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A. The TALIAFERRO Family in Legend and History.
B. Bartholomew TALLAFER and wife Joane LANE.
C. Francis TALIAFERRO and his first wife Bennett HAIE.
D. Robert TALIAFERRO, "The Immigrant," and wife Katherine DEADMAN.
E. Henry DEADMAN and Wife Katherine, and Her Second Husband Rev. Charles GRYMES.
F. Francis TALIAFERRO and his wife, Elizabeth CATLETT.
G. Col. John CATLETT and His Wife, Elizabeth UNDERWOOD, with Her Family.
H. Zachariah TALIAFERRO.
I. Capt. Richard TALIAFERRO and wife Rose BERRYMAN.
J. Charles TALIAFERRO and wife Isabella McCULLOUGH.
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A.)   The TALIAFERRO Family in Legend and History.

The TALIAFERRO family has since near the beginning of the history of the Virginia Colony been an influential and cultured family. The name is pronounced as though it were spelled "TOLIVER." A friend of mine in Abilene named TALIAFERRO whose physician husband was at one time on the city council says that they listed their telephone number under both spellings for public access. Now that they are no longer in the public spotlight to that extent and have the listing only under the proper spelling, good friends cannot find them in the phone book.

The legend as to the beginning of the family name is that Julius CAESAR, while inspecting the Roman military camp at Gaul at twilight, was surrounded by hostile Gaelic warriors. CAESAR's bravery caused the leader of the band to spare his life. In the course of time that leader, himself a captive of CAESAR, was freed and made a personal attendant of CARSAR. Although Romans only were permitted to bear arms, an exception was made for that Gaelic leader, and he became known by the latin names of "telum" or dart, and "ferro" which means "to bear." [NOTE]

The family has been prominant for many years; the favorite wife of King John of England was Isabel, daughter of County Aymer de TAILLEFER, the swordsmith. And to get to the ancestry we can trace, we have to move forward only about three hundred years.

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B.)   Bartholomew TALLAFER and wife Joane LANE.

When Bartholomew TALLAFER applied for residency in London on March 4, 1562, he described himself as a subject of the Duke of Venice. After moving to London, he married Joane LANE on January 1, 1583/4, [NOTE] at St. Michael's, Cornhill, London. [NOTE]

Bartholomew and Joane had nine children before his death about September 22, 1601. He was buried on that day at St. Olave's, Hart Street, London. After his death, Joane remarried, on May 15, 1602, Thomas GRAYE of Whitechapel, County Middlesex, widower, at St. Olave's. She was living in the fall of 1609. Her husband was buried June 12, 1617, at Whitechapel, and his will was dated May 12 of that year.

Bartholomew and Joane had the following children:

Katherine TALIAFERRO, baptized November 29, 1584 at St. Olave's; buried there January 12, 1584/5;
Horatio TALIAFERRO, baptized January 16, 1585/6 at St. Olave's; buried there July 21, 1593;
Siprion or Ciprion (Scipio) TALIAFERRO of London, merchant, baptized February 25, 1587/8 at St. Olave's, mentioned in his father's will. He was buried September 7, 1609 at St. Botolph's, Bishopsgate, London, his will dated September 6, proved October 27, 1609, Commissary Court of London;
Francis TALIAFERRO, who was married to Bennett HAIE, is described in Section C.
Isack TALIAFERRO, twin, baptized March 18, 1592/3, at St. Olave's, mentioned in the wills of his father and brother Ciprion, he was buried August 2, 1610, at St. Botolph's, Bishopsgate;
Jacob TALIAFERRO, twin, baptized March 18, 1592/3, at St. Olave's, buried there August 2, 1593;
Elyzabeth TALIAFERRO GRAYE, baptized January 26, 1594/5, at St. Olave's. Married February 27, 1611/12, at St. Botolph's, Bishopsgate, by license of the Bishop of London, her stepbrother William GRAYE, who was mentioned as deceased in his father's will 1617. Mentioned in the wills of her father, brother Ciprion, and father-in-law (who was also her stepfather) Thomas GRAYE;
Bartholomew TALIAFERRO, baptized December 9, buried December 10, 1596, at St. Olave's; and
Jeromme TALIAFERRO, mentioned in the will of his father and (as Jeremy) in that of his brother Ciprion. Buried September 7, 1609, at St. Botolph's Bishopsgate, aged 11.

