cousin William Otway BREEDLOVE, III. I met his father before I met Bill and his wife Jan. Judge William O. BREEDLOVE, Jr., was on the district bench in Brownwood, Brown County, Texas, when I began practicing law. Everyone who knew my maiden name was BREEDLOVE asked if we were related. I answered "not that I know of" for years, then found through genealogy we were - that our common ancestor Simpson was a bigamist. Judge BREEDLOVE was from the first family, I from the second. It took Judge BREEDLOVE's son, though, to bring it full circle, to find the family disgrace that colored Simpson's early life, the fact the blood line goes through his mother, not married at the time of his birth. I thank Bill and Jan for that research and conclusion and for their fastidious work sorting through early Virginia records winnowing out the earliest members of the clan.

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A.)   Charles BREEDLOVE of Virginia and wife Mary PARR.

The earliest ancestor who seems a definite connection is Charles BREEDLOVE, who was in Virginia - Essex County, to be precise - by September 9, 1708, when he was a witness to Susanna SMITH's relinquishment of her right of dower.

That statement, though, is not entirely correct. William O. BREEDLOVE, III, hypothesizes, and I agree, that the generation before this was led by a greatly beloved matriarch named Kindness BREEDLOVE. Her husband's name and her maiden name are unknown. She was the mother of Charles described in this section and of James, husband of Lucretia WATKINS(?), who has often been confused with James, husband of Mary, described in the next section. This James, son of Kindness and brother of Charles who married Mary PARR, was father of

Kindness BREEDLOVE also had a daughter named Kindness BREEDLOVE who married William TRIBLE and was the mother of

Charles BREEDLOVE was born in 1688 and died before February 21, 1758, his records still being in Essex County. On June 10, 1710, Charles and Mary PARR were married. She was the daughter of William PARR and wife Judith ALLAMAN. Phillip PARR's will, dated December 30, 1699 and probated in Essex County, left to his daughter Judith PARR land formerly given to her by her grandfather, Thomas ALLAMAN. To his daughter Mary PARR he left his manor plantation, and to daughter Constant PARR and wife Judith PARR the rest of his land. Judith married after Phillip's death James EDMUNDSON. Her will, probated March 6, 1752, mentioned her daughter Mary BREEDLOVE.

Thomas ALLAMAN's wife was also named Judith, her maiden name not known. He was born about 1630 in Essex, Gloucester, Virginia and died March 9, 1706 there. Judith was born about 1640 and died before 1660.

Thomas ALLAMAN and wife Judith had two children:

William ALLAMAN, and
Judith ALLAMAN PARR, wife of William PARR

William Parr and wife Judith ALLAMAN had four daughters:

Judith PARR DYKE FAULKNER, born after 1685, married first John DYKE and second Henry FAULKNER
Mary PARR BREEDLOVE, born about 1695 in Essex County, Virginia, married Charles BREEDLOVE. Their children are shown below this table.
Constance PARR EDMONDSON, born about 1697 in Essex County, Virginia, married Thomas EDMONDSON who was born after 1699 in Virginia
Ann PARR BOULWARE, born about 1701, married William BOULWARE before 1730 in Essex Co., Virginia. Ann and her husband lived next to her sister Mary and Charles BREEDLOVE. [COMMENT-3]

Another relationship somewhere was represented in the Essex County Deed Book 20, pages 322-324, where an indenture between Thomas and Constant EDMONDSON and Charles and Mary BREEDLOVE and Thomas FITCHJEFFRIES is set out. FITCHJEFFRIES paid for land with 2250 pounds of tobacco. The transaction record reflects that Constant and Mary were heirs of John WEBSTER and his deceased daughter Mary WEBB. The curent status of research and understanding of this problem is set out in a letter posted on the Rootsweb Breedlove forum.

Perhaps the most humanizing tidbit of information about Charles BREEDLOVE is that on June 15, 1722, Charles Breedlove was sited for "on ye sd day & of ye sd Paris for being drunk." It refers to the Parish (Paris) of Southfarnham on May 8th. On October 13, 1722, he was summonded, didn't appear, and was fined for being drunk. Whether this is the same incident or another, you may decide.

