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  1. The Ancestry of John Berryman, Immigrant.
  2. John BERRYMAN and wives Jane TUCKER and Jane BALDRIDGE.
  3. Capt. Benjamin BERRYMAN and wives Sarah BLAGDON and Elizabeth NEWTON.
  4. John NEWTON, Mariner, and his fourth wife, Rose ALLERTON(?).
  5. The ALLERTONS of the Mayflower.
  6. My Onslow County North Carolina BERRYMAN Line.
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The BERRYMAN line is a line of Isabella McKENDREE, wife of Thomas McCARLEY. Isabella McKENDREE McCARLEY's grandmother was Rosa Berryman TALIAFERRO, the wife of Capt. Joseph LOVING. She was named for her own grandmother, Rose BERRYMAN, the wife of Capt. Richard TALIAFERRO.

A.)  The Ancestry of John Berryman, Immigrant.

My greatest disappointment in coming back to genealogy after laying it aside for five or six years was that my pet theory, my favorite line, had perhaps gone out of favor. Neither line, so far as I know, is proven. The first, the one I loved, for reasons I'll explain, was through John BERYMAN of Berri.

John BERYMAN of Berri died January 16, 1588/9, and his will was probated April 21, 1592. He lived in the town of Berri which is in Devonshire in England. He had a sister who was married to a man whose surname was GLAWEN, and she was living in 1589. I know nothing further about his ancestry or family.

John married a woman named Eleanor who may have had the maiden name of Eleanor DARE and was the widow of a man named UPCOTT. They had at least two children. Joseph BERYMAN, the eldest son, was still a minor at his father's death in 1589, and he died before May 1, 1603. His brother John I believe to be the ancestor of Isabella McKENDREE.

That John BERYMAN of Berri married Elizabeth FULFORD. John was born between 1571 and 1582, was the sole surviving son of his father of the same name and took the family arms. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas FULFORD of Great Fulford. In response to the visitations of the County of Devon in 1620, John set out the nature and extent of his family. He told of the following children:

Ursula BERYMAN, baptized May 11, 1606, buried July 7, 1606 at Dunsford.
Thomas BERYMAN, baptized September 27, 1609, buried November 5, 1609, at Dunsford.
Elizabeth BERYMAN, baptized January 9, 1611/12 at Bovey Tracey; died an infant.
Ursula BERYMAN, born about 1613; married George PLUMLEIGH August 14, 1645 at Dunsford.
Anne BERYMAN, buried August 21, 1617 at Dunsford.
Elizabeth BERYMAN, baptized March 27, 1619 at Dunsford, living in 1620, aged 1 1/2.
Bridget BERYMAN, baptized February 24, 1621/2, buried June 28, 1622 at Dunsford.

This is the end of the list which was signed by J. BERYMAN in 1620 (listing his then two living children) and those that were identified by Lt. Col. VIVIAN from the Dunsford Parish Register and the Bovey Tracey Parish Register. Obviously, in looking through the list of children, it's difficult to find the father of the John BERRYMAN who came to America in 1654.

However, Willie Catherine IVEY and/or Charles TALIAFERRO state that John BERRI of Berri and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas FULFORD, were the grandparents of that John BERRYMAN.

A neat old line, yes? Just why was I so disappointed, though, to lose it for an equally old line as I'll explain shortly? Because of the simple statement that John BERYMAN of Berri married Elizabeth Fulford, daughter of Sir Thomas FULFORD of Great Fulford.

About seven miles southwest of Exeter, currently shown as Dunsford on the maps, is Great Fulford, the cite of the residence of the FULFORD family since before the Norman Invasion of England at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The family arms have changed since that time, since as the brotherless daughters of landed gentry married into the family, their crests were merged with that of the FULFORDS. The motto of the family is "Bear up." Writing in 1846, after mentioning that the FULFORDS had continued in possession of the same name, in the male line, by uninterrupted descent during a period of more than six hundred years, John BURKE said, "The mansion, which is a quadrangular pile of building, is still in good repair, though one of the most ancient in the west of England, standing in a park well diversified with fine timber, and with extensive woods and plantations around it. This house was garrisoned for CHARLES I, and was taken by a part of FAIRFAX's army under the command of Col. OKEY, in Dec. 1645."[COMMENT-1]

WILLIAM the Conqueror set up the system that gives us our first recorded mention of the FULFORDS of Great Fulford. That was the Domesday Book, a record of the combination census and appraisal that informed the king of the nature and extent of his dominion and who the landed subjects ready for his taxation were.

