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The BARRETT line is that of Sarah BARRETT who married Arthur KERLEY, and whose children were born beginning about 1815. I know little about the family, and none of the more remote ancestors than Sarah, but I do believe I have information about her brothers and share here my very incomplete research for any benefit it may be for others.

The surname BARRETT came to England with the Anglo-Norman invaders at the end of the 12th century. They may have been Welsh or Norman. There was a Sir William BARRETT who was a professor of mathematics at Dublin University, 20th century. [COMMENT-1 ]

Information about Sarah BARRETT's family, the wife of Arthur KERLEY, is centered in Butler County, Alabama. Martha Green Stevens reports that Timothy, Joshua, and James, Sarah's three brothers, came to Alabama in the early 1800's from South Carolina. That fits with my KERLEYS, and it seems York County would be an appropriate place to look for them. Perry H. Barrett, Jr., suggests Benjamin Barrett as a possible father, finding him near his ancestor Joshua Barrett in Sumter District, South Carolina in 1820. He reports the three brothers settled in eastern Butler County, Alabama, near what is now the Crenshaw County line on Pigeon Creek. Rosie Wells says, "I have the names of 4 Barrett's in my database who appear to be brothers and sisters. Their names were given to me by Connie Clifton Anderson who published a book called Our 'Elusive' William Daniel. Before Connie died, she sent me her database of 10,562 people. She also sent me a backup tape of her manuscript for the book Our 'Elusive' William Daniel. The book was out-of-print and this was her way of sharing. She did not tell me she was ill, and I learned from Perry that she died of cancer."

The family history piece written by Ione Kerley Taylor and published in the Hardeman County Texas history has plenty of holes and inaccuracies, but it's quoted here for whatever value it may have for others.[COMMENT-2]

The BARRETTs, it seems, were a prosperous and high standing people. Aunt Dema DANIEL SHANKS visited them occasionally. My great, great, grand-father BARRETT, I remember when a child, came to Texas to visit us. With him was a son, Quince, who was on his way to Waco to attend Baylor University. Quince BARRETT lived in Childress when I lived there. He was a lawyer and had served as County Judge of Childress County. He was, at that time, the oldest living graduate of Baylor.
One noticeable peculiarity to us about Grand-Pa was his old fashioned way in dress. His breeches were buttoned on the sides, like a child's. He had a long white beard. I remember that he was a most interesting and distinguished guest to my Father, who was his nephew, and to Mother, who was his grand-daughter, and to Grandfather DANIEL, who was his son-in-law.

The other connection my family has with the BARRETTS is that of John Jackson KERLEY's second wife, though my line descends from the first of three wives. Sarah BARRETT KERLEY's brother Joshua, who resided in Butler County, Alabama, died at his residence near Greenville, Butler County, Alabama March 6, 1885. His wife, Elizabeth __, whom he married in 1818, died April 12, 1881, at the age of 84.[COMMENT-3]They were the parents of two sons, and I think most probably the parents rather than the grandparents of Harriet, although that means Ione KERLEY TAYLOR was incorrect on her statement of relationships.

What I have about the Sarah and her siblings, the children of parents I can't identify, is this:

Sarah Barrett, born between 1790-1800 in South Carolina. She married Arthur Kerley and their 7 children are described in The Kerley Family.
Timothy Barrett who married Mary Willis. Children were Benjamin BARRETT born about 1826 in Bulter County, Alabama; Elizabeth BARRETT, William BARRETT, Jesse BARRETT, Mary BARRETT, Timothy BARRETT, Daniel BARRETT, Iside BARRETT, James BARRETT, and John BARRETT. Martha Green Stevens is a genealogist on this line through the first son. [COMMENT-2]
James Barrett, born between 1790-1800 in South Carolina. Died before 1840 in Butler County, Alabama.
Joshua Barrett, born January 26, 1797 in South Carolina. Married 1818 in South Carolina Elizabeth Hatch. He died April 6, 1885 in Butler County, Alabama. Rosie Wells researches this line as does Perry H. Barrett, Jr. I believe their children were these:
  • Nathaniel Barrett, a physician in the War Between the States, was the oldest son. He married ____ and they had three daughters, the youngest being Mary Nathaniel born after his death. He is buried in the Perdue Cemetery. A descendant is Helen Gewin.
  • Harriet BARRETT, wife of ___ DANIEL, the parents of Cynthia Jane DANIEL HARRIS KERLEY and Dema DANIEL SHANKS. Both Cynthia Jane and Dema were widowed in the Civil War. Cynthia was born January 4, 1842, in Alabama, and who died in March 28, 1925, buried in Chillicothe, Hardeman County, Texas. She was the third wife of John Jackson KERLEY.
  • Anderson J. BARRETT, born February 3, 1833, in Butler County, Alabama, died September 20, 1882, in Butler County, married Sarah A. SHEPPARD. Their only child was Quincy Sheppard BARRETT, born May 4, 1858 in Butler County, Alabama, came to Texas in 1879, attended Waco University from 1880 to 1881, went to Terrell, Texas, was admitted to the bar in December of 1886, and moved to Childress, Childress County, Texas where he was county judge and where he died May 20, 1947. [COMMENT-4]
  • Andrew J. BARRETT. Since Quincy was the only child of Anderson J. BARRETT, descendants (either children or grandchildren) of Andrew J. BARRETT probably include Joshua D. BARRETT who married Martha M. LEE December 20, 1865, Butler County, Alabama; Andrew BARRETT who married Frances ROUTON and whose child Ida BARRETT was born August 12, 1877, Butler County, Alabama; and Alma BARRETT, the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. M. H. BARRETT who died at age 7 after a long illness, the Butler County, Alabama newspaper notice of the event being published July 21, 1886.[COMMENT-5]

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