Portions of the will of Bartholomew TALLEFER read as follows:

To my four sons Scipio Fraunces Isack and Jeromme Two hundred pounds sterling when they shall be of the age of Twenty one years.

To Elizabeth my daughter to be given at her marriage one hundred pounds sterling, meaning that she shall not marry until she be of the age of sixteen years or according to the will of her mother.

To Jone my wife one hundred pounds sterling, if she marries again. If she does not, she is to have the profits of all my estate, and then one hundred pounds when my sons are of the age of twenty one years.

I ordain my overseers of the things contained in this my Testament and Last will John Francisco Soprani Fraunces Rizzo and Phillippe Bernardi.

I do give five pounds sterling to our parish of St. Ollaves on conditions that they shall discharge my family of the taxation of the poor of the said parish so long as my wife, sons and daughter shall jointly dwell in the same. And not discharging them of the said taxation they shall pay them nothing.

Unto Margery my servant five shillings sterling.

I declare that I have two obligations of Cornelius De Neme, one of one hundred pounds which is paid, but the other of one hundred and twenty five pounds is in force and is due to me.

Made in the City of London the eighteenth day of September 1601 Subscribed in the presence of Jeromme Lopez Pompilio Gaetani Henry Valesi William Parkyns. May 3, 1602. Letters of Administration granted to Joan Taliaferro the relict of the said deceased. [NOTE]

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C.)   Francis TALIAFERRO and his first wife Bennett HAIE.

Francis TALIAFERRO, the son of Bartholomew TALIAFERRO and wife Joane LANE was baptied at the age of eight days on January 25, 1589/90 at St. Olave's, Hart Street, London. He married Bennett HAIE by license February 3, 1613/14 at St. Savior's, Southwark, County Surrey. After the death of his first wife, sometime between late 1626 and 1647, he married secondly a woman whose given name was Miriam. He and his wife died within a week of each other; he was buried August 19, 1647, at Stepney, County Middlesex, where she had been buried on August 16. By his first wife Bennett HAIE, Francis had two children mentioned in his will. The daughter was Anne who was not married at his death. In an unusual move, in that he had a living son Robert, he named his daughter the executrix of his will. It is possible that this move may be explained by his son's having already emigrated to the colony of Virginia.

By occupation, Francis was a yeoman. The obsolete definitions of yeoman include "a man possessed of small estate in land; a gentleman farmer; a freeholder of a class below the gentry, who worked his own land; 2. an attendant or manservant in a royal or noble household; 3. An assistant or subordinant, as to a sheriff; 4. one not advanced to the rank of gentleman." [NOTE]

The justification for naming this as the family line of Robert TALIAFERRO, The Immigrant, is set out by WAGNER and ANDRUS as follows:

Speculation on the origin of Robert TALAFERO or TOLLIVER who settled in Virginia by 1647 has ranged from Scotland where the forms TAILLEFER, TALFER, TELFER, and others are found from the thirteenth century onwards, through England where the forms include TOLVER and TULLIVER, through France to Italy where TALIAFERRA and TALIAFERRO are not uncommon. This meant that the surname in itself, being so widespread was of little use as a clue, and it was, therefore, with relief and gratitude for our good furtune that we found in the London area, the likeliest immediate place of origin for an early Virginia settler, references to members of a family of the name which appeared to fit the Virginia data perfectly.

From these, as will be seen, the conclusion has now been reached that Robert the settler was the grandson of Bartholomew TALIAFERRO, a subject of the Duke of Venice, who settled in London and was made denizen in March 1562.

Important points in favour of the identification were that this particular family of TALIAFERRO was the only one found mentioned in the probate records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury and of London, and that after 1647 the name entirely disappeared from these probate records. Furthermore, letters of administration of the estate of Francis TALAFERO were granted on the 20th of August 1647 to his daughter Anne, not to his son Robert, as we might have expected had he been in England at the time. Robert was then aged twenty years and nine months.

Finally, the emigrant called one of his sons Francis.[NOTE]

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D.)   Robert TALIAFERRO, "The Immigrant," and wife Katherine DEADMAN.

