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Payment for Services

     Please contact us by email before you make a payment. Then, when you're ready to pay, you may do so with Paypal or by check. If you're paying by Paypal, you can do so whether or not you have already established an account, and they will accept bank transfers, credit card payments, and debit transactions. If you're ready to pay by Paypal, you know the total cost of the work we'll do for you or the basis on which that cost will be figured. You also know how much is required at this point, and you'll put that figure in when you use this link:

     If you're paying by check or money order, you may mail your payment to:
Barbara B. Rollins
10 Augusta Drive
Abilene TX 79606

     Thanks! We're glad you looked at this page, whether you've hired us yet or not.

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