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  1. Robert JARMAN and wife Mary MEADE.
  2. The Family of John MEADE of Calvert County, Maryland.
  3. The JARMAN Family of Onslow County, North Carolina.
  4. Thomas JARMAN son of Robert JARMAN
  5. The BERRYMAN Family of North Carolina.
  6. Joseph BERRYMAN and wife Priscilla.
  7. Thomas JARMAN and wife Anne BERRYMAN.
  8. Berryman JARMAN and wife Mary WRENN.
  9. The Family of Mary (Polly) WRENN.
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A.)   Robert JARMAN and wife Mary MEADE.

In the late sixteen hundreds and early seventeen hundreds there appear in the records of Calvert County, Maryland, the names of John and Robert JARMAN. [COMMENT-1] Family tradition is that the JARMANS came from England. There were others at the time by the name JARMAN (sometimes spelled JARMON or JERMAN) in the area, but their connection is not known. John and Robert JARMAN may have been brothers, but that has not been proven. It may be that they were sons of Robert JERMINE who appears in 1677 as coming into the province of Maryland as a headright [COMMENT-2] to a patent to Robert LOCKWOOD, of Anne Arundel County, which is immediately north of Calvert County. [COMMENT-3] This Robert JERMINE may also be the Robert JERMAN who, in May 1682, was allowed 1000 pounds of tobacco in the Maryland General Assembly's levy for current expenses. [COMMENT-4]

Robert JARMAN, the JARMAN from whom we are descended, was believed to have been born about 1680 to 1682, and does not appear in the Calvert County, Maryland, records until 1711, about thirteen years after the first record of John JARMAN. From 1714 until 1730, Robert JARMAN's name appears fairly often in the Calvert County records, buying various tracts of land, becoming surety for various people, etc. In 1724 he was elected warden of All Saints Parish in Calvert County, Maryland and a vestryman the next year. Sometime prior to 1711, probably by 1705 or 1706, Robert JARMAN married Mary MEADE, the daughter of John MEADE of Calvert County. The MEADE family is described in the following section. Mary MEADE JARMAN appears in deeds with her husband Robert JARMAN in Queen Anne's County, Maryland, in August, 1732. She probably died before Robert with sons Thomas and John moved to North Carolina about 1834.

In Calvert County, Robert JARMAN lived on that part of the tract called "Bulling's Right," 130 acres of which he acquired from Richard BLAKE in November, 1718, with an additional 260 acres which he acquired from John JARMAN in April, 1729. This tract law on the east side of the Patuxent River, along the river, with William BLAKE's land to the south, William LOWRY's land to the east, Abbington Manor to the north and the Patuxent River to the west.[COMMENT-5]

About 1730, both John and Robert JARMAN sold their lands in Calvert County, Maryland and moved across Chesapeake Bay to settle in Queen Anne County, Maryland, buying lands on both sides of Tuckahoe Creek, a branch of the Choptank River. John JARMAN remained there until his death in 1756 and it is believed his descendants still live in that section of the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

In Queen Anne's County, Robert JARMAN's home place appears to have been made up of tracts called Hog Hole, Branford, and St. Martins, which appear to have joined each other and were situated on Tuckahoe Creek on the west side of the main branch. This is in the south eastern part of the present Queen Anne's County. Tuckahoe Creek flows into Choptank River.

Probably shortly after the death of his wife, Robert JARMAN moved again, this time from Queen Anne's County, Maryland, to Craven County, North Carolina. With him were two of his sons, Thomas JARMAN, who is described in a latter section as our probable ancestor, and John JARMAN. The three other sons remained in Maryland. In the records of Craven County, North Carolina, the names of Robert and his sons Thomas and John appear frequently from 1737 on, including references to their transferring land, slaves, etc., to serving as jurymen, and to acting as witnesses, sureties, etc. Robert settled in the part of Craven County that subsequently became Jones County, along a branch of the Neuse River which he called Tuckahoe Creek. He was granted land there in 1738. He lived there until his death in 1761. In his will he bequested to his grandson, Joseph JARMAN, 50 acres of land he still owned in Queen Anne County, Maryland. He left the plantation or farm on which he lived and all his personal property to his son, John JARMAN. The son Thomas, our ancestor, had died earlier, leaving a will dated April 5, 1759 which was probated in 1760.

Proof that the Robert JARMAN of Calvert County, Maryland, and the Robert JARMAN of Queen Anne's County, Maryland, and the Robert JARMAN of Craven County, North Carolina, are one and the same includes:

  1. Robert JARMAN lived in Calvert County.
  2. John MEADE names in his Calvert County will his daughter Mary JARMAN on May 6, 1711.
  3. Robert JARMAN disappears from Calvert County finally by conveying his part of Bulling's Right to Benjamin SEDGWICK on May 5, 1730.
  4. Robert JARMAN appears in Queen Anne's County in November, 1729, acquiring by purchase in 1729, 1730/1 and 1732 the lands of Hog Hole, part of Branford, and St. Martins on Tuckahoe Creek, Queen Anne's County. In three deeds in August 1733, conveying parts of Branford and St. Martins, Robert JARMAN is joined in the conveyances by his wife Mary JARMAN.
  5. The inventory of estate of Robert JARMAN, Jr., proved to have been the son of Robert and Mary JARMAN, was made April 8, 1748, and it is signed as nearest of kin by Joseph JARMAN and William MEEDS. This William MEEDS evidently had come over to Queen Anne's County from Calvert County, although the exact degree of relationship is not disclosed.
  6. Robert JARMAN, when he finally made his will in Craven County, North Carolina, on August 5, 1761, devised to his grandson Joseph JARMAN 50 acres of St. Martins tract in Queen Anne's County, Maryland.

Robert JARMAN and wife Mary MEADE had five sons and probably at least one daughter. Their children were:

Joseph JARMAN, born about 1707 in Calvert County, Maryland, married Ann THOMAS February 17, 1728/29. He died in 1762 in Queen Anne County, Maryland.
William JARMAN, born in 1709 in Calvert County, Maryland, married Penelope THOMAS DARRENTON about 1729. He died about 1747 or 1748 in Queen Anne County, Maryland.
Thomas JARMAN, who I believe to be our ancestor, is described in a later section.
Robert JARMAN, born about 1710 or 1711 in Calvert County, Maryland, married Mary Ann __ and died about 1747 to 1748 in Queen Anne County, Maryland.
John JARMAN, born in 1718 (or maybe in 1721) in Calvert County, Maryland, married before 1745 Rachel HALL. He died in Jones County, North Carolina, in 1788.

