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  1. William D. DUNNAGAN.
  2. Timothy DUNNAGAN.
  3. The Early DUNNAGAN Family of Orange County, North Carolina.
  4. William DUNNAGAN, Sr., and wife Sarah Elizabeth COPLEY.
  5. Sherid (Sherwood) DUNNAGAN, Sr., and his wife Dicy/Dicey CARRINGTON.
  6. The CARRINGTON Family of Orange County, North Carolina.
  7. Sharid DUNNAGAN, Jr., and wife Cyntha WARREN.
  8. The WARREN Family of Orange County, North Carolina.
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High in the competition to be my favorite line, the DUNNAGAN line leads both to my father Sam R. BREEDLOVE (through his great grandmother Lucy Ann RAY, wife of Thomas Allen RICHARDS, her great grandmother probably being Mary DUNNAGAN, wife of Hugh WOODS) and to my mother Alma Ellen ANDERSON BREEDLOVE through Sarah Jane DUNNAGAN, wife of Andrew J. WILLIAMS, the parents of her grandmother Emma L. WILLIAMS ANDERSON.

I've settled for calling them "DUNNAGAN" but there's certainly no settled spelling for the family before they stop being my ancestors. A good deal of my material is taken from the newsletter of genealogists in the family known as "DOAS" which stands for "Dunnagans of all Spellings."

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A.)  William D. DUNAGAN

I'm repeating what I've been told, not telling you my original research, and I know that there is a major discrepancy on the line, that being William's son and oldest grandson are identified as having been born the same year and in difficult to reconcile birthplaces. Be that as it may, the information I have at the present is that William D. DUNAGAN was born between 1660 and 1689 in Limerick, Limerick County, Ireland. He was married, but his wife's name is not known. William, perhaps his wife, and his two older sons immigrated to America where his third son was born. William D. DUNAGAN was the father of the following children:

William DUNAGAN, christened January 10, 1703 at St. John in Limerick, Limerick County, Ireland.[COMMENT-1]
Thomas DUNAGAN, christened June 16, 1706 at St. John in St. John, Limerick, Ireland. He died between 1782 and 1790.
Timothy DUNAGAN, through whom the line continues. [COMMENT-2]

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B.)  Timothy DUNAGAN

Timothy DUNAGAN was born in 1715 in Essex County, Virginia. He died in 1752 in North Carolina. The inventory of his estate is dated 1757. "It is more than possible that this Timothy is the father of Charles and William Dunnagan who moved to Orange County, North Carolina and received grants from the Earl of Granville in the early 1750s." [COMMENT-3] Timothy DUNAGAN had the following children:

Thomas DUNAGAN Sr. was born about 1715 in Ireland. He immigrated on December 11, 1737 to Caroline County, North Carolina. He received a Land Grant on December 20, 1748 in Orange County, Georgia. He died about 1767 in Surry County, North Carolina.
Reverend John DUNAGAN, Sr. was born before 1730. He died after 1775 in Surry County, North Carolina. He was a Minister. One of his sons was named Absalom.
William DUNAGAN, Sr. through whom the line is continued in a following section, and
Charles DUNAGAN, Sr., who plays a very interesting part in the story of how the line continues and who died in 1813 in Orange County, North Carolina, and possibly
Joseph DUNAGIN born about 1740. He was chain carrier March 5, 1762 on the Little River, Orange County, North Carolina for William. He settled in South Carolina after having signed an agreement establishing a govennment for the Cumberland River settlers, the Cumberland Compact. He later moved on to Georgia, Franklin County. He died in Illinois before March 25, 1808. He is purported to have been a Methodist preacher. Likely children:
  • Joshua DUNAGIN,
  • Ezekiel DUNAGAN,
  • Abner DUNNIGAN,
  • Isaiah DUNNAGAN and
  • Andrew DUNIGAN.

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C.  The Early DUNNAGAN Family of Orange County, North Carolina.