Robert TALIAFERRO was baptized November 19, 1626, at Stepney, County Middlesiz, England, at the age of eight days. He was the son of Francis TALIAFERRO and wife Bennett HAIE. About 1653, he married Katherine DEADMAN, the daughter of Henry (?) DEADMAN/DEDMAN and Katherine ____ DEADMAN/DEDMAN GRYMES. Katherine DEADMAN, the wife of Robert TALIAFERRO, died after November 20, 1672. Robert died in or before 1677, probably in Gloucester County, Virginia.[NOTE]

He settled in York County, Virginia, as early as 1647 and held lands in Gloucester County in 1655. Robert TALIAFERRO, the Immigrant, is normally described in the literature by that designation, probably to distinguish him from his son Robert. He and all his sons were protestants, and in the York County records, where the name first appears about 1645, the spelling is sometimes "Toliver," showing that the pronunciation was then very much as it is now.

They had at least seven children:

Francis TALIAFERRO, who married Elizabeth CATLETT, is described in Section F;
Col. John TALIAFERRO, "The Ranger", born in 1656 and died in 1720, he married Sarah SMITH in 1682. His children include Lawrence TALIAFERRO; John TALIAFERRO [married Mary CATLETT]; Robert TALIAFERRO; Elizabeth TALIAFERO CATLETT [married John CATLETT III]; Zachariah TALIAFERRO; Sarah TALIAFERRO; Richard TALIAFERRO; Catherine TALIAFERRO; Mary TALIAFERRO THORNTON [married Francis THORNTON, Jr.]; William TALIAFERRO; and Charles TALIAFERRO. His son Zachariah and his brother Francis' son Zachariah, our ancestor, are often confused by researchers. John was called "The Ranger" from his service as Lieutenant of the York County Rangers about 1692 in conflicts with the natives. is a genealogist on this line.
Mary TALIAFERRO, a daughter of Robert and Katherine, was born 1658 in Richmond and married in 1695 in Essex Henry Johnson. She died 1695.
Catherine TALIAFERRO, born about 1660, married Col. John BATTAILE, and died without children in 1682.
Charles TALIAFERRO, born 1670, died 1734, married Mary CARTER.
Richard TALIAFERRO, born in 1665, died in 1712. He married first Elizabeth EGGLESTON and second Martha Sarah WINGFIELD. His home was in settled in Richmond County and he carried the nickname "The Pirate."
Robert TALIAFERRO, (II) born in 1667, died in 1728. He married first Sarah CATLETT, a sister of the Elizabeth CATLETT who married Francis TALIAFERRO (our ancestor) and a sister of Mary CATLETT who married John TALIAFERRO, son of Col. John TALIAFERRO. Robert and Sarah's children included: Mary TALIAFERRO; Martha TALIAFERRO; Elizabeth TALIAFERRO; and Robert TALIAFERRO III. He married second Margaret BUCKNER and died June 6, 1726, at St. Paul's Parish, King George, Virginia.

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E.)   Henry DEADMAN and Wife Katherine, and Her Second Husband Rev. Charles GRYMES.

Katherine GRYMES, the mother-in-law of Robert TALIAFERRO, The Immigrant, was evidently the widow of Henry DEDMAN (or DEADMAN, the name is spelled both ways) who was granted 350 acres of land in Rappahannock River June 27, 1650. On November 18, 1653, Henry DEDMAN was granted 400 acres in Lancaster County "bounded with the land of Mr. James BAGNALL and with another tract now in the possession of the said DEADMAN; 150 acres by right of a patent granted him for 350 acres June 27, 1650, which is relinquished to make this good, and 250 acres for the transportation of 5 persons." [NOTE] Henry DEADMAN was alive on February 5, 1654/5 and deceased on June 6, 1655. [NOTE] After his death, his widow married the Rev. Charles GRYMES, born in Ingram, Kent, England, who graduated from Cambridge at the age of eigh- teen in 1631. He died about 1662/3 and his will was offered for probate by his widow, Katherine GRYMES. She was still living on August 26, 1678. Besides Katherine, the wife of Robert TALIAFERRO, other children of the marriage of Katherine and Henry DEADMAN were Ann, the wife of Edward HOYLE, and Mary DEADMAN. [NOTE]

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F.)   Francis TALIAFERRO and his wife, Elizabeth CATLETT.

Francis TALIAFERRO "of the Mount" [NOTE] was born in 1654 in Virginia, the eldest son of Robert TALIAFERRO, The Immigrant, and wife Katherine DEADMAN. He married Elizabeth CATLETT in 1685. She was the daughter of Col. John CATLETT and his wife, Elizabeth UNDERWOOD. Francis died in 1710, and his widow died in 1716.