Charles BREEDLOVE and his wife Mary PARR had ten children:

Hester BREEDLOVE TRIBLE who married John TRIBLE in Essex County, Virginia and died about 1749;
William BREEDLOVE who married Millicent ____
Nathan BREEDLOVE, born about 1716, died before October 1786. He married first Mary TRIBLE. They were parents of
  • John BREEDLOVE, born about 1740;
  • Nathan BREEDLOVE, born about 1772, and
  • Isaac BREEDLOVE, born July 27, 1772, married Eve SHENK then Barbara SHENK.
Allaman BREEDLOVE, born about 1717, died before July 17, 1775, married Susanna BRAXTON. They had three children:
  • Allaman BREEDLOVE;
  • William BREEDLOVE who married Lucy MADISON; and
  • Braxton BREEDLOVE.
Phillip BREEDLOVE, born about 1720, married Sarah GORE
Kindness BREEDLOVE SHORTER, born about 1721 in Essex County, Virginia, died before 1795 in Charlotte County, Virginia. She married John SHORTER and their son was
  • James SHORTER.
James BREEDLOVE, born about 1729, died about 1791 in Lunenburg County, Virginia. His wife was Mary ____. They are described in the following section.
Thomas BREEDLOVE, born about 1730 in Old Rappahanock, Virginia Colony, died about 1785 in Fredericksville, Albermarle, Virginia. He married Sarah BROADUS before 1752 and they were parents of
  • John BREEDLOVE who married Margaret VAWTER, Fannie BOHANNON and Patsy RICHARDS;
  • Thomas BREEDLOVE who married Sarah THOMAS;
  • Benjamin BREEDLOVE, born about 1762;
  • Madison bREEDLOVE, born about 1763, married Judy BUCKNER February 11, 1784;
  • Cornelius BREEDLOVE, born about 1765, married Jane BECK;
  • Richard BREEDLOVE, born about 1768, married Mildred WATTS;
  • Phillip B. BREEDLOVE, born about 1770, married Nancy BARNES;
  • Martin BREEDLOVE, born December 19, 1771, married Elizabeth CARR December 19, 1791;
  • Charles BREEDLOVE, born abut 1756, married Theodosia CLEVENGER May 28, 1787; and
  • William BREEDLOVE, born 1771, married Mary WATTS October 19, 1785.
Robert BREEDLOVE, born about 1730, died 1792, married Martha WATKINS; and
Mary BREEDLOVE TRIBLE, born about 1740, married Peter TRIBLE.

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B.)   James BREEDLOVE and wife Mary ____.

James BREEDLOVE, the son of Charles BREEDLOVE and Mary PARR, was born about 1729 and died about 1791 in Lunenburg County, Virginia. His wife Mary, whose surname is not known, died before 1797.

William O. BREEDLOVE, III, sums up a two page argument that James BREEDLOVE and his wife Mary are the parents of Charles BREEDLOVE whose wife was Sally FLETCHER and who is described in the next section. He concludes the well-reasoned treatise with the conclusion, "There always seemed to be too many James Breedloves." For some of his reasoning see his letters on the Breedlove forum on November 7, 1999 and other dates.

A best guess as to the children of James BREEDLOVE and wife Mary follows:

Sina BREEDLOVE SHELTON, wife of Stephen SHELTON, marriage June 9, 1792;
James BREEDLOVE born about 1749;
Elizabeth BREEDLOVE WILKERSON PAGE SAMMONS. Elizabeth, who died after 1797, married first John WILKERSON who died 1778 in Orange County, Virginia, Second on November 28, 1782 John PAGE, and third, William SAMMONS;
Kindness BREEDLOVE STEMBRIDGE, born about 1767, died about 1808, married William STEMBRIDGE, Jr., January 22, 1785;
Spencer BREEDLOVE who died before March 30, 1785, and
Charles BREEDLOVE who married Sally FLETCHER and is described in the next section.