A daughter who married Stephen YEO is a probability. In June, 1733, Robert JARMAN conveyed to Stephen YEO of Queen Anne's County, carpenter, "for love and affection said Robert bears said Stephen," 68 acres part of Branford in Queen Anne's County. No relationship is stated in the deed and in no other record discovered is there any statement of relationship. The nature of the deed certainly leads to inference of relationship.

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B.)   The Family of John MEADE of Calvert County, Maryland.

On October 24, 1668, the name of John MEADES appears as a "headright" in the Early Settlers List with reference to Patent Liber 11, folio 540.

The MEADE or MEADS family lived in Calvert County east of Patuxent River and in the neighborhood of Hunting Creek. Several branches of this family descended from Thomas, John and William MEADS, the sons of John MEADE and brothers of Mary MEADE JARMAN who is described in the preceeding section. Like Mary and her husband, descendants of one or more of these brothers went to Queen Anne's County, Maryland, where they spelled their name MEEDS and established families there.

The will of John MEADE (MEADS) of Calvert County was dated May 6, 1711 and probated July 11, 1711. He left five shillings to his eldest son Thomas, personalty to his second son John and his daughters Ann (MEADE) SANDERS and Mary (MEADE) JARMAN, and named his youngest son, William, Executor. The witnesses were Charles ALLEN, Thomas CADES, Jr., and Gilbert LEWIS. [COMMENT-6]

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C.)   The JARMAN Family of Onslow County, North Carolina.

I need to trace the other besides Thomas and see what I can determine from census data, etc. Also look at Thomas later.

This is my Jarman line, and I'm pretty sure I know the connections, but it's only fair to say I'm going on hunches rather than proof at this point. The earliest JARMAN I'm sure of as being my ancestor is Thomas JARMAN who married Anne BERRYMAN, and I'm descended through their son Berryman JARMAN (born about 1784) who married Mary WRENN. What follows is an attempt to peg that particular Thomas JARMAN.

Some of the JARMAN family have lived in Onslow County, North Carolina, since it was created. About 1735, a Robert JARMAN came with his sons Thomas and John to eastern North Carolina, having formerly lived in Queen Anne County on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Robert's will was probated in 1761 through the Secretary of State's Office. In his will, he mentioned property he owned in Queen Anne County, Maryland. Robert's son John JARMAN settled at Tuckahoe in Jones County. [COMMENT-7] His son Thomas JARMAN settled in the Richlands area of the adjoining Onslow County. The will of Thomas JARMAN, probated in Onslow County in 1760, named sons Thomas, John, Moses, Larrance (Lawrence) and William. At least eleven generations of the descendants of Robert Jarman have lived in Onslow County. [COMMENT-8]

The Richlands area of Onslow County is on the inside (i.e., northwest or inland) corner near Duplin County and Jones County. The early deeds of the JARMAN family, the BERRYMAN family, and the WRENN family all tend to deal with the northwest branch of New River. There is or was a community in the area called JARMAN Town.

There was a marriage between a Thomas JARMAN and an Anne BERRYMAN about the time for these to be the parents of Berryman JARMAN, and the following information on the JARMAN family is gathered in part in an attempt to determine who the Thomas JARMAN was who I presume to be Berryman's father. The date of this marriage would be before 1791.

While the man I'm looking for could be the Thomas who was a son of Thomas JARMAN, son of Robert JARMAN, I wonder if he is not one further generation further removed.

The 1790 census shows a Thomas JARMAN in Onslow County, but the count of people living with him does not appear to include Berryman JARMAN, born in 1784. There is one male over 16 who would be Thomas, no males under 16, and four white females.

One mystery is that of the earliest name I've found among the Onslow County JARMAN's, Samuel JARMAN. I do not know how he ties into the remainder of the family. He was in Onslow County by April 14, 1741, and acquainted with the BERRYMAN family, when he and Robert BERRYMAN jointly witnessed a deed from Stephen HOWARD to William MELTON for 220 acres. This deed is recorded at Book A, page 16 of the Onslow County Deed Records. This was about six years after Robert JARMAN and his sons Thomas and John are supposed to have arrived, and while a relationship seems probable, I don't know what it is. The only other reference to Samuel JARMAN I've found is also in Book A, at page 22, when Susanna COLLIER is indentured to Samuel for three years seven months until she is eighteen years of age.

I need to get some idea of the date of birth of one or more of these sons of Thomas JARMAN to try to determine which of these transactions involve them.

The next JARMAN to be mentioned chronologically is Thomas JARMAN who according to sources I've read seems to be the son of Robert JARMAN. While I haven't found the deed to him, I've found deed references to his acquiring ownership of property in Onslow County on October 28, 1756. This reference is found in the deed from his son William JARMAN to his son Thomas JARMAN (Jr.) at Book K, Page 49, when he says the land he is conveying to his brother was part of a tract granted to William MAINOR in 1744, deeded to Benjamin STIDHAM and to Thomas JARMAN on October 28, 1756. This is the man whose will was probated in Onslow County in 1760 and who names as his sons Thomas, John, Moses, Larrance, and William. All of these sons can be found in the deed records before 1800. Thomas and John appear most often, and their activity is shown on the following charts. Of course some of the references may be to different Thomases and Johns.

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GRANTOR/GRANTEE Volume & Page Acres & Cost Date Comments
James MASHBURN to John JARMAN C/65 150 A £26 1s 6p Sept. 24, 1751 Elder Branch on NW branch of New River at Jethro MASHBURN's line. Witnesses Charles COX, David PARKER
John JARMAN to Jacob HUMPHREY E/51 150 A £15 Feb. 16, 1759 Both JARMAN and HUMPHREY of Craven Co., N.C. Same legal description, Wit: Thomas JARMAN, Thos MAULSBY
Thomas JARMON to John JARMON I/15 50 A £25 Mar. 12, 1767 Land at Tarkiln Br. conveyed to Thomas JARMON, Sr., deceased, and fell by heirship to Thomas JARMAN who now deeds a dividend of 50 A to John JARMAN at Cox's Branch. Wit: Aaron COX, Charles MARKLAND
Francis PARKER to John JARMAN I/66-67 250 A £80 April 26, 1772 SW side of New River in JOHNSTON's Corner. Wit: Jacob and John HUMPHREY
John JARMAN to Aaron COX J/51   Dec. 30, 1774 This is land that came to John through Thomas, Sr. and Thomas, Jr.
William McCANN and Lewis SLOANE of Duplin Co., ex. of Wm. SLOANE to John JARMAN K/34 250 A £230 Apr. 8, 1777 At Arthur BOROME's corner and James GLENN's land. Wit: Thomas JOHNSTON, Jacob HUMPHREY, Elizah ANDERSON
John JARMAN to Henry GIBBONS K/35 125 A £100 April 25, 1777 S. W. side of North West branch of New River. Wit: Lewis WILLIAMS and Thomas JARMAN
MANOR to BARRINO L/18   Sept. 16, 1778 John JARMAN Wit.
NELLSON to BARRONO L/24   Dec. 15, 1778 John JARMAN Wit.
MANOR to NELSON L/31   Dec. 15, 1778 John JARMAN Wit.
John JARMAN to Henry GIBBONS L/35 125 A £80 Feb. 6, 1776 SW side of NW Branch of New River, Wit: BARRONA and MAINOR
BARRINO to John JARMAN L/45 100 A £225 Feb. 19, 1779 Mouth of Spring Branch at swamp. Test. Nat. BARRINO, Wm. THOMAS (?)
MARINER to BARRONO M/9   Sept. 8, 1779 Wit: Jacob MARINER, Jr., and John JARMAN
John AVERITT to Rosamand JARMAN R/78 125 A £135 Oct. 4, 1792 All land that fell to me by John JARMAN, dec., where said JARMAN lived containing 125 acres. Wit: John AVERITT, Jr., John GREEN