Francis TALIAFERRO was living in Gloucester county in 1682. He was Justice of the Peace in Essex County from 1690 to 1700. In 1701, Francis and Elizabeth TALIAFERRO sold 416 acres in Essex 10 1660, and by his will given to his two daughters, Elizabeth and Sarah. In 1710 Elizabeth, as administratrix of Francis TALIAFERRO, presented an inventory of estate. March 20, 1716 John TALIAFERRO of "The Mount" and Thomas CATLETT go on Elizabeth TALIAFERRO's bond as administratrix. She qualified as administratrix of his estate and presented an inventory August 31, 1710. The value was f374-7-2. On March 20, 1716/7 an account for settlement of her funeral charges was filed. The inventory of Francis she filed showed Imprimis Negroes, Furniture, etc.; in the Hall, in the Chamber, in the small Chamber, in the Parson's Room, in the Kitchen, Wearing apparel, Cattle, etc., showing that the family lived in style.

Francis and Elizabeth had seven children:

John TALIAFERRO, who married Agatha STROTHER;
Zachariah TALIAFERRO, about whom little is known but through whom our line continues. He is the subject of Section H.
Robert TALIAFERRO IV "of Stafford county" who died without issue in 1725. His will recorded in Essex, December 3, 1725. He names his brothers and sister Eliza, wife of Thomas STRIBLING and their children and sister Agatha TALIAFERRO. [NOTE]
Capt. William TALIAFERRO, born January 17, 1707; married Anne WALKER. He was a Justice of the Peace in Essex County. His children include Walker TALIAFERRO (who was a member of the House of Burgesses from Caroline County 1765, 1766-1768, 1769-1777, 1772, 1773, and member of the County Committee 1775-6); Christopher TALIAFERRO; and Lucy TALIAFERRO CARTER JONES (married (1) Col. Charles CARTER, of Cleves, (2) William JONES) Col. Richard TALIAFERRO, born 1705; lived in James City County; died July 3, 1779: "died Richard TALIAFERRO, Esq., in the 74th year of his age with the gout in the heart". [NOTE] He married Elizabeth EGGLESTON, and they had two children:
    Elizabeth TALIAFERRO WYTHE, who married as his second wife George WYTHE. George WYTHE, the husband of Elizabeth, was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. He was Professor of Law and Police at William and Mary in 1786 when he carried on correspondence with Thomas JEFFERSON about the family name of TALIAFERRO. James MADISON was President and Professor of Natural and Moral Philosophy at William and Mary and WYTHE mentions him several times as a mutual friend of the two men. The subject of the correspondence included the preparation of a copper plate with Latin words and the name Richard TALIAFERRO about which Jefferson said "You do not mention the size of the plate, but presuming it is intended for labels for the inside of books, I have had it made of the proper size for that." [NOTE] Richard TALIAFERRO's other child was
    Richard TALIAFERRO.
Elizabeth/Eliza TALIAFERRO married Thomas STRIBLING and died in 1775.
Francis TALIAFERRO, the youngest child of Francis TALIAFERRO and wife Elizabeth CATLETT, died young.

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G.)   Col. John CATLETT and His Wife, Elizabeth UNDERWOOD, with Her Family.

Col. John CATLETT, the father of Elizabeth CATLETT, the wife of Francis TALIAFERRO, was born in Kent, England. After immigrating to Virginia, he married, as the third of her four husbands, a woman whose maiden name was Elizabeth UNDERWOOD, before January 17, 1664.

John CATLETT of Essex County, Virginia, was Presiding Justice, Burgess, Sheriff, and Colonel of the Militia. He was a member of the Vestry and one of three Commissioners to settle the boundary betweeen Maryland and Virginia. He was in Essex County by September 10, 1660, when 832 acres was granted him.

Col. John CATLETT died before 1672. He is said to have been killed while defending a fort at Port Royal against Indians.

Elizabeth UNDERWOOD, the wife of Col. John CATLETT, was the daughter of Margaret ____, who married three times. [NOTE] The first marriage was to Mr. UNDERWOOD, whose first name is not known. All of her children were of this marriage and included William UNDERWOOD who died in 1662; Elizabeth UNDERWOOD CATLETT who will be discussed next; Sarah UNDERWOOD, the wife of Col. William PIERCE; Ann UNDERWOOD, the wife of James WILLIAMSON; and Margaret UNDERWOOD, the wife of Humphrey BOOTH. Margaret ____ UNDERWOOD married second Capt. John UPTON, and third, Capt. Thomas LUCAS. She died before her third husband, between September 15, 1663 and October 14, 1669.