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C.)   Charles BREEDLOVE and Wife Sally FLETCHER.

Charles BREEDLOVE, who married Sally FLETCHER, was born in 1753 in Essex County, Virginia. They married about 1774 in Essex County. Charles served as a Revolutionary soldier from Caswell County, North Carolina and received a grant of land in Rutherford County, North Carolina, for his service. He is listed on the 1800 census of Rutherford County, North Carolina as follows: males: 1 over 45, 1 16-26, 2 10-15; 1 under 10; females: 1 over 45, 1 10-16, 2 under 10.

In 1806, as Charles was preparing to leave Rutherford County, he deeded 28 acres of land for a Baptist Church. In 1966 there was still a church on the land - at Mooresboro, in what is now Shelby County, North Carolina.

Charles moved to Knox County, Tennessee, and is listed in court records and jury lists from 1806 through 1817. He then moved to Lawrence County, Alabama, where his will, written in 1818, was probated in 1820.

I have not yet obtained a copy of the will; the probate court will not research records and the woman whose name they sent me to do so tried but could not find the will. She did send the following documentation:

Record Book of 1823: "...BREEDLOVE of Charles BREEDLOVE deceased and it appearing to the satisfaction of the court that on this the 7th day of February 1820, William BREEDLOVE exhibits in open Court the last will and testament of Charles BREEDLOVE deceased which being legally proven was admitted to record, and the same William BREEDLOVE one of the executors appointed thereby being qualified according to Law took upon himself the execution thereof and it being suggested by said HAMILTON by his attorney that the said executor has hitherto failed and neglected to settle and conclude his said executorship in _____ to the provisions of said Will and of Law It is therefore ordered that the clerk of this court ____ a summons to said executor commanding him to be and appear before the Judge of this Court at the next term of this Court to show cause if any he has why a final settlement of said estate should not now be had."

The children of the marriage may include the following.

Mary (Polly) BREEDLOVE HAMILTON, married William HAMILTON March 1, 1815, in Knox County, Tennessee. William HAMILTON challenged the way in which William BREEDLOVE was fulfilling his obligations as Executor of Charles BREEDLOVE's will.
Nancy BREEDLOVE HAMILTON, who married Hance HAMILTON in Lawrence County, Alabama, August 2, 1819.
Catherine BREEDLOVE HASKEW, born January 27, 1776, in Virginia; married William HASKEW February 29, 1796 in Rutherford County, North Carolina; died October, 1839, in Roane County, Tennessee.
Sarah (Sally) BREEDLOVE ELLIS, born about 1778 in Virginia, married Frances ELLIS October 21, 1800, Rutherford County, North Carolina, died 1868 in Roane County, Tennessee. (Her daughter Sarah S. ELLIS married Spencer BREEDLOVE February 27, 1834, in Roane County. Spencer and Sally were first cousins, his parents being James BREEDLOVE and Nancy SIMMONS. They were in Greene County, Missouri, in 1850, the same page as Simpson.)
James R. BREEDLOVE, born about 1779 in North Carolina, married Nancy SIMMONS, November 13, 1800, Rutherford County, North Carolina. Their son Spencer is mentioned in the preceding blurb.
Spencer BREEDLOVE, born about 1781, died 1823 in Monroe, Ouachita Parish, Louisiana. He married Sophia MOREHOUSE July 4, 1816, already in Monroe.
William BREEDLOVE, born March 20, 1788, in North Carolina, died October 19, 1858 in Webster County, Missouri. He married Anna (Amy) HAIR in 1814.[COMMENT-4]
Martha (Patsy) BREEDLOVE SCOGGINS who married David G. SCOGGINS April 12, 1821. She and her husband and children are described in the next section.

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D.)   Martha W. (Patsy) BREEDLOVE SCOGGINS, her Husband and Children.

For years we've struggled with the lineage of Simpson BREEDLOVE, born April 11, 1816 in Lawrence County, Alabama, believing him to be a son or grandson of Charles BREEDLOVE and wife Sally FLETCHER but not finding where he fit.