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GRANTOR/GRANTEE Volume & Page Acres & Cost Date Comments
John JARMAN to Jacob HUMPHREY E/52 150 A £15 Feb. 16, 1759 Witness Thomas JARMAN. Grantor and Grantee were of Craven Co. N.C. so Thomas could have been there, too.
Thomas JARMON to John JARMON I/15 50 A £25 Mar. 12, 1767 Land at Tarkiln Br. conveyed to Thomas JARMON, Sr., deceased, and fell by heirship to Thomas JARMAN who now deeds a dividend of 50 A to John JARMAN at Cox's Branch. Wit: Aaron COX, Charles Markland
  I/40   Jan. 7, 1771 Mentions Thomas JARMAN's line
OLIVER to OLIVER I/68-69   Oct. 30, 1772 Thomas JARMAN is witness
Thomas JOHNSTON, Executor of Daniel CATHOLIC to Mathew GREEN J/9   June 21, 1773 Joseph BERRYMAN is in chain of title recited. Wit: James KENNEDY and Thomas JARMAN
DUNN to BATTLE J/26   Oct., 1775 Thomas JARMAN Witness
Estate of Moses COX to BARROW K/19   June 29, 1776 Thomas JARMAN is a witness
John JARMAN to Henry GIBBONS K/35   April 25, 1777 Thomas JARMAN witness
William JARMAN of Craven Co., N.C. to Thomas JARMAN K/44 200 A £180 Dec. 16, 1777 Part of tract granted to William MAINOR in 1744, deeded to Benjamin STIDHAM, to Thomas JARMAN October 28, 1756. Witnesses: Thomas WEBBER, Richard GUNTER
Uz WILLIAMS to Thomas JARMAN L/47 4 A £26 March 6, 1779 John JARMAN and William FOSTER, Witnesses
Charles CHAIRES to Thomas JARMAN N/43-44 50 A £20 Apr. 11, 1784 NW Branch of New River prong of Bachelor's Delight. Wit: CHARIES, GREEN
Thomas JARMAN gave a slave to daughter Anny JARMAN N/47   Apr. 13, 1785 A Thomas JARMAN has a daughter old enough to own a slave in 1785. While it is probable she could own one at any age, usually this was a wedding present. [COMMENT-9]
Arthur BARONO to Thomas JARMAN O/71 123 A £80 Apr. 7, 1787 Wit: Isaac BARONO, Moses JARMAN
Gideon HAWKINS to Thomas JARMAN, Schoolmaster O/10 100 A £100 Jan. 10, 1786 Thomas JARMAN is described as a school-master. The land is on the East side of the NW branch of New River. Wit. are J. Smith and Benj. OLIVER.
MANER to BARRINO O/58     Thomas JARMAN is a Witness
Thomas JARMAN to Larance JARMAN P/47 150 A £80 Nov. 26, 1785 Mouth of Little Tarkiln Br. at line between Thomas JARMAN and Aaron COX. Wit: Moses JARMAN, T. MAULS, & BERRY (?)
Joseph BERRYMAN to James WRENN Q/45 71£ 15s 53 ac July 22, 1790 On East side of NW branch of New River, granted March 1, 1780 to Joseph BERRYMAN by Gov. Richard CASWELL. Thomas JARMAN was a witness as was ___ WREN[COMMENT-10]
WILLIAMS to BUTLER Q/76   Dec. 20, 1783 Thomas JARMAN was a witness
James WRENN to John BERRYMAN Q/80 75£ 15s 140 ac. out of 320 ? Thomas JARMAN was a witness as was ___ WREN.
Thomas JARMAN to M. DEMSEY S/3 50 A £30 Oct. 13, 1793 Wit: Obediah SCOTT, Daniel SIMMONS
Thomas JARMAN to Thomas Bryan S/18 200 A £25 Nov. 5, 1793 Wit: Benejah BRYAN, John ELLIS
Thomas JARMAN to William VAN LUVAN S/18-19 50 A £20 Jan. 15, 1794 Wit: Charles SNEAD, Banester LESTER
Thomas JARMAN and Ann JARMAN to Benjamin JOHNSTON T/8 £40 Feb. 2, 1791 All our right in the land of Joseph .... (HAS to be BERRYMAN!), deceased. Wit: James THOMPSON, .... JOHNSTON
Joseph SUMMERSET and wife Celia to Benajah BRYAN U/30 £40 June 13, 1798 Their right in the land of Thomas BRYAN, deceased. Wit: Thomas JARMAN, Josiah EDWARDS
Thomas JARMAN to William SHAW U/72 £200 April 8, 1799 Land on New River, Halfmoon Swamp, Batchelors Delight at Dr. LOOMIS' line, John HUMPHREY's line which is all land he owns in Onslow County. Wit: Wm. MURRILL and Jas. GLENN [COMMENT-11]
John JARMAN to Thomas JARMAN V/6 £20 June 16, 1800 This cannot be the right Thomas JARMAN but is put here for what it's worth. John JARMAN to Thomas JARMAN for £20 paid by Luke JARMAN, father of Thomas JARMAN (Luke JARMAN deceased now), John sells all his part of his father's Thomas JARMAN's land that falls to him by heirship. Wit: Lawrence and Elizabeth JARMAN
Elizabeth JARMAN to her children, Thomas, Lotty and Spice JARMAN v/14   June 16, 1800 Eliz. JARMAN gives the land whereon she lived and her other property to her children named. Wit: Obed WILLIAMS, Moses JARMAN, Richard SHACKLEFORD.
Hardy COX to Thomas JARMAN Y/10 75 A £130 Sept. 27, 1804 Has to be different Thomas