I'm one of those people who makes something and even if it gets worn out or won't fit or, in the case of writing, seems to be wrong, I still tend to keep it around. The rest of this section is research I did several years ago before I had the current information about William DUNNAGAN, Senior, as set out in the next section, who I suggest was the ancestor of both my parents. For those of you who can't let the old go, or if the research I did helps you, here it is, fleshed out with other newer (old) bits and pieces.

Tradition is that two DUNAGAN brothers came from Donigal, Ireland to America and landed in South Carolina and that the DUNAGAN family is from Irish Kings. A Letter to our Relations and Story of our DUNNAGAN's - DUNAGANS by Margie DeVaughan Jones.

About 1738, Thomas DUNNAGAN was brought to America by a man named John PICKET who patented for 500 acres of land to settle nine new settlers. The ninth one named was "Thomas Dunningham." He was at least 21 at the time, so he would have been born before 1717. By 1748 he reached Hillsboro in Orange County, North Carolina, and soon after that his brother John settled there, too. [COMMENT-4] The 1755 Tax List of Orange County shows Thomas there with three white polls and no black polls.

Orange County, North Carolina, records include among other DUNNAGAN records the following:

On July 12, 1791, David DUNIGIN of Wayne County, North Carolina, executed a power of attorney appointing Theophilus ALFORD to receive a final settlement certificate for pay due him for services (18 months) as a soldier in the North Carolina Continental line. Confederate Records 028928.15

A list of taxable property in Orange County, North Carolina, in 1780 includes the following information:

Note that Hugh WOODS, whose wife I believe was Sam R. BREEDLOVE's closest DUNNAGAN ancestor, is three households from Charles and twelve households from William, Alma Ellen ANDERSON BREEDLOVE's ancestor. Note also that William's will mentions land jointly owned between himself, Charles DUNNAGAN, and George CARRINGTON. While George CARRINGTON could be the George CARRINGTON who was a brother of Dicey CARRINGTON DUNNAGAN, who I believe to be William DUNNAGAN's daughter-in-law, I think it more probable that this is land owned by two sons and a daughter through inheritance, making Charles DUNNAGAN, William DUNNAGAN, Sr., and the wife of George CARRINGTON brothers and sister. The George CARRINGTON and his wife may well have also been the parents of George CARRINGTON (Jr.) and Dicey CARRINGTON DUNNAGAN, since it was not uncommon for first cousins to marry in this period.

The 1784-1787 state census records have no returns for Orange County. The 1790 census book shows only heads of households from tax lists, not the true census records, listing as heads of households Sherrid DUNNAGAM, Charles DUNNEGAN, William DUNNEGAM, Sr., and John DUNNIVAN. The earliest true census records, then, are from 1800, where the Orange County DUNNAGANS were the following:

HEAD Male 0-9 Male 10-15 Male 16-25 Male 26-44 Male 45+ Fem. 0-9 Fem. 10-15 Fem. 16-25 Fem. 26-44 Fem. 45+
Ashley 2 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0
Charles 0 1 2 0 1 1 2 0 0 1
Dici 0 2 0 2 0 1 1 1 1 0
James 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0
Sarah 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 1
Thomas 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0
William 0 2 2 0 1 0 1 3 0 1

The oldest males are (in the household of) Charles and William. The oldest females are in the households of Charles, Sarah, and William. Both William (Jr.) and Sherwood (Sr.) died before the census was taken, with Sarah showing as William's widow and Dicie showing as Sherwood's widow. Sherwood, Jr., married in 1823, so he was probably one of the youngest male children of Dici, being between ten and fifteen.

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D.)   William DUNNAGAN, Sr., and wife Sarah Elizabeth COPLEY.

William DUNNAGAN, Sr., was married to Sarah Elizabeth Copley, born about 1745, possibly in Virginia. William was born about 1731 and died before May 1799 when his undated will was recorded.