William O. BREEDLOVE, III, credits his wife Jan for the natural deduction from the language of the will which he quotes to be "Patsy's son Simpson." This seems totally logical to me as well, and I feel quite secure in the belief that after years of searching we've figured out how Simpson fits into the picture.

Who knows what Patsy suffered in having a son in 1816 and first being married April 21, 1821? Obviously her father was accepting, mentioning Patsys'son Simpson, leaving him a share with the others. Perhaps her husband was not, since Simpson seems never to have lived with them. But he was five, and perhaps he stayed with her brothers because it was comfortable for everybody that way.

Martha W. (Patsy) BREEDLOVE marred David Green SCOGGINS and they lived in Roane County, Tennessee. It looks like they later lived in California from the information about their children, but I haven't yet researched the family as I intend to. They had these children:

Doctor Franklin (David) SCOGGINS, born 1825, married first Margaret BUTTRAM and second to Sarah Naoma CHANDLER.
Andrew Jackson SCOGGINS, born May 28, 1828 in Alabama, died November 15, 1913 in Tulare County, California. He married first Julia BUTTRAM and second Rebecca CLEEK.
Nancy SCOGGINS DEXTER, born Sept. 30, in Roane County, Tennessee. She married John DEXTER November 14, 1858, in Yolo County, California.
Noah SCOGGINS, born August 13, 1833, in Roane County, Tennessee, died May 26, 1891 in Colusa, California. He married Etta MERRILL in 1871 in California.
Louisa SCOGGINS, born 1836,
Samson Ives SCOGGINS,
William Ives SCOGGINS, and
Amanda Doyle SCOGGINS.

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E.)   Simpson BREEDLOVE and his wives Sarah HICKS and Emmaline Matilda HODDGE.

The earliest BREEDLOVE ancestor I can positively identify as ours is Simpson BREEDLOVE. All earlier ancestors listed are based on speculation on the facts stated there.

Simpson BREEDLOVE was born April 11, 1816, in Lawrence County, Alabama. He married first Sarah HICKS, born about 1813 in Tennessee. This is a link to her picture. I hope I didn't do the stain on it but don't remember. Sarah died in 1892, evidently thinking she was widowed in the Civil War, but in fact Simpson married second Emmaline (Emmalline) Matilda HODDGE on August 15, 1863, probably in Mississippi. Emmaline was born July 31, 1841, in Mississippi. Her father was born in Scotland, her mother was born in North Carolina, but I have no other information on her lineage.[COMMENT-5]

It appears to me that one of two things happened at the end of the Civil War. Either Simpson misplaced his wife and six children and spent very little time looking for them, or he saw it as his opportunity to begin again and did so. Perhaps a more charitable option is that he thought his wife was dead and since his children were grown and married at the time, found another wife and began to make a life for himself. This would be supported by his statement as a prisoner of war, answering whether he had a wife and children. His answer was yes, six children. He was released by the Union Army on June 2, 1863 and married Emmaline on August 15, 1863. The birthdates carried down in the tradition of the two families are the same. The census records would reflect that the two Simpson BREEDLOVE's are one and the same. And there was a family tradition in Simpson's second family that there were six half-brothers and sisters who didn't come west when Simpson did, the exact number of living children by the first marriage.

With his first wife Sarah HICKS and his children, Simpson appears on the 1850 Census in Greene County, Missouri, Dallas Township, at Page 362, "Simpton BREEDLOVE". The Spencer BREEDLOVE family is on the same page; two William BREEDLOVE families are on page 363; Charles BREEDLOVE is on page 367; James BREEDLOVE is on page 363; and John BREEDLOVE is on page 369. Comparing these with the names of the children of Charles BREEDLOVE and Sally FLETCHER as listed in a previous section, it is obvious that Simpson is with this extended family.[COMMENT-6]

In the 1860 Census, Simpson and Sarah and family are in Johnson County, Texas, (page 460) at Comanche Peak Township. No other BREEDLOVEs are shown nearby.