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The brother Moses JARMAN is shown in the deed records as follows:

December 19, 1776 at Volume K, page 40, from Moses STIDHAM to Moses JARMAN, 50 acres for £22. The land was devised from Moses COX to Moses STIDHAM by will. Witnesses were WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS, and PARKER.
January, 1779, Moses JARMAN conveyed to John HUMPHREY 50 acres for £20, as shown in Book L, page 1.
March 6, 1784, WILLIAMS conveyed to Moses JARMAN 150 acres for £120 (Book O, page 7).
I should say about the wills or information available for the other brothers.
March 18, 1784, at page 10 of Book O, Aaron COX conveys to Moses JARMAN 50 Acres for £40 on the East side of the Northwest Branch of New River. Witnesses were HUMPHREY and COX.

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E.)  Thomas JARMAN, son of Robert JARMAN.

Thomas JARMAN the son of Robert JARMAN, acquired property in Onslow County, North Carolina, October 28, 1756. This reference is found in the deed from his son William JARMAN to his son Thomas JARMAN (Jr.) at Book K, Page 49, when he says the land he is conveying to his brother was part of a tract granted to William MAINOR in 1744, deeded to Benjamin STIDHAM and to Thomas JARMAN on October 28, 1756. Thomas' will will was probated in Onslow County in 1760 and he is the father of five sons:
Larrance (Lawrence) JARMAN, and
William JARMAN

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D.)   The BERRYMAN Family of North Carolina.

While I do not know the ancestry of Anne BERRYMAN, wife of Thomas JARMAN beyond her father, this section is inserted as material for looking for prior generations.

Capt. Benjamin BERRYMAN was born about 1680, died in August, 1729, and had sons Benjamin who was born before 1700, James, Maximillian, John who died in 1727 and whose only son was Gilson BERRYMAN, William whose only son was Newton BERRYMAN, and Newton and Henry who died without heirs. He did have an Anne, an Elizabeth, and a Frances who could have been called Fanny, thus having daughters with three of the four names of the daughters of Joseph BERRYMAN, our ancestor on this line, but those were common enough names it's not too probative.

John BERRYMAN, father of Capt. Benjamin, came to America in 1654 and died about 1680. The other John BERRYMAN had orphans in Overwharton Parish, Stafford, by 1724. This could be John BERRYMAN who married Elizabeth JUDKINS in 1710. There was a William BERRYMAN who came to America in 1648 and a William BERRYMAN born in 1660 (Colonial Residents of Virginia's Eastern Shore). There was another born about 1602, who bought 150 acres in Accomak County in 1635, and whose only heir is purported to be his sister Jane JACKSON; he was dead by 1644. There was a Christopher BERRYMAN who received 1260 acres in New Kent for transporting 25 people in 1685. There was an Augustin BERRYMAN who came late 1735 or early 1736 with wife Ann and sons John, Joseph, William and three daughters.

There had been Onslow County North Carolina connections between the BERRYMAN family and the JARMAN family since the deed witnesses by both Samuel JARMAN and Robert BERRYMAN described above, an event which occurred in 1741. About a year earlier, on April 17, 1740, William MELTON, Sr., conveyed to Robert BERRYMAN for £300 640 acres on Sanders Creek. Witnesses were Anthony LEWIS, Richard MELTON, and Stephen HOWARD. [COMMENT-12]

Robert BERRYMAN is mentioned in Deed Book A, Page 16, as witness to an April 17, 1741 transaction between Stephen HOWARD and John COOPER and in Deed Book A, page 47, as a witness to a FENSINGER to FENSINGER transaction. Robert sold half of his 640 acres when at Book A, page 57 he deeds to Nathaniel POWELL 320 acres for £250. Witnesses are Adam HOWARD, Arthur POWELL, and William MELTON. The date of this transaction is February 23, 1743.

On March 17, 1743, Robert BERRYMAN conveys to Arther POWELL for £60 320 acres on New River at Two Pole Creek, with witnesses William MELTON, Jr., Nathanel POWELL, and Edmund HOWARD.

The last reference to Robert BERRYMAN I find is on March 5, 1744, when he, Job BROOKS, and Nathaniel POWELL witness a transfer from Jacob POWELL to James DUNSON, recorded at Book B, page 11.

There was also a Benjamin BERRYMAN who lived in North Carolina at the appropriate time to be a grandfather to Berryman JARMAN. In fact in Gates County, North Carolina, the 1784-1787 census shows three BERRYMAN families: Benjamin BERRYMAN had no white males between 21 and 60, two under 21 or over 60, 2 females, and no negroes. Edward BERRYMAN had one male between 21 and 60, two under 21 or over 60, two females, and one male and one female slave. William BERRYMAN had one white male 21-60, 2 under 21 or over 60, 5 females, and no slaves. I have not been able to tie any of the possible ancestors to Berryman JARMAN, nor have I been able to tie this line to my BERRYMAN research on the Berryman page.

By way of an aside to people closely related to me, the "Berryman" in the name Charles Berryman BREEDLOVE comes from this direction, not from the Benjamin BERRYMAN of Westmoreland County, Virginia, who is described in the BERRYMAN Chapter. That line goes through Irma Lorene RICHARDS BREEDLOVE who married a brother of Charles Berryman BREEDLOVE.

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E.)   Joseph BERRYMAN and wife Priscilla.