The will of William DUNNAGAN was probated about 1800 in Orange County, You can read the original or my reading of it as follows:

In the name of God amen. I William DUNNAGAN, Sr., of Orange County & State of North Carolina. Being in Perfect memory and Sound in mind But weak in Body, do Constitute and Ordain this my last will & Testament. In the first place I give the plantation whereon I now live to my Wife Sarah DUNNAGAN as long as she Continue in her widowhood and lifetime, and the Girls unmarried to Continue with my wife as long as the (sic) Continue Single, The main Road from my house to William CAINS to be the line Between my Son Wm and Sherod, the tract Called Ekin's to belong to my son William Also, the Tract that I how live to belong to Ashley DUNNAGAN after my Wife's death or marriage and also the tract Called the Walker Tract, and also the tract called the Dorset Tract of 325 acres to be divided equally between the three Boys, except Twenty five acres of it to belong to Peggy in the upper Corner of the Tract, also part of a Tract belonging to George CARRINGTON, William DUNNAGAN Sr., & Charles DUNNAGAN containing 400 acres and Sherod is to have 133 1/3 acres of that which is my part, those of the girls that are unmarried to Receive an Equal proportion in property with those that are married, and after that the Remainder to be sold at Publick sale and the money them (?) arising to be Equally Divided among them that is among all the Girls & my Desire is that my Wife may have full and Sole command of all property belonging to me and all the household furniture as long as she Continues in her Widowhood and I give my Daughter Peggy 1 horse valued at 15 £ Va Saddle worth 5 and a Bridle worth 15/ all my Just Debts must be paid before there is any division made, I also appoint Ashley DUNNAGAN and William DUNNAGAN as my Executors.

William DUNAGAN {seal}

Signed Sealed and delivered in the presence of (can't read first signature, looks like Alex McMULLAN perhaps) and Winneyfred McMULLAN (his mark)
Both the Exrs. Qualify.

The children of William and his wife Sarah are as follows:

Mary (Polly) DUNNAGAN WORTHAM, who married Edward Wortham in 1769. They had at least 9 children. Edward was born January 7, 1746 in Brunswick, Virginia, and died in August, 1818, in Orange County, North Carolina. Mary was born about 1750 in Orange County, and died there in 1828.
William DUNNAGAN, Jr., born about 1770 in Orange County, died after 1840. He married Sally PEELOR January 29, 1793, George CARRINGTON, bondsman;
Sherod DUNNAGAN, Sr., who married Dicy CARRINGTON and who is described in the following section;
Charles DUNNAGAN, Sr., born in 1778 in Orange County, died in 1813 in Orange County.
Ashby/Ashley DUNNAGAN, born in 1772 in Orange County, North Carolina, died between 1830 and 1839 in Tennessee. Married Polly MAY June 4, 1795, William BELVIN, bondsman;
Peggy DUNNAGAN (there was a marriage of Peggy DUNNAGAN and John RHEW February 13, 1809, in Orange County);
Cumfort DUNAGAN was born in 1767 in Orange County, North Carolina.
Airey DUNAGAN was born in 1774 in Orange County, North Carolina.
Sophia DUNAGAN was born about 1778 in Orange County.
Margaret (Peggy) DUNAGAN was born in 1784 in Orange County, North Carolina. She died in 1827 in TN.
Nancy DUNAGAN was born about 1784 in Orange County, and

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E.)   Sherid (Sherwood) DUNNAGAN, Sr., and his wife Dicy/Dicey CARRINGTON

A son of William DUNNAGAN, Sr., and wife Sarah, was Sherid (Sherwood) DUNNAGAN, Sr., who died very close in time to the death of his father, his will being dated January 17, 1800 and filed for record in 1800. He was born about 1769 in Orange County, North Carolina. His wife was Dicy/Dicey CARRINGTON, born about 1766 in Orange County, and she died after 1816 when she appears on a tax list. Her parents were John CARRINGTON and Mary PAMPLIN.