Following the Civil War and the remarriage, the 1870 Smith County, Texas, census shows: Simpoon BRIADLOVE, 54, Farm Laborer, Ala.; Emiline, 29, Miss.; Jefferson, 6, Miss.; Thomas, 2, Texas.

In 1880, the family is in Coryell County, Texas, where there is a Simpson BREEDLOVE survey, the patent to Simpson BREEDLOVE being recorded at book Z, page 7, and indicating a number 435, volume 4. The recording is May 10, 1886. There was also land conveyed to Emmaline in her own name and not shown to be her separate property. One such deed is to E. M. BREEDLOVE from J. J. STOVAL recorded in book Z, page 8, dated January 12, 1878 and recorded May 10, 1886. The Simpson BREEDLOVE survey property was traded with another individual for property in Comanche County, Texas, along the Leon Creek, the deed being to Arminda MARTIN, recorded at volume 4, page 330, dated October 17, 1889. Simpson and Emmaline conveyed additional land in Coryell County to P. A. LUSBY on October 5, 1892, recorded in volume 10, pate 374. Simpson BREEDLOVE was not the earliest BREEDLOVE in Coryell County. Mary H. BREEDLOVE received a patent from the state September 13, 1858, recorded at Volume C, page 455, and there is a certificate of redemption for M. H. BREEDLOVE, et. al., at Volume Z, page 46, recorded May 27, 1886. Mary H. BREEDLOVE conveyed property at Volume G, page 468, dated February 7, 1873, and C. R. BREEDLOVE et al of Washington County conveyed property February 27, 1883, C. B. BREEDLOVE et al having been deeded property by sheriff's deed December 15, 1877, Volume J, page 676.

Family tradition would indicate that this family lived in Erath County, either around Lingleville, Huckabay, or Hannibal, but since the 1890 U.S. census records burned and Simpson and Emmaline died before the 1900 census, and since there were no land purchases to reflect this, it is not documented. Certainly their sons had connection with Erath County, Jefferson Davis BREEDLOVE living there on two separate occasions and Thomas Larkin BREEDLOVE marrying there.

The following is abstracted from the Record Division, War Department, Rebel Archives.

Army of Confederate State, General Hospital, 'Okolona' at Meridian, Mississippi, 12 Dec. 1862. Simpson BREEDLOVE, of Capt. BUCHANNON's Company H, 15th Reg., Arkansas Volunteers, was enlisted by Capt. HOBBS at Boston Mountain, 20 Feb. 1862, to serve one year. He was born in Lawrence Co. Ala., is 45 years of age, 5 foot 10 inches tall, Light complexion, blue eyes, dark hair, and is a farmer. Said soldier having made application for discharge we certify that we have carefully examined said soldier and find him incapable of performing the duties of a soldier, etc., because of chronic rheumatism and Bright's disease of the kidneys. We therefore recommend that he be discharged, etc." Signed by examining board and post surgeon. Discharge granted.

There still exist the official discharge paper, payroll slips, and muster roll slips, and a muster roll slip as a prisoner of war. The last one states these facts:

Roll of prisoners received and discharged at Gratiot Street Prison, St. Louis, Missouri, from June 1 to June 30, 1863:
Where captured: Washington County, Arkansas
When captured: 23 February 1863
Received: 19 May 1863
Discharged: 2 June 1863
Remarks: City Point V for exchange.

The following is the statement of Simpson BREEDLOVE, Prisoner of War, who being under oath, says:

I live in Washington county, Arkansas. I enlisted in the Confederate service 20 February 1862 in Capt. BUCHANNON's Company H, 15th Reg., of Arkansas; I was discharged from service 15 December following, on a surgeon's certificate. I came home and was arrested 23 February 1863 by Lt. WILLIAMS. I do not want to be exchanged - would like to take the oath and go home." Signed 24 March 1863.