Shortly after the last reference to Robert BERRYMAN begins a long list of transactions involving Joseph BERRYMAN, the father of Anne BERRYMAN. These are summarized on the following chart, except that numerous references which refer to the Joseph BERRYMAN land or mention Joseph BERRYMAN in chain of title are not included:

GRANTOR/GRANTEE Vol. & Pg Ac. & Cost Date Comments
Francis SUMNER to Joseph BERRYMAN C/55 229£ July 2, 1747 NE side of the NW branch of New River on upper side of Half Moon Swamp
Joseph EASON to Joseph BERRYMAN D/28 160 a £16 Oct. 1, 1754 Both Grantor and Grantee (Joseph BERRYMAN) are of Duplin County. Land is on NE side of NW Branch of New River on Batchelor's Delight to the swamp, part of a grant in 1741 to EASON. Witnesses are Elmor ANDERSON and Timothy MURRILL [COMMENT-13]
Joseph BERRYMAN to William BLACK E/32 130 a £30 Feb. 27, 1758 The grantee is "late of Onslow County but now of South Carolina, trader". Since there is no indication of the residence of BERRYMAN it seems it's Onslow County. Land is on NE side of NW branch of New River, on Half-moon swamp, part of tract granted to Francis SUMNER 9/12/1745 and transferred to BERRYMAN 7/2/1757. Wit: James HILL and Gibbons JENNINGS
Ezekial SUMNER to Malbon SIMMONS, cooper F/14  May 22, 1760 Conveys all that except earlier sold to Joseph BERRYMAN
Abel ANDERSON to Joseph BERRYMAN F/49 100 A £60 Sept. 6, 1762 West Branch of New River at mouth of Indian Branch. Wit: Thomas JOHNSTON, John PHINNEY, Ben. HILLIARD
John STONE to Abel ANDERSON F/49 100 A  Sept. 23, 1762 West Branch of New River, Wit: Thos. JOHNSTON, Joseph BERRYMAN, and Benj. HILLIARD
John WILEY to Benja. JOHNSTON and Joseph BERRYMAN F/59 100A  March 9, 1763 West branch of New River, beginning at Hose Branch. Wit: John KING, Thos. JOHNSTON
Joseph BERRYMAN, Sadler, to Eleazor BROCK F/63 160 A £40 Oct. 2, 1762 NE side of NW branch of New River upon Batchelor Delight Swamp, part of grant of 320 A to Benj. EASON. Wit: Danl. AUSTIN, Richard BROCK.
Benj. JOHNSTON, Sr., and Joseph BERRYMAN to Daniel AUSTIN H/10 90 A  Sept. 24, 1765 New River at Buck Branch at ANDERSON's line, part of 640 A. Test: Thomas JOHNSTON
Thomas JOHNSTON, Ex. of Daniel CATHOLIC to Mathew GREEN J/9   Joseph BERRYMAN in chain of title, Wit: Thomas JARMAN, James KENNEDY
Joseph BERRYMAN, planter and sadler, to Liege ANDERSON J/29 20 A  May, 1772 This becomes much more important in light of statement of ANDERSON's son that Joseph BERRYMAN and his heirs conveyed such property to his father. J/55 This isn't abstracted although it's indexed, but has JARMAN and BERRYMAN listings and could be quite important
Elijah ANDERSON to Meltiah STRANGE L/40-41 £1500 Mar. 1779 Four tracts of land. 140 acres on NE side of NW branch of New River; 100 acres on Persimmon Branch; 20 acres at Elmore ANDERSON's new patent line; 100 acres at Thomas JOHNSTON's corner. "This land came to me by deed from Joseph BERRYMAN, and heirs to my father." Wit: Will BIGGS, Jno. SANDERS
Elizabeth BERRYMAN, Spinster, to Benj. JOHNSTON S/44 £37/-10s May 15, 1794 Sold the interest she has in the lands her father willed to his four daughters; her father, Joseph BERRYMAN, willed to Anne JARMAN, Charity STRANGE, Fanny BERRYMAN, and Elizabeth BERRYMAN, and Eliz.'s is 1/4 part. Wit: Pamela JOHNSTON, Rebecca JOHNSTON.
Thomas JARMAN and Ann JARMAN to Benj. JOHNSTON T/8 £40 Feb. 21, 1791 Thomas JARMAN and Ann JARMAN to Benj. JOHNSTON all our right in land of Joseph ...., deceased. Wit: James THOMPSON, .... JOHNSTON (HAS to be BERRYMAN!)

Joseph BERRYMAN, planter and a saddler, [COMMENT-14] died August 22, 1791 and his will was admitted to probate in Onslow County, North Carolina, in April, 1793. He mentioned his wife Priscilla and son John and his "female children." Joseph BERRYMAN "of Duplin County, North Carolina" appears on the deed records of Onslow County July 2, 1747.

This is stuck in my notes and I'm leaving it in as a clue in case you want to follow where I pointed myself and didn't go: Volume J, page 55, Onslow County Deed Records - This isn't abstracted although it's indexed, but has JARMAN and BERRYMAN listings and could be quite important. I need to order this.

The identify of his female children is determined by the deed records. As noted above, Elizabeth BERRYMAN, Spinster, deed property to Benjamin JOHNSTON on May 15, 1794, stating that she was conveying the interest she had in the lands her father Joseph BERRYMAN willed to his four daughters Anne JARMAN, Charity STRANGE, Fanny BERRYMAN, and Elizabeth BERRYMAN.

There is no marriage of Ann BERRYMAN recorded in Onslow County, and in fact no BERRYMAN/JARMAN marriage record I've found. Fanny BERRYMAN married Benjamin JOHNSTON January 6, 1794, Thomas JOHNSTON, bondsman; [COMMENT-15] Elizabeth BERRYMAN after her 1794 deed married James RICE February 11, 1797, Patrick MAHONEY, bondsman and R. W. SNEAD, witness; and Charity BERRYMAN married James STRANGE January 14, 1788, John WILLEY bondsman and Will CRAY, witness. The name of Ann's husband is determined from the deed records when at Volume T, page 8, Thomas JARMAN and Ann JARMAN deed to the same Benjamin JOHNSTON their interest in the land of Joseph somebody. It must be that the unreadable name is Joseph BERRYMAN, Ann's father.

Joseph BERRYMAN on the state census in 1784-1787 shows in Onslow county no white males between 21 and 60, one white male either under 21 or over 60, 6 white females, and no negroes. [COMMENT-16] John BERRYMAN, the son, was living April 7, 1798 as indicated by the will of Ruth STRANGE.

In January, 2011: Curtis Uhre, researching this line, has done later and more extensive work than I have. He says:
Like you, my wife is a descendant of Berry (Berryman) Jarman who was born abt 1784-88 in Onslow NC.
I have been doing some additional work regarding Thomas Jarman, the schoolmaster and father of Berry, Asa and Thomas. I have copies of the court action they filed to recover the land owned by their father.
In reviewing the estate file of Thomas Jarman who died in 1789 and the related guardian records for his son Thomas, I have come to believe that his son Thomas would have been too young to be the father of Berry, Asa and Thomas.
Additionally, Thomas Jarman the schoolmaster, apparently moved from Dobbs (now Wayne) county as he was selling land in Wayne after his move to Onslow.
That could open up the possibility that Thomas Jarman the schoolmaster is the son of Joseph Jarman of MD, whose son Joseph was also in Dobbs county.
That still leaves unexplained the Thomas Jarman living in Dobbs next to William Jarman (son of William who died abt 1756 Craven?) in the 1790 census. Could it be his son?
There also is a Littleton Jarman who appears in the 1790 Census in Carven and in 1800 in Onslow. Do you know anything about Littleton Jarman?
He offers as proof these documents:

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F.)   Thomas JARMAN and wife Anne BERRYMAN.