These ancestors make my parents cousins. My mother is descended from a son of Sherrod DUNNAGAN and wife Dicy CARRINGTON, and Daddy is descended from a daughter of the couple.

With his brother Charles DUNNAGAN, Sr., William DUNNAGAN jointly owned a tract of land in Orange County, North Carolina. William DUNNAGAN willed his interest in the property to his son, Sherrod Dunnagan. The nephew and his uncle thus became partners, and it was not a happy partnership.

The land passed by William DUNNAGAN, Sr.'s will to Sherrod on November 15, 1798. In May 1799 Sherrod and his uncle Charles DUNNAGAN, Sr., fought. Sherrod was charged with assault, found guilty, and appealed. In a kind of legal maneuver my law schoole education hasn't helped me to understand, after that appeal with the same jury still sitting, Sherrod was was found not guilty.

Two trials were not enough to settle the matter, though. January 16, 1800, the two fought again. This time the results were tragiv. Charles DUNNAGAN, Sr., stabbed Sherrod, who died of the wounds two days later.

Charles Dunnagan, Sr., was charged with murder, tried, and found not guilty.

Indictment of Charles Dunnagan, April, 1800
The Jurors for the State upon their Oath present that Charles Dunaghan late of the county of Orange ____ within(?) the District of Hillsborough aforesaid labourer not having the fear of God before his eyes but being ____ (smitten?) and _____ (seduced?) by the mitigation (?) of the Devil on the sixteenth day of January in the Year of Our Lord One thousand seven (struck through) eight hundred and the XXIV(?) year of the Independance of the state with force and arms in the county and district aforesaid in and upon and upon One Sherrard Dunnaghan in the plase (peace?) of God and the state then and there being feloniously wilfully and of his Maker afore thoughts and did make and assault and that he the said Charles Dunaghan with a certain knife of the value of six pense which he the said Charles Dunaghan in his right hand then and there hit and held the said Sherrard Dunaghan in and upon the right breast under the right pap of him.
The said Sherrard Dunaghan then and there feloniously wilfully and of his Make aforethoughts did strike and thrust giving to the said Sherrard Dunaghan then and there with the knife aforesaid in and upon the right breast under the right pap of the said Sherrard Dunaghan one mortal wound of the depth of four inches and of the breadth of One inch of which said Mortal wound the said Sherrard Dunaghan from the said Sixteenth day of January in the year aforesaid until the eighteenth of January the same month in the year aforsaid in the county and district aforsaid did languish and languishing did live on which saud eighteenth day of January in the year aforsaid the said Sherrard Dunaghan in the County and district aforsaid of the said mortal wound then and there died and so the Jurors aforsaid upon their Oath aforsaid to say that the said Charles Dunaghan Murdered Sherrard Dunaghan in Manner and form aforsaid feloniously wilfully and of his Maker aforsaid thouugre (?) did kill and Murder against the piase and dignity of the State.

Ed Jones

[DOAS Issue #___ Ethel Kaplon]

I wonder if the reason he was acquitted was a technicality! Look at the second paragraph of the Indictment, the first few words - it says Sherrod struck and thrust Sherrod!!!! Oh, I've GOT to get hold of a copy of the handwritten original, not to rely on somebody else's reading of it!

It was a contentious family.... Dice is Mother's ancestor. Mary is Daddy's....