Before the most famous of the FULFORDS, Sir Baldwin FULFORD, there are two detailed genealogies, both rather impressive but quite disparate. BURKE and Westcote's DEVON describe the line thus:

It is at the point of Sir Baldwin that the two genealogies come together, but before that there is nothing in common. The 1620 Visitations of the County of Devon for the purpose of proving who had the right to titles and arms show that Andrew FULFORD signed a statement of the following pedigree:

So the lines are totally different except for the name of the father, but not the mother, of Sir Baldwin.

The Visitations show the children of Henry and WILLMOT as (1) Sir Baldwin FULFORD of Fulford, (2) William FULFORD, second son who was a priest, (3) and Katherine, a daughter who married first Ralph PRYE and second John GLYNN of Morvell.

Sir Baldwin FULFORD, who had the titles stated earlier, was described by PRINCE as "a great soldier and a traveller of so undaunted resolution, that, for the honour and liberty of a royal lady, in a castle besieged by the infidels, he fought a combat with a Sarazen; for bulk and bigness an unequal match, (as the representation of him cut in the wainscot in Fulford Hall doth plainly show,) whom yet he vanquished, and rescued the lady." Sir Baldwin married Elizabeth or Janet, daughter and co-heiress of John BOSOME of Bosomseal in Dittisham by wife Rosamond, daughter and heir of John St. GEORGE of Lapford.

They were the parents of nine children, of whom the oldest son and heir was

Others have taken the trip I've wished for years to take. The others are Marvin Berryman and Chris Klinedinst, and their pictures are under the titles "England-Berryman Search" and "The Great Fulford" here. Given free rein, I'd trace the family back to Charlemagne and beyond, but you can certainly see now why I'm disappointed that others believe this is not actually my line. I always knew of the weak link. But it was great fun.

However, I don't think that John BERYMAN of Berri married far from his class, so it may be I can find such links to the families married to his kinsmen who others now think constitute the correct line.

The second option for the line leading to John Berryman, Immigrant, based in large part as I understand it on Chris Klinedinst's research, is this:

The ancestors of William on the Berryman side, listed in parenthesis after his name in the message I posted before, were 1) Benjamin Berryman, b. 7 December 1670 in Westmoreland County, Virginia, m. Elizabeth ? bet. 1707-08 in Westmoreland County, d. bet. 4-27 August 1729 in Westmoreland County; 2) John Berryman, b. abt. 1617 in Tiverton, Devon, England, m. Elnor Slee and perhaps two other wives during his life (perhaps an Elizabeth and perhaps Jane Baldridge, both in America), d. bef. 28 April 1680 in Westmoreland County; 3) Daniell Berryman, b. in Tiverton, m. 26 July 1605 in Tiverton to Elizabeth Sparrowe; 4) Daniell Berryman, b. in Barnstaple, Devon, England.[COMMENT-3]

Chris Klinedinst states that his research, soon to be documented in book form, says this is correct is that John BERRYMAN was born in Iverton in 1617, the son of Daniel BERRYMAN (Jr.) but that he did not marry Elnor SLEE. Instead, she was his mother. Daniel (the father) was not born in Tiverton but Barnstaple. John's grandparents were Danyell BERRYMAN, born in Northam, and Elizabeth SPARROWE, of Barnstaple.

While I have every intention of learning more about the background for this lineage, I don't know it now.

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B.)  John BERRYMAN and wives Jane TUCKER and Jane BALDRIDGE.

John BERRYMAN was born in England and may have been the grandson of John BERYMAN or BERRI of Berri, County Devon, England, or he may have been the son of Daniel BERRYMAN and wife Elizabeth SPARROWE. Perhaps, too, his first wife's name was Elnor SLEE.