It would appear that Thomas JARMAN, the father of Berry JARMAN, was a school teacher. There are receipts signed by him for education purposes in the Guardianship Accounts in Onslow County as well as the Deed Records at Volume O, Page 10. It would also appear that he died while his children were yet minors. It appears that Berry JARMAN's name is linked with two brothers, Asa JARMAN and Thomas JARMAN, in the guardianship papers and deed records, with the normal order of listing of the names, and probably therefore the age order of the boys, being Berryman, Asa, and Thomas. It also appears that there were no sisters living at the time of the death of the father.

Another note to myself: Look at the 1820 census records, see what is said about Asa and/or Thomas. Was Thomas in Onslow County or was he in Georgia with Berryman?

In November, 2010, Pam McBride wrote:
I'm a descendant of Asa Jarman. He had one son John Hill Jarman who had Milton, Nichodemus, and Sarah. Milton had my grandfather Roscoe and of course Roscoe had my mother Ethel Jarman. Still trying to figure out Asa true parents. Everyone so far believes it to be a Thomas Jarman....well there are a ton out there named Thomas. I know Asa had brothers Berry and Thomas for sure. One line shows Thomas Jarman married to Elizabeth Cox in 1763 which could easily be the parents of Berry, Asa and Thomas. Berry by the way was born in 1788 according to all censuses showing his age (1850 census 62 and in 1860 census 72). You were showing him as 1784. You go down the line that Berry, Asa and Thomas was from Thomas and Ann Berryman Jarman. However someone said that Thomas died in 1789 and there is no way he could be the father of Asa and Thomas brothers of Berry because they were not born yet. Have you researched any more? My biggest interest was in John Hill Jarman and was happy that I found marriage records of his children that list him as the father. What ever happened to his is a mystery. My family was told he went off to war (Civil) and never returned. Sarah Ann's family that contacted me said they were told the same thing. Just can't find any Civil War records on him. Anyway I didn't know if you did any more research down the line of Berry, Asa and Thomas.

Ann JARMAN appears as the head of the household on the 1810 Onslow County Census at page 771 (or 102), eight pages from the Berry JARMAN family. Neither Asa JARMAN nor Thomas JARMAN is listed as a head of household in North Carolina for 1810. Ann JARMAN's household consists of 1 male under 10, 1 female under 10, 1 female 27 to ___ and 1 female ___ or above (10000/10011/00).

Facts and presumptions about the children of Thomas JARMAN and wife Anne BERRYMAN are these:
Berryman JARMAN, born 1783 or 1784, described in a later section.
Asa JARMAN died before January 30, 1828, and his widow Elizabeth married second Robert BRUCE, this marriage occurring before November 11, 1829.
Thomas JARMAN, perhaps born about 1796. I believe he is the Thomas JARMAN whose will was probated April 6, 1870 in Sumter County, Alabama, and who named as his executors his wife Mary JARMAN and son
  • Thomas JARMAN. Other children named are
  • Ann JARMAN ROWLANDS(?) (her children were Kesiah, Susan and Georgia);
  • Bryant JARMAN;
  • Roxian JARMAN DRINKARD (wife of William DRINKARD, license issued in Sumter County November 19, 1846), who died before Thomas;
  • Nancy J. JARMAN HEARN, wife of James HEARN, license issued February 25, 1841, the mother of William HEARN (two JARMAN/HEARN marriages are recorded, between Mary K. JARMAN and Elijah HEARN April 16, 1844 and between Nancy JARMAN and James HEARN - it may be that Nancy's sister Mary was married twice, first to HEARN and second to a PRATT and the she was the mother of William HEARN);
  • Serena JARMAN HITT who may have gone by "Seny" and married Charles HITT March 19, 1843 (Since her aunt Susan JARMAN HITT also married Charles HITT in the same county in August of 1839, it could be she married her uncle); and
  • Mary JARMAN PRATT who died before her father.
The 1850 Sumter County Census shows at page 339, Thomas JARMAN, 54, male, farmer, $3,000, North Carolina; Mary, 53, female, North Carolina; Ann D. (?), 20, female, North Carolina; Thomas, 19, male, Farmer, and Martin LEWIS, 26, male, farmer, North Carolina. Because the Thomas JARMAN whose will is described above and his son both appear in this listing, I have assumed that the Thomas JARMAN shown on page 337 and who married Olive ALTMAN is the Thomas, son of Berry and Mary JARMAN. This is further confirmed by his naming his eldest son Berryman.

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H.)   Berryman JARMAN and wife Mary WRENN .

Berryman (Berry) JARMAN was born in Onslow County, North Carolina, in 1783 or 1784. He married Mary WRENN, whose parentage is discussed in the following section. Berry died May 13, 1867, at the age of 83, in Smith County, Texas. Mary was born in North Carolina about 1783 or 1784 and died after the 1860 census, probably in Texas. Biographical Summaries of the State of Texas, published in 1889 by the F. A. Bailey Co., reports at page 462:

Joseph JARMAN, a farmer residing near Whitesboro, Grayson county, and one of her most prominent agriculturists, was born in Onslow County, North Carolina, in March, 1813. Berry JARMAN, father of Joseph, was also a native of Onslow county, North Carolina, and died May 13, 1867, at the age of eighty-three years. From his native county he moved to Columbia County, Georgia, thence to Jefferson County, same State, whence he went to Pendleton District, South Carolina, where he remained three years, after which he returned to Georgia, and for two years lived in Fayette County. Thence he moved to Leon County, Florida, and after that to Talbot County, Georgia, and then passed nineteen years in Sumpter County, Alabama, and from there moved to Smith County, Texas, in 1855, and here died. He married Mary, daughter of William WREN, of North Carolina, and by her became the father of the following children--John, Nancy, Betsey, Roxian, Joseph, James, Alice, Susan, Martha, Mary and Thomas. Nancy JARMAN was married to Elijah POOLE, but, with her husband, is now deceased. Roxian was married to John SPENCE, a native of Ireland, and now deceased. Susan was married to Charles HITT, of South Carolina, and Martha was married to Henry HITT, both the husbands being now deceased. Joseph JARMAN, the subject of this sketch, married Lucinda, daughter of James C. NULL, of Monroe county, Alabama. This gentleman died in 1834. Mr. JARMAN is the father of sixteen children, named as follows -- John J., Joseph M., Mary, A.S., George M., Henry J., Arminta E., Matilda C., Alicia J., Amelia H., Lucinda C., Alfred R., Jesse F., Frances P., Elbert Milton and a babe that died unnamed. The marriage, which resulted in the birth of the above named children, took place October 15, 1840, and ten years later Mr. JARMAN came to Texas, and for twenty-one years resided in Smith county, but after serving in the Confederate service under Captain THOMPSON and Colonel JONES, and returning to Smith county for a while, removed to Grayson county, his present place of residence. Mr. JARMAN is a Free and Accepted Mason, and a "bright" one at that. He is also a sincere worshiper at the shrine of God, under the interpretation of the scriptures by the elders of the Missionary Baptist church.