It seems, though, that he changed his mind: Statement made at Gratiot Street Prison, St. Louis, Missouri, 22 May 1863, by Simpson BREEDLOVE (a printed form with the answers written in):

Age - 46 years. "I live in Washington County, Arkansas, was born in Orange Co., Ala. [in statement above he gave Lawrence County, Alabama as birthplace]; Cause of capture: "I was a soldier in the Confederate Army, when captured I was first taken to Fayettesville and remained there 6 days, at Springfield about 3 months; examined there by Provost Marshall and sent to Gratiot Street Prison, St. Louis, Mo., 12 May 1863. I never took the oath of allegiance to the United States, nor do I wish to now." What battles, etc: "Tea Ridge". Did you have arms? "Yes, in the fight." Are you a Southern sympathizer? "I am." Do you sincerely desire to have the Southern people put down in this war and the authority of the United States Government restored? "I do not". How many slaves do you have? "None." Have you a wife - children? "Yes, six children". What relatives do you have in the rebellion? "Two sons-in-law, cousins." Have you ever been in any rebel camp, etc.? "None but my own, at different places - Ten month's soldier duty, discharged on account of disability; I was at home about one month before I was captured. I desire to be exchanged." End.

The children of the first marriage, that between Simpson BREEDLOVE and Sarah HICKS include the following:

Martha S. BREEDLOVE LEACH (born about 1840, Missouri; married Richard LEACH)
Nancy J. BREEDLOVE LEACH (born about 1842, Missouri; married Nathan J. LEACH; Nancy lived at Muldrow, Oklahoma and operated a hotel which was built for her by her brother, John W. BREEDLOVE, about 1888)
Mira/Myra M. BREEDLOVE GAGE SILKWOOD SANDERS (born about 1844, Missouri; married (1) William GAGE, (2) Tom SILKWOOD, (3) William A. SANDERS. Myra died 1904 in Claremore, Rogers County, Oklahoma. Her children were
  • William GAGE, Jr. [was a railroad conductor at Oakland, California and fathered
    • Jessie GAGE,
    • Walter GAGE,
    • William Otway GAGE,
    • Grace GAGE and
    • Maude GAGE.];
  • Tom SILKWOOD [went to California 1910-1912, lived in Fresno area, died before 1952. Had a large family who still live in that area];
  • Arthur Dire SILKWOOD [born October 12, 1877 at Gainesville, Cook County, Texas; died April 1, 1953, Los Angeles; married Z. MURPHY, had 4 boys and 4 girls. He rode with his uncle John W. BREEDLOVE and made at least one cattle trip to Mexico. He carried clean clothes to Henry STARR when the sheriffs were after him. He left Oklahoma for California on a horse that STARR had given him; joined the Spanish American War, and was in the Chinese Boxer Rebellion. Youngest son A. F. SILKWOOD living in Redding, California late 1960's. His son, Floyd Arthur SILKWOOD had a daughter Susan Lynne (Mrs. E. Joe) SILKWOOD SMITH;
  • Hattie SANDERS [died 1905 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, had a daughter Maud May LOUD, who died 1960 in Los Angeles. The daughter had a son.][COMMENT-7 ]
William Harrison BREEDLOVE (born about 1845, Missouri)
Elizabeth BREEDLOVE (born about 1847, Missouri, probably died before 1860)
John Washington BREEDLOVE (born about 1852, Missouri; educated at Cane Hill College at Cane Hill, Arkansas; taught school in Indian Territory where he married one of his pupils, Carrie Wharton BRUTON. Both taught one term, then began cattle ranching and helped found the town of Muldrow, Oklahoma. With W. O. BRUTON, he owned and operated the first store there and later built a hotel for his sister Nancy LEACH, then a brick bank building. He built and operated the first cotton gin, and with a few others founded the Muldrow High School. He built the first telephone line between Ft. Smith, Arkansas, and Muskogee, Oklahoma. In 1896 they moved to Ft. Smith where he was associated with the Lang Shoe Wholesale House. He was an adopted citizen of the Cherokee Nation and a member of the National Council. He died May 18, 1904. His wife was 1/4 Cherokee, her grandfather being the last hereditary Chief of the Cherokee Nation. His children included:
  • James Willoughby BREEDLOVE, born November 6, 1876, a lawyer who married Mary (Rover) EIFFERT. He fathered
    • James Walton BREEDLOVE,
    • Ruth Adeline BREEDLOVE KENTNET (Mrs. David Franklin KENTNET who lived in Oklahoma City in 1969 and had family history information)];
    • Jack Thompson BREEDLOVE [no issue]; and
    • William Curtis BREEDLOVE.
  • William Otway BREEDLOVE who fathered
    • Bessie Elerlie BREEDLOVE WESTMORELAND of Ft. Smith, Arkansas and
    • Judge William Otway BREEDLOVE, Jr. (William O. BREEDLOVE, III, is a genealogist as described above.);
  • John Chisholm BREEDLOVE, a physician, who fathered
    • John Chisholm BREEDLOVE, Jr., a retired Lieutenant Colonel who lived in Palo Alto, California in 1969 and had three children;
  • Wharton Hicks BREEDLOVE, a druggist, father of
    • Jane Gail BREEDLOVE METZ;
  • Walton David BREEDLOVE, father of
    • Walton David BREEDLOVE, Jr.,
    • Vera Bessie BREEDLOVE, and
    • Carrie BREEDLOVE;
  • Charles Winchester BREEDLOVE who lived in Los Angeles and fathered
    • Signa BREEDLOVE
    • and
    • June BREEDLOVE;
  • Cassie BREEDLOVE OWEN, married to a District Judge Owen OWEN, mother of
    • Mary OWEN LEGG of Joplin, Missouri;
  • and five more who died as infants.
This is a link to a picture of J. W. BREEDLOVE.
James L. BREEDLOVE (born about 1854, Missouri), and
Mary J. BREEDLOVE (born about 1857, Missouri)

Simpson BREEDLOVE and his second wife, Emmaline Matilda HODDGE, were the parents of four children, two of whom lived to adulthood. They were:

S. R. BREEDLOVE (death in 1866)
Emmaline Elizabeth BREEDLOVE (death in 1867)
Jefferson Davis BREEDLOVE, who married Roxanna Pauline SPENCE and whose line is set out in the following section, and
Thomas Larkin BREEDLOVE (born Smith County, Texas, November, 1868, possibly near Garden Valley in the northwest corner of Smith County; married Sarah Frances Elizabeth (Fannie) COWDEN April 21, 1889, Erath County, recorded at Book E, Page 19, wife was born Benton County, Arkansas about 1863; 6 children born, 2 living in 1900:
  • Mary Emaline BREEDLOVE who was born in Erath County September 6, 1890, living in Brown County about 1950, and
  • Veola BREEDLOVE, born February 1899.
  • John H. BREEDLOVE, born 1903, Comanche County, Texas, and
  • Nolie B. BREEDLOVE, born 1908, Comanche County, Texas.
There is a deed to T. L. BREEDLOVE at Book 32, p. 154, Deed Records of Erath Co., dated October 3, 1890.

Dean BREEDLOVE wrote in 1965:
    My father Jefferson Davis BREEDLOVE was originally from Mississippi, as he told the story. He and a younger brother came to Texas together. The brother - Tom BREEDLOVE, died in Marlow, Stephens County, Oklahoma, leaving a son, John BREEDLOVE, and a daughter, Nola.
Another possibility is this, dated 1966:
    S. R. BREEDLOVE, 3351 West 2nd Ave., Corsicana, Texas and his half-brother, J. M. BREEDLOVE of Waco, Texas, are sons of J. R. BREEDLOVE who moved from Alabama to Texas 72 years ago when his son S. R. was 18 months old (about 1893.) J. R. BREEDLOVE was the son of Tom BREEDLOVE, who had a brother, Dave BREEDLOVE, who also moved to Texas.[COMMENT-8]

Simpson BREEDLOVE died January 18, 1893 at Dingler, Comanche County, Texas. Emmaline died there November 14, 1887. The cemetery is now known as the Paint Board Church Cemetery. The Dingler community no longer exists, although there still is knowledge of the basic location of the community. I assume it is on the Leon River where Simpson BREEDLOVE acquired land.[COMMENT-9]

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it's also the kind of work she'll do for you.