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Most of us at are members of Abilene Writers Guild, and you may happen to notice we maintain their site, but it's still a good stack of reading to sit back and enjoy.

Robyn Conley Weaver, the "Book Doctor" is a freelance editor and author. Her latest book, WHAT REALLY MATTERS TO ME: Journaling to a Simpler Life will be published by an imprint of Writer's Digest's this October. Her other books include the biographies: JOHN GRISHAM, ALEXANDER G. BELL and INFLUENTIAL CARTOONISTS (Lucent Books). At Texas Christian University, Robyn teaches classes on the mechanics of writing, as well as using writing as a means to emotional health. She speaks to many writers' confrences and offers Reduce Stress workshops to schools and businesses.

Denise Vitola's Writing Emporium

Denise is a well-published science fiction novelist and a wonderful writing teacher. She offers online writing workshops, complete with individualized exercises and homework. She's also about to launch her own epublishing business and with over a decade of selling to the majors under her belt, she KNOWS this business inside and out.

Nancy Robinson Masters

Nancy is an entertaining, motivating writer and speaker whose warmth, wit, and "down home" style have touched thousands of readers and listeners of all ages.

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