Berry JARMAN and family appear on the 1810 Onslow County, North Carolina, census at page 763, and the following information is given: 1 male under 10, 1 male eleven to 16, 1 male 17 to 26, 2 females under 10, and 1 female 17 to 26. Berryman JARMAN bought 112 acres in Onslow County on April 4, 1810 and sold it to Moses JARMAN August 15, 1817. Moses JARMAN probably was Berry's brother-in-law through their wives being sisters, although of course the two men were probably related, too. In 1820, Berry JARMAN is listed in the Louisville community in Jefferson County, Georgia, showing three males under ten, one male ten to fifteen, one male twenty six to 44, five females under ten, and one female 19-25. Two persons are engaged in agriculture. Neighbors of the family include William WREN (00001/1001) [COMMENT-18], Hardy POOL (10001/201), Reuben JARMAN (210001/2101), Maurice RAIFORD, Sr. (111101/0121), [COMMENT-19] Baldwin RAIFORD (21001/1201) and James POOL (10001/3001). On February 26, 1821, Berry JARMAN of Jefferson County, Georgia, sold to Asa JARMAN of Onslow County property on the New River adjacent to that of Berryman BRYAN. [COMMENT-20] The 1830 Talbot County, Georgia, census shows Berry JARMAN, one male under five, two males between ten and fifteen, one male twenty to thirty, one male forty to fifty, two females under five, one female five to ten, one female ten to fifteen, one female fifteen to twenty, one female twenty to thirty, and one female forty to fifty. I saw no family names around them that I recognized. According to the narrative, the family should have arrived in Sumter County in 1836. The Sumter County, Alabama, 1840 census does not show a Berry JARMAN, nor do indexes for North Carolina, Georgia, or Alabama for that year. [COMMENT-21] [COMMENT-22] A listing that is difficult to read, at least as to the first name begins "B" then has perhaps a "u" and four more humps then perhaps "ll". The last name is listed as HARMON. This household has one male between forty and fifty, three females under five, two females between five and ten, one female between fifteen and twenty, and one female between twenty and thirty. Next door to the family is Allin HARMON, and this is not a family I can place if the HARMON is really JARMAN. Berry and Mary JARMAN should be about 52 at that point according to the ages given on the 1850 and 1860 census. According to a compilation of other census records, Mary should have been born between 1784 and 1789, except for the 1820 census which would indicate a birth between 1795 and 1801. The "HARMON" family, besides being a forced spelling, does not have a female who should be Mary. Berry's date of birth is stated in the quoted article as being about 1784, and the range of 1784 to 1788 would include all census data. Berry and Mary appear in 1850 on the Sumter County, Alabama, Census at page 334 where the following information is given:

These are the children of Berry and Mary's daughter Nancy who married Elijah POOLE. One interesting aspect of the 1850 Sumter County census is found on page 306 where there is a Roxeanna E. JARMAN I cannot identify. The head of the household is Washington C. THREADGELL, 27, male, farmer, born Alabama. Shown next is Malinda A. J. THREADGELL, 33, female, North Carolina, Henry D. W. THREADGELL, 4, male, Alabama, Malinda A. E. THREADGELL, 2, female, Mississippi, Roxeanna E. JARMAN, 30, female, North Carolina, Thomas B. JARMAN, 1, male, Mississippi. The Roscky Ann JARMAN who is a daughter of Berry and Mary is already married and shown with her husband, John SPENCE in Sumter County in 1850. The Roxiana JARMAN who is a daughter of Thomas JARMAN who may be a brother of Berry is also married and shown on that census with her husband, William DRINKARD: William DRINKARD, 30, male, farmer, Alabama; Roxey, 22, female, North Carolina, Sarah E., 2, female, Alabama, and Mary S., 1 month old, Alabama. In 1860, Berry JARMAN, age 72, male, farmer, realty valued at $4,000, personalty valued at $25,000, born North Carolina, is shown on page 58 in the Mount Carmel section of Smith County, Texas. With him is Mary JARMAN, 72, female, born North Carolina; Asa HITT, 12, male, born Alabama; and Minerva POOL, 15, female, born Mississippi. Asa and Minerva were probably grandchildren, as set out below. The family remained in Sumter County, Alabama for a number of years, and some of the descendants of this family remained there when the Berryman JARMAN and John SPENCE families moved to Texas. Children of the marriage included the following:

John JARMAN, who according to census records, if he was the first born child, should have been born about 1805 to 1810. However, the 1810 census has an older male in the household, but I don't believe he was a son of Berry and Mary. He was born between 1794 and 1799, only about ten years after Berry.
Nancy JARMAN POOLE married Elijah POOLE, born about 1809 to 1811. In 1840, this family is living beside Roscky Ann JARMAN SPENCE and husband John SPENCE in Sumter County, Alabama. Elijah and Nancy are between thirty and forty, there is a boy between five and ten, a boy less than five who could be Joseph POOL shown living with Berry and Mary JARMAN in 1850, and a daughter between five and ten. While the ages don't match completely, I believe the children of this marriage are those who later lived with Berry and Mary JARMAN: Mary I. POOL, born about 1838 in Alabama; Joseph POOL, born about 1840; Elijah POOL, born about 1842, and Minerva POOL, born about 1844, and living with grandparents both in 1850 and in 1860. The 1860 census shows her place of birth as Mississippi while the 1850 census says Alabama. [COMMENT-23] [COMMENT-24]
Betsey JARMAN, born about 1810 to 1811.
Roxian (Also spelled Roscky and Roxey Ann) JARMAN SPENCE, who was born between 1810 and 1810, probably in 1812 in North Carolina and who married John SPENCE December 15, 1836, is more fully described on the SPENCE page.
Joseph JARMAN, born about 1814 in North Carolina, married Lucinda NULL of Monroe county, Alabama, October 15, 1840 in Sumter County Alabama. Lucinda was born about 1820 in Alabama. Their children were John J. JARMAN, born about 1841 in Alabama; Joseph M. JARMAN, Jr., born about 1843 in Alabama; Mary JARMAN (not with the family on the 1860 census); A. S. JARMAN, who may be the Susan JARMAN shown with the family in 1860, born about 1845 in Alabama; George M. JARMAN (not with the family on the 1860 census); Henry J. JARMAN, born about 1847 in Alabama; Arminta E. JARMAN (not with the family on the 1860 census); Matilda C. JARMAN (this could be "Catherine", born about 1851); Alicia J. JARMAN (not with the family on the 1860 census); Amelia H. JARMAN (not with the family on the 1860 census); Lucinda C. JARMAN (this could be "Catherine", born about 1851); Alfred Robert JARMAN, born about 1854 in Texas; Jesse F. JARMAN, born about 1857 in Texas; Frances P. JARMAN, a daughter born about 1859 in Texas; Elbert Milton JARMAN; and an unnamed baby. [COMMENT-25]
James JARMAN, born about 1815-1819, who is probably the James JARMAN shown on the Smith County, Texas, 1860 census at page 89 on "Tyler Beat". He shows to be born about 1817 in North Carolina, married to Elizabeth who was born about 1820 in Alabama, with one child, Sandiford, a male born about 1851 in Alabama. The most interesting thing about this listing is that it is only a few households from Abraham and Tabitha GORDON and Dovy and James POWELL. This may well be the missing link between the two families, since although Nancy LEWELLEN and John Thomas SPENCE were already married by this time, it shows how the two could have met, since John Thomas SPENCE's uncle James JARMAN and Nancy LEWELLEN's sisters, Tabitha GORDON and Dovy POWELL, were neighbors.
Alice JARMAN, born about 1815-1819.
Susan JARMAN HITT, born about 1820, married Charles HITT, of South Carolina, license issued August 22, 1839, in Sumter County, Alabama.
Martha JARMAN HITT, born about 1825 to 1830, married Henry J. HITT (License issued July 20, 1841, Sumter County, Alabama). A child of Susan or of Martha could be Asa HITT who is living with Berry JARMAN and wife Mary in 1860 in Smith County, Texas. There is a Henry HITT, 48, male, farmer, $1,000, $2,200, S.C. at household 464, sixteen households from Berry and Mary JARMAN in 1860 Smith County census. The wife is Frances, not Martha, born 44, S.C., and children are Milley, 21, female, Alabama; Newton, 20, male, Alabama; Benjamin, 18, male, Alabama; Sarah, 16, female, Alabama; and Alfred, 14, male, Alabama. Two families from this one are the Aswell HITT family with wife Rachel.
Mary JARMAN (TALMADGE?), born about 1825 to 1830. There is a Mary JARMAN who married Joel C. TALMADGE, license granted November 8, 1841 in Sumter County, Alabama, but it seems strange that the article on Joseph JARMAN did not state a husband for Mary if she ever married.
Thomas JARMAN, born about 1825, probably is the Thomas JARMAN who married Olive ALTMAN in Sumter County, Alabama (Book 2, page 15). This family is in Smith County, Texas, in 1860 close to Berry JARMAN and wife Mary WRENN . Shown are Thomas, age 35; Olive, age 29; Berryman, age 11; John, age 9; Ann, age 7; Amanda, age 5; William, age 3; and Mary, age 1.

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G.)   The Family of Mary (Polly) WRENN .

The biography of Joseph JARMAN [COMMENT-17] states that his mother's name, the wife of Berryman JARMAN, was "Mary, daughter of William WREN, or North Carolina." My study of the source records at this point would tend to confirm that Mary's maiden name was WRENN or WREN, but it would suggest the possibility that her father's name was James WRENN rather than William.

There is a will of a William WREN dated February 10, 1776 which was probated in January of 1789. This mentions his wife Katherine. The will was executed when he was entering the continental army. His wife is executrix, and the co-executor is Hull JONES. If Mary was 62 on the 1850 census, this would mean that if this William was her father, she was born within a year of his death. However, I believe the 1889 account was in error based on the information following leading to a conclusion that her father was James.

A Deed Abstract from Onslow County on February 3, 1816 showing that "Henry B. WRENN sold to George WHITE for 232 dollars and 50 cents, all his right, as an heir and as a purchaser, of the tracts of land belonging formerly to James WRENN, deceased. The land description is the old Manor plantation, The River and the Lingar plantation. "My share as an heir and that which I purchased of Berry JARMAN and wife and John STRANGE and wife, said wives being also heirs at law to said estate of James WRENN, making 3 shares of the whole estate."

Possible explanations of the deed alone would be that James WRENN was the father of the others or that James WRENN was an unmarried man whose property his brother and sisters inherited on his death. Other materials would indicate that James was the father of the grantors. At Deed book 8, page 4, Martha STRANGE and Polly JARMAN depose that they gave over by deed all their maiden lands to Henry WRENN voluntarily. At deed book 6, page 125, John STRANGE signs an instrument dealing with the disposition of his property in light of the fact that his wife, Martha, daughter of James WRENN doesn't want to live with him. Since the deed from Henry B. WRENN to George WHITE speaks of Martha STRANGE and Mary (Polly) JARMAN as being "also heirs at law to said estate" and doesn't show a grandparent/grandchild relationship between James WRENN and Mary or some other relationship at variance with that of Martha, daughter of James WRENN, it seems probable that Mary was also a daughter. Another probable sister would be Nancy "JARMON," wife of Moses JARMAN, who at book 11, page 119, also deeds a portion of the estate. An apparent listing of the children of James WRENN would be:
Henry B. WRENN;
Martha WRENN , wife of John STRANGE;
Nancy WRENN , wife of MOSES JARMAN; and
Mary (Polly) WRENN , wife of Berryman JARMAN.

Eleven households from Berry JARMAN and wife Mary (Polly) WRENN on the 1860 Smith County, Texas, census are the following: Thomas WRENN, 23, male, farmer, personalty worth 600, Tennessee; Ann, 24, Alabama; John, 3, Mississippi; Parthena, f, 1, born Texas, and Mariah, 38, f, Alabama. The next household shows: William WRENN, 38, m, farmer, $1,500, $800, Kentucky; Tate, 32, m, farm laborer, $100 personalty, Tennessee; Sarah, 24, f, Tennessee; Elizabeth, 21, f, Tennessee, James, 29, male, Tennessee, Jane, 24, f, Mississippi, and Margaret, 1, f, Texas. Both families also have men named ??? living with them.

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