Perhaps her longest marriage was to Captain John UPTON. He had at least one wife prior to Margaret. He came to Virginia and settled at the Isle of Wight according to one record in 1620. He represented the Isle of Wight in the House of Burgesses from 1630 to 1645 with some omissions. He was appointed Mint Master General for Virginia and was Justice for the Isle of Wight. He was married to Margaret by November 18, 1630. [NOTE] On October 13, 1644 they executed another deed together. For the most part, he was the father who raised her UNDERWOOD children. His will is proved December 16, 1652 but he died by February 3, 1651. In his will he gives bequests to "my eldest son John UPTON" and to William, Elizabeth, Sarah & Margaret UNDERWOOD and to Ann WILLIAMSON, the wife of James WILLIAMSON. In about the only specific bequest of personal property, he gives Elizabeth UNDERWOOD "one pillion and pillion cloth to be delivered at her day of marriage". Evidently, this is a sitting place for a horse in addition to a saddle. He makes "my very Loveing and Wellbeloved Wife Margaret UPTON" his sole executrix.

It looks to me as though William UNDERWOOD, the son of Margaret ____ UNDERWOOD UPTON LUCAS, is treated as an adult by August 16, 1637. He later became one of the first justices of the new county of Lancaster (January 1, 1652) as was James WILLIAMSON, his brother-in-law. He represented that county in the House of Burgesses at the session for April, 1652.

The UNDERWOODS seems to have gone to the Rappahannock River country about the year 1655 or 1656 since Margaret UPTON sold her last lands in Isle of Wight County March 8, 1655 to her son-in- law Francis SLAUGHTER (Elizabeth's second husband). The massacre of 1644 was quite a blow to the settlers on the James River and many of them left for the upper country in order to be among more friendly Indians as cited in a document of record in York County. Mrs. Margaret UPTON was styling herself as of Lancaster County in the year 1656 so had made her new home by that time, some of her children seeming to have preceded her while others followed her later to the new home.

On April 10, 1657 there is a marriage agreement between Captain Thomas LUCAS, the Elder, of Rappahannock in Virginia Gentleman, Coll. More FANTLEROY and Captain William UNDERWOOD of the county aforesaid on ... (pieces missing from original) in Consideration of a marriage (God willing) shortly to be solemnized between the said Thomas LUCAS and Margaret UPTON late wife of Capt. John UPTON deceased ... but if the said Margaret UPTON shall happen to survive ... the said Coll. More FAUNTLEROY and Capt. William UNDERWOOD and their heirs and administrators that all of the said estate shall return to her and said Margaret UPTON. In case a servant of the said UPTON should die one of the said LUCAS is to be put in his stead that has at least four years to serve. The sons of the said LUCAS are not to be disturbed on the land on which they shall be seated. The bond is for 12000 pounds of tobacco, executed to Col. More FANTLEROY and William UNDERWOOD. [NOTE]

Margaret's daughter Elizabeth UNDERWOOD, who is our ancestor through her marriage to Col. John CATLETT, married first Dr. James TAYLOR who died before March 26, 1654. Evidently this was far from a happy marriage. In the first volume of Surry County, Virginia, records, page 27, Elizabeth was having a sad time with her recreant husband Dr. James TAYLOR and made an appeal to the Governor and Council for a separation and that she be allowed to go live at her mother's and have considerable maintenance out of his estate. Evidently the requirements for this action were that it would have been impossible for her to have remained with him without being killed or maimed. Before the matter was finally settled, Dr. TAYLOR died, an event which is recorded on March 26, 1654. In May of 1655 when his estate was settled, she was already married to her second husband, Francis SLAUGHTER. They sold her third of the estate and moved to Rapahannock River soon after selling it. He did not live long after the move since his will was recorded on page 83 of the volume of records containing records from 1656 to 1664. He bequeathed to his mother in law Mrs. Margaret UPTON 10 shillings to buy a pair of gloves and to his brother in law Col. More FANTLEROY a book entitled Hookers Eclesistical Policy. Of that marriage there was one child born, also named Francis SLAUGHTER. Elizabeth's third marriage was to Col. CATLETT. After his death, she married again, this time to Rev. Amory BUTLER.