William Dunnagan, Sr., born about 1730 probably in either VA or NC died in Orange Co., NC and left a will dated 15 Nov 1798. The will was poorly written but did name his wife Sarah and his three sons, William Jr., Sherod, and Ashby. It mentions daughter Petty, and says, "those of the girls that are unmarried to receive an equal portion in property with those that are married and after that, the remainder to be sold at publick sale and the money thence to be equally divided among them, that is, among all the girls." He states that his wife should have all of his property belonging to him, "in her widowhood." At that point I did not know the names of "all the girls" except for Peggy which is a nickname for Margaret....
Of great interest to me were many papers concerning a law suit in the Court of Equity. Not only did the papers name "all the girls" it also named their husbands. You see, William Sr.'s daughters and their husbands were taking William's widow, Sarah, (their mother) and one of the daughters, Nancy (their sister) to court. The court action takes place in July 1818, so William Sr. has been dead about 20 years. William's daughter, Nancy who has been named as a defendant in this action, had married a man named William Hannah on 26 June 1815. I found a notice in the Hillsboro Recorder Weekly, which states, "Wednesday march 15, 1820 - To the Public - Whereas some years ago it was my unfortunate lot to be married to a Mrs. Nancy Dunnagan, and notwithstanding every effort has been made on my part to preserve harmony and peace between us, yet is has been all in vain. She has now absconded from my bed and board, and betaken herself I know not where. I hereby give notice that I am resolved to pay no debts which she has contracted since her elopement, or may hereafter contract. Signed -- William Hannah Orange Co. Feb. 4, 1820." Now, it seems that Nancy has returned to her mother's home together with her two children, who we assume are by her husband, William Hannah.
William's daughters who are suing their mother are: comfort and her husband Benjamin Britten, Sophie and her husband George Carrington, Airey and her husband Gilbert Ainsley, Mary and her husband John Ray, Margaret (Peggy) and her husband John Rhew, Sarah and her husband Thomas Copley. Their complaint states that the estate has not been managed properly and that each of the daughters have not received their fair share of William Sr.'s estate.
The wives of William Sr.'s sons were named and called to testify in the action. All of the people who were called to testify were asked about the mother's preference for Nancy who was named in the action. They all felt that Nancy had received more than they had and had been her mother's favorite. Dice (Sherod's wife) stated that Nancy had come home to take care of her mother in her sickness and that Sarah (William's widow) was "very old." Dice was the only witness to testify who had anything good to say about Nancy. Most of the Witnesses accused Nancy of selling off "Live Stock" and not giving account of the money received in the sale. Two stallions named Justice and John Dangle were of particular interest to the court as they were worth fifty pounds each. They also accused Nancy of neglect when a mare named Prock and her colt died in "cutting". This cost the estate more than "forty pounds." Nancy was accused of firing the overseer and putting the household servants to do other chores. (The household servants were slaves) Another point of bitterness was that Nancy's two children were supported by the estate of their father, William, Sr.
Neighbors who were called to testify were: Mrs. Wortham (thought to be the sister of William Sr.), Alfred Wortham, (Mrs. Wortham's son) Sutherland May, John Carrington John Vaughan, Eliza Parrish, James Leathers and William Warren. I was startled to learn the name of a neighbor who was called to testify who turned out to be the brother of William Sr. That was Charles Dunnagan Sr. After being asked several questions concerning the management of the estate, Charles was asked, "Did you frequent your Brother's house before his death?" Answer, "I did". Question, "Have you since his death?" Answer, "Not as often." Another interesting item came out when Ashby Dunnagan's wife testified. She was asked "How many times do you recollect seeing Charles Dunnagan Sr. on my mother's premises since he stabbed my brother Sherod?" Since Sherod is not mentioned anywhere else in this action nor did he give any testimony, I am left to wonder if Sherod was killed. I also do not know if Charles Dunnagan Sr. was charged with a crime or not. There is no futher evidence of the outcome of this court action in the Court of Equity. We are left to wonder if Nancy got her "comeuppance" or not.
[DOAS Issue __ Page __ Martha G. Gujda.]