The will of John ELBRIDGE of St. Peters within the city of Bristol, England, written September 11, 1646, calls John BERRIMAN a merchant. John came from England to Accomack County, Virginia, in 1654, brought over by Major Miles CAREY. According to one source, he married Jane TUCKER about 1650. [COMMENT-4] Her first name could have been Rose rather than Jane, the Jane having been added because of confusion with the second wife's name of Jane BALDRIDGE. There was a Rose TUCKER who married a John BERRYMAN. She was the daughter of John TUCKER and wife Rose ALLERTON(?) [COMMENT-5] and was a minor at her father's death in 1671. There seem to have been two John BERRYMAN's in the area at the time, and this marriage seems improbable.

On March 5, 1656, John BERRYMAN was deeded property in York County, Virginia, from Owen MORRIS, and on October 5, 1663, he deeded it back to Owen MORRIS. On October 14, 1670, he and William HORTON and John PALMER acquired 400 acres in joint tenancy in Westmoreland County, Virginia, which he gave to his son Benjamin by will dated December 11, 1679. [COMMENT-6]

Presumably after the death of his first wife, John BERRYMAN married the former Jane BALDRIDGE. She was the daughter of James BALDRIDGE and wife Dorothy. James was sheriff of St. Mary's County, Maryland, in 1637. In 1651 he and Dorothy moved to Virginia, to Westmoreland County. His will is dated November 26, 1858 and was filed for probate January 10, 1659. Her will is dated November 2, 1662, and it was filed for probate March 11, 1662/3.

Their daughter Jane married four times. She married first Capt. Alexander BAYNEHAM who died by 1658. He was a Burgess (member of the state legislature) for Westmoreland County, Virginia, in 1653, and his name last appears in the records in 1658. She married second Thomas BUTLER, having married him by March 11, 1662/63 when she is mentioned in her mother's will. He died early in 1677/8, before February 27 when Jane, Widow of Thomas BUTLER, was granted administration of his estate. This marriage produced two sons, Joshua BUTLER and Thomas BUTLER, Jr., who were the ancestors of a line of BUTLERs in South Carolina. Her third husband was John BERRYMAN, whom she married as his second wife. He died by July 28, 1680. This couple had two possible sons: Benjamin BERRYMAN who will be described in the next section and John BERRYMAN who died about 1727. [COMMENT-7] After the death of John BERRYMAN, Jane married for the fourth time, this time to Joseph HARVEY. They married by October 26, 1681.

John BERRYMAN died in 1680 either before his son Benjamin was born or within a few months of his birth. His son Benjamin is the subject of the following section.

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C.)  Capt. Benjamin BERRYMAN and wives Sarah BLAGDON and Elizabeth NEWTON.

Benjamin BERRYMAN was born to John BERRYMAN and his second wife Jane BALDRIDGE about the time of the father's death in 1680. He held many offices in the Colony of Virginia, including Justice of the Peace in Westmoreland County, a post to which Queen Anne appointed him in 1703, and Sheriff of Westmoreland County, to which post Governor Alex SPOTTSWOOD appointed him in 1719. He was an attorney in Stafford and King George Counties. He was both a captain and a major, but most references in literature are to him as "Capt. Benjamin BERRYMAN." Augustine WASHINGTON, the father of George WASHINGTON, was a Justice of the Peace in Westmoreland County at the same time Benjamin was.

Benjamin BERRYMAN's first wife was Sarah BLAGDON, the daughter of John and Sarah BLAGDON. The mother, Sarah, was murdered before September 25, 1688, and William BOOTH who had married a daughter of John and Sarah BLAGDON was appointed guardian of young Sarah. She died before 1700. Gyl DALRYMPLE believes there were two children born to this marriage, being
Benjamin BERRYMAN, Jr., and
Elizabeth who later married William NEWTON, a grandson of the John NEWTON who was Benjamin BERRYMAN's second father-in-law.[COMMENT-8]

After Sarah's death, Benjamin BERRYMAN married the former Elizabeth NEWTON, daughter of John NEWTON and his fourth wife Rose ALLERTON(?). [COMMENT-9] The NEWTON family and the ALLERTON families are described in the following section of this chapter. Benjