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So what's the deal?

     The terms of service are to some extent left up to you and the Sharpwriter you work with. When you've described what you need, we can then tell you what it will cost. If that's not possible, we'll work out an agreement or a range that is satisfactory to both. At best we can give you a general idea. A web page like this one page one would cost about $150 with subsequent ones in the series about $100 each, and a simple letter around $25. That said, there are a few ground rules we can lay out:
  • We need from you the clearest statement you can give us of the emotional tone of the work to be done and of the contents. If the list at Contact Us doesn't get there, add that at the end in comments.

  • The range of fees charged for work by the Sharpwriters is based on $15 to $40 an hour (or up to $60 an hour for computer programming and web development), but a fee will be agreed on, or at least a range for the fee, before work is begun. We're not going to surprise you with the bill. Sometimes a firm price will be set for the piece if the request is precise enough we can fairly determine that.

  • Half the money is expected before the work is begun if the agreed price is less than $200, and a third for jobs greater than that. A second third is due upon furnishing a first draft, and the remainder when the work is delivered.

  • Kill fees (the charge for work started but not completed) may be negotiated with the writer at the time the agreement is reached.

  • The work is delivered to you in the body of an email, as an attachment to an email, or by snail mail as you direct. Postage for snail mail will be charged unless that is included in the fee set.

  • Until payment in full has been received, the work belongs to the Sharpwriter producing it. When payment has been received, it is yours and we retain no rights to use it again.

  • We're open to the idea of establishing a retainer agreement. Just ask.

  • We'd appreciate an opportunity to bid your job.

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