On April 20, 1672 there was recorded a marriage agreement between Amory BUTLER of Rappahannock County, Clerk (means preacher), and Mrs. Elizabeth CATLETT which was dated May 1671. It says her children were at that time in England. She did not live long after the marriage; her will was admitted for probate May 7, 1673, two years from the date of her marriage agreement. She left her son Francis SLAUGHTER furniture in her chamber, the furniture and other things given her by her mother, to be given him when he reaches nineteen (this was her oldest child); to her daughter Elizabeth the bed and furniture in the dining room, her largest diamond ring, necklace with the biggest pearl and some other things. To Sarah, two stone rings, small pearl necklace, wedding ring, etc. To sons John and William, books mentioned in their father's will.

Col. John CATLETT and his wife Elizabeth UNDERWOOD were the parents of the following children:

John CATLETT, who married Elizabeth GAINES;
William CATLETT;
Elizabeth CATLETT, the wife of Francis TALIAFERRO, who is discussed above; and
Sarah CATLETT, the wife of Robert TALIAFERRO. Her son Robert and Elizabeth's children are double first cousins.

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H.)   Zachariah TALIAFERRO.

Little is known about this ancestor, Zachariah TALIAFERRO, the second son of Francis TALIAFERRO and Elizabeth CATLETT. He had a son, Richard TALIAFERRO, who married Rose BERRYMAN and who is the subject of the following section (I). Richard was evidently an only son, probably an only child. Zachariah died in 1726.

Because of the lack of information, this Zachariah and his cousin of the same name, (the son of Francis' brother, John TALIAFERRO) have been often confused by genealogists. Proof that this is the right one follows:

Col. John TALIAFERRO in his will (1715-1720), devised to sons Robert and Zachariah 675 acres each, in Golden Vale Swamp, Essex County. The will of Zachariah, the son of John, dated 1721-2 and probated 1745, bequeaths to brothers Richard and William "675 acres of land being a moiety of a dividend of land lying in Essex Co, parish of St. Marys, on the Golden Vale Swamp." The remainder of his estate he devised to his "two cousins, Kemp TALIAFERRO and Mildred TALIAFERRO, "as they shall arrive at age of 16 years". The "cousins" were the children of his brother, Charles and his wife Ann KEMP. It is of course apparent that the man who made this will was a bachelor, or possibly a widower, who died without being survived by children. The other Zachariah, son of Francis, or his son Richard or both patented lands in Amherst which descended through the sons of Richard and Rose BERRYMAN TALIAFERRO. [NOTE]

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I.)   Capt. Richard TALIAFERRO and wife Rose BERRYMAN.

Capt. Richard TALIAFERRO was born at "the Mount", Virginia, in 1706, the son of Zachariah TALIAFERRO. He married Rose BERRYMAN, June 10, 1726, in Caroline County, Virginia.

One of the resources I've found most frustrating (for reasons explained in Chapter XI) but also most endearing gives the following biography of the family:

Rose BERRYMAN was born in the historic County of Westmoreland, Virginia, probably in the year 1708. She came of distinguished ancestry, her father, Major Benjamin BERRYMAN, being a man of prominence in the Colony....

Rose BERRYMAN was one among a family of seventeen children, and she spent her girlhood days on the BERRYMAN estate in Westmoreland County. On June 10, 1726, she was united in marriage to Captain Richard TALIAFERRO of Caroline County. Their home was blest with thirteen children, one of whom died in infancy. This family resided in Caroline County and probably belonged to St. Thomas' Parish, the records of which have been destroyed. Captain Richard TALIAFERRO was a large landholder and patented 10,000 acres in the present counties of Amherst and Nelson. He passed away on September 27, 1748. The cause of his death is unknown; although traditional accounts in the family of his granddaughter, Anna TALIAFERRO McCRARY state that he was killed while crossing the Potomac on a flatboat, and only a few of his men escaped death.

The sad loss of her husband left Rose BERRYMAN TALIAFERRO with entire responsibility of her home and the rearing of twelve children. She reared and educated them according to the standards of the old Virginia Colony; breathing into their lives love in its truest form; love for one another; love for their fellowman; love for their country; and love for their God. Several of her sons and grandsons served with honor and distinction in the Revolution; one son, Dr. John TALIAFERRO, being not only a soldier, but a prominent physician and a Baptist Minister. In her declining years she could have pointed to these boys with pride and said, 'These are my Jewels.' Her parents could not have chosen a more fitting name for her than Rose. In the garden of life she lived and grew and bloomed, not for herself, but for the pleasure of others.... Though she sleeps today in an unmarked grave, she is not forgotten.... [NOTE]

The children born to this marriage include:

Sarah TALIAFERRO, born June 7, 1727, died 1769; married John LEWIS in 1750;
Benjamin TALIAFERRO, born 1728, died 1751, without issue;
Zachariah TALIAFERRO, born August 29, 1730, died 1811; married Mary BOUTWELL in 1749; children include Benjamin TALIAFERRO [1750 - 1821, Captain in the American Revolution]; Zachariah TALIAFERRO [1759 - 1831]; Sarah TALIAFERRO HARVEY [married Daniel HARVEY]; Richard TALIAFERRO [moved to Georgia and died unmarried]; Warren TALIAFERRO; Burton TALIAFERRO; Nancy TALIAFERRO WATKINS; Frances TALIAFERRO PENN; Charles TALIAFERRO; and Boutwell TALIAFERRO;
Richard TALIAFERRO, born February 15, 1731, Caroline County; died in infancy.
Dr. John TALIAFERRO, born April 7, 1733, Caroline County, Virginia; died April 7, 1821; Captain in the Revolutionary War. Married, about 1755, Mary HARDIN, and he may have married, after her death, a second wife, Lydia HOWARD, in 1814. Children include: Richard TALIAFERRO [1756 - 1781, a Revolutionary Soldier who was killed at the Battle of Guilford Court House]; Rose TALIAFERRO PORTER [married Joseph PORTER]; Elizabeth TALIAFERRO PRUITTE [married Levi PRUITTE on October 22, 1778]; Anne TALIAFERRO McCRARY [1768 - 1864; married Jonathan McCRARY]; Charles TALIAFERRO [died 1838; married (1) Sallie BURROUGHS; (2) Dicie TUCKER]; Benjamin TALIAFERRO [married Ada SNOW]; Judith TALIAFERRO FRANKLIN [married Shadrack FRANKLIN]; Mary TALIAFERRO MERCER; Behethland TALIAFERRO; and Lucy TALIAFERRO JONES [1780 - 1842; married John Lawrence JONES in 1797];
Charles TALIAFERRO, who married Isabella McCULLOUGH, is the subject of the next section (J);
Beheathland TALIAFERRO, a daughter born August 20, 1738, Caroline County, Virginia;
Peter TALIAFERRO born February 12, 1740, Caroline County, Virginia; married Anne HACKLEY;
Elizabeth TALIAFERRO born November 2, 1741, Caroline County,
Virginia; twin to Rose; married Zachary HAWKINS;
Rose TALIAFERRO, born November 2, 1741; twin to Elizabeth;
Mary Berryman TALIAFERRO, born October 6, 1745, Caroline County, Virginia; married ____ WORTHAM;
Francis TALIAFERRO born October 9, 1745, Caroline County, Virginia; and
Richard TALIAFERRO, born September 2, 1747, Amherst County, Virginia; a Revolutionary Soldier.

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J.)   Charles TALIAFERRO and wife Isabella McCULLOUGH.

Charles TALIAFERRO, son of Capt. Richard TALIAFERRO and wife Rose BERRYMAN, was born July 17, 1735. In 1757 he married Isabella McCULLOUGH. I do not know her ancestry, but I know the McCULLOUGHS in that part of Virginia are those from whom General Ben McCULLOCH of the Texas Rangers and the Civil War came, although the names are spelled differently. It is for him that McCULLOCH County, Texas, is named.

Charles and Isabella had eleven children:

Richard TALIAFERRO, born in 1759, died in 1806, was a Captain in the American Revolution. He married Mildred POWELL.
Charles TALIAFERRO, born March 29, 1761, was a Revolutionary soldier. He married Mary LOVING;
Peter TALIAFERRO, 1765-1785, did not marry;
John TALIAFERRO, 1765-1809, married Elizabeth LOVING;
Zachariah TALIAFERRO, 1767-1823, married Sallie WARMUCK;
Benjamin Franklin TALIAFERRO, born January 9, 1770, married Mildred FRANKLIN. A descendant is Graves Clayton.
William TALIAFERRO, 1772-1805;
Sarah Behethland TALIAFERRO, 1774-1844, married William LOVING.
Roderick TALIAFERRO was born May 16, 1777;
James TALIAFERRO, born two years later, married twice;
Rose Berryman TALIAFERRO, the youngest child, was born January 2, 1783, and married Joseph LOVING. This couple is described in The LOVING Family.

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