Sherrid DUNNAGAN, Sr. appears in the St. Mary's District North Carolina Roster of North Carolina Census 1790 and lived in Orange County Hillsborough District. A Letter to our Relations and Story of our DUNNAGAN's - DUNAGANS, op cit. This would imply he was both already married and that his son Sherid DUNNAGAN, Jr., was born by then. I believe he was an adult by 1785 because of two instances in which he appeared as a bondsman, although these probably were not his children since most or all of his children were minors in 1800. It seems more probable he was the brother of the bride in one and the brother-in-law of the groom in the other:

  • William CARRINGTON married Mary GARRARD December 30, 1797 in Orange County, North Carolina. Sharid DUNNAGAN was the bondsman.
  • The federal direct tax of 1816, as assessed in Orange County, North Carolina, was assessed against Charles DUNNIGAN, Little River, 216 acres, $444 value; Alsey DUNNIGAN, Little River, 79 acres, $158; Dicey DUNNIGAN, Little River, 244 acres, $500; Timothy DUNNIGAN, Little River, 563 acres, $1,100; John RAY, Sr., Little River, 500 acres, $2,400; William RAY, Sr., Little River, 192 acres $400; Joseph RAY, Little River, 301 acres, $913; Thomas RAY, Little River, 192 acres, $800; Capt. John RAY, Little River, 436 acres, $1,508; Capt. John RAY as Executor for George RAY, Little River, 420 acres, $1,500; James RAY, Little River, 104 acres, $616; William RAY (of William) Little River, 200 acres, $450; John RAY (of William) Little River, 200 acres, $500; Thomas BARLOW, Little River, 96 acres, $200; Ashley DUNNAGAN, Eno, Orange County, 50 Acres, $200.North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, Volume VI, pages 119-124. Those not related to this family (RAYs and BARLOW) are related to the line leading to Sam BREEDLOVE.

    The will of Sherid DUNNAGAN, with the spelling thus in the body, Sharid in the signature, Shared DUNNAGON in the jurat, and Sherwood DUNNAGAN on the endorsement, is as follows: The misspellings are not my work, but the trait may be hereditary (which word is only spelled correctly with the benefit of spell check.)

    Will: In the Name of God Amen. I Sherid DUNNAGAN of the County of Orange & State of North Carolina planter Being Weak in Body but of perfect Mind and Memory thanks Be given Unto God. Calling to Mind the Mortality of my Body. & knowing that it is apointed for all Man once to Die Do Make and Ordain this My Last Will and tetament, that is to Say principly & first of All I Give & Recommend My Soul unto the hands of God that Gave it. & My Body I Recommend to the Earth to Be Buried in a Christian & Decent Like Manner at the Discretion of My Executors, Nothing Doubting But at the General Resurrection I Shall Receive the Same aGain By the Mighty power of God and as _____ such Worldly Estate as it hath pleased God to Bless Me with in this Life I Give Demise and Dispose of the Same In the following Manner & form. first I Give and Bequeath to Dice My Dearly Beloved Wife All My Estate Real & personal to have and to hold During her Life or Widow hood this privilede I alow her Expecting If it is in her power that She May try to Raise My Children liken (?). I also Make and Ordain Dice My wife & George CARRINGTON her Brother My Executrix & Executor & Set in Case that Dice My Wife Should Die or Get Married My Estate is to Be Managed at the Discretion of the Executor to the Suport of the children till the youngest Child is twenty one years of Age & then My Real Estate My Sons Wm & Sherid & My personal Estate to Be Devided Between My two Daughters Equaly Amilia & Mary & I Do herby Utterly Disalow Revoke & Disanul all & Every other farmer testaments Wills, Legaties bequeaths & Executors by Me In any wise before Made Willed & Bequeathed Ratifying & Confirming this and No other to Be My Last Will & testament In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set My hand and Seal this Seventeenth Day of January In the year of Lord one thousand Eight hundred. Sharid DUNNAGAN. {Seal}
    Signed checked published pronounced & Delivered by the Said Shared DUNNAGON as his Last Will & testament in the presonts of Us Who in his presance & the presonce of each other here to Subscribed our Name. George NEWTON. Edward Wortham DURAT.
    On Back: Sherwood DUNNAGAN Will. Recorded.

    Dicey DUNNAGAN qualified as Executrix.

    The children of Sherwood DUNNAGAN and his wife Dicy CARRINGTON, most if not all of whom were born between 1779 and 1800 were the following:

    Amelia DUNNAGAN, born about 1792. She married William CARRINGTON, son of George CARRINGTON and Sophia DUNAGAN, May 28, 1808, in Orange County, North Carolina. Their son William CARRINGTON, Jr., was born about 1784 in Orange County.
    Mary Matilda DUNNAGAN, born about 1794. She died September 18, 1822 in Orange County. She married Hugh WOODS and they had the following children:
    • Sarah WOODS
    • Mary Ann WOODS RAY, wife of Thomas RAY, and my ancestor, described on the RAY Family page.
    • Rebecca WOODS who died on January 18, 1794.
    • Elihu WOODS died before November 1807
    • Susanna WOODS
    • Joseph WOODS, born June 26, 1750, in Orange County. He died September 12, 1852 in Orange County.
    • John WOODS, born December 25, 1751 in Orange County. He married Mary Margaret McKay CAIN and died in 1838 in Orange County.
    • Elizabeth WOODS, born January 31, 1770, married Samuel R. WOODS, son of John WOODS and Anne Louey MEBANE, October 12, 1799, died March 9, 1852 in Orange County.
    William DUNNAGAN, born about 1795 in Orange County.
    Sherwood DUNNAGAN, Jr., who married Cyntha WARREN and who is described in a later section.
    Charles DUNAGAN who married Jinney SCARLETT December 13, 1819 in Orange County, North Carolina

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    F.)   The CARRINGTON Family of Orange County, North Carolina

    The family of Dicey CARRINGTON had been in Orange County for a number of years, as evidenced by the times mentioned earlier in this chapter. Directly in connection with the identity of Dicey CARRINGTON DUNNAGAN, I know nothing other than that her brother was George CARRINGTON.

    Another Dicey CARRINGTON married Authur MANGUM April 22, 1801, James PARISH, bondsman, Orange County, and a third Dicey CARRINGTON married William COZART May 29, 1810, Josiah CARRINGTON, bondsman, in Orange County.

    Dicey Carrington, daughter of Nathaniel and Anna Davis CARRINGTON of Orange County, North Carolina, married Edward HARRIS. She is named in Nathaniel's will of Jan. 14, 1831, and in her brother's letters from Henderson County, Tennessee back to his father in North Carolina. She had joined her brother in Tennessee. She later moved to Arkansas with her children, after husband died. Delores Allen is a descendant and has a copy of a letter Dicey wrote in 1860 back to North Carolina to a niece. Dicey is buried in a small private cemetery near Lamar, Arkansas. She died on May 9, 1861, and her stone says that she was born in Orange County, North Carolina August 4, 1784. Her daughter Mary Anna HARRIS, married a CHAPPELL and their daughter was named Dicey Arbell CHAPPELL and married a William Henry POWELL.

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    G.   Sharid DUNNAGAN, Jr., and wife Cyntha WARREN

    Sherwood DUNNAGAN, Jr., son of Sherwood DUNNAGAN, Sr., and wife Dicey CARRINGTON, was born in North Carolina, probably in Orange County. "Shareward" DUNNIGAN married Cynthia / Cyntha / Syntha / Cintha WARREN DUNNAGAN WILLIAMS, June 3, 1823, in Orange County, North Carolina. Thomas DEADMON was the bondsman on the marriage bond. Sherwood died about March, 1838, in Marshall County, Tennessee, leaving no will and with all of his children minors. His wife Cyntha was born in North Carolina. After the death of Sherwood, she was married second to Aaron B. WILLIAMS, April 22, 1847, by Jeremiah STEPHENS, minister of the gospel, in Marshall County, Tennessee. I have not found any record of her after this date.

    We learn the following about the family's situation from Marshall County, Tennessee, court minutes:

    Tax rolls of Marshall County, Tennessee, give the following information:

    The household listing for Cyntha in the 1840 census in in Marshall County, Tennessee, as Cintha DONEGAN, showing one male between 5 and 9, 1 female less than 4, 1 female between 5 and 9, 2 females between ten and 14, one female between 15 and 19, and Cintha at least 30 but not more than 39. James F. WARREN is listed on page 183, Marshall County, showing 2 males under 5, 1 male 5 to 10, 2 males 20-30, 1 female 30-40 and 1 female 60-70. Other WARRENs in Marshall County in 1840 include George W. WARREN, on page 175, living alone, between 20 and 30; Neal S. WARREN was also alone, on the next page and was 15 to 20. William V. WARREN was on page 170 and had 2 males under 5, 1 male 20-30 and 1 female 20-30. I didn't find another DUNNAGAN listing under any spelling I could come up with, although CARRINGTON is represented.

    The children of Sherwood DUNNAGAN, Jr., and wife Cynthia WARREN were as follows:

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    H.)   The WARREN Family of Orange County, North Carolina

    I know very little about the family of Cynthia WARREN, wife first of Sherwood DUNNAGAN, Jr., and second of Aaron B. WILLIAMS. James F. WARREN was the guardian of Cynthia's children. Was this her brother or her father? There certainly are enough folks in Orange County who should be related. The following is a partial list of Orange County, North Carolina, marriages involving WARRENS:

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    Sarah Jane DUNNAGAN WILLIAMS, was born in May, 1824, in North Carolina, probably Orange County. She married Andrew J. WILLIAMS in Marshall County Tennessee, October 22, 1840, and died after the 1900 census in Red River County, Texas. She and Andrew are described on the page on the WILLIAMS family.
    Dicy/Disie DUNNEGAN, born about 1828; single, age 52, living with brother W. S. DUNNAGAN's family in 1880 in Red River County
    Emma (Emmy) DUNNEGAN WILSON, born about 1830, Tennessee; married Edward E. WILSON, December 19, 1847, by J. C. NEILL, Esq., in Marshall County Tennessee; on the 1850 census, William DUNNAGAN, age 18, and Pemlia DUNNAGAN, age 12, are living with her and Edward and their daughter Elizabeth WILSON, age 5 months. This is the 3rd house down from Sarah Jane and Andrew WILLIAMS
    William S. DUNNEGAN, born about 1832, Tennessee; probably is in the 1880 Red River County census as W. S. DUNNAGAN, white male, age 48, widowed or divorced, farmer, Tennessee, North Carolina, North Carolina, children Laura B. DUNNEGAN, 23; Sarah A. DUNNEGAN, 21; Emma J. DUNNEGAN, 20; William E. DUNNEGAN, 17; also there is Disie DUNNAGAN, sister, white female 52, single, and either next door or in the same house are William S. DOWDY, 48, Polly DOWDY, wife, 38; children Joe B. DOWDY, 15; Oliver DOWDY, 12; and Claud P. DOWDY, 2. This is 3 families away from T. W. ANDERSON, Sr.
    Sherwood DUNNEGAN was probably born about 1833 and died after August 1840 and before May, 1942. This is based on the listing of the order of children in the minutes of August, 1840, and the fact that he is not represented in the listing of children in May of 1840. Also, the census for that year shows only one male, who would have to be William, I believe.
    Cyntha/Syntha/Cintha DUNNEGAN DOWDY, born about 1834, Tennessee; married William H. DOWDY February 28, 1850, in Marshall County, Tennessee by Jeremiah STEPHENS, Minister. They are shown living with Andrew WILLIAMS and wife Sarah in 1850 Marshall County, Tennessee, page 42, their name being spelled DANDY. He is age 19, born in Tennessee, and Syntha is age 16, born in Tennessee.
    Permelia Ann (Amelia) DUNNEGAN WILLIAMS, born about 1838. She could have been a posthumous child since her father died before April 2, 1838. ; married James WILLIAMS in Marshall County. License issued April 27, 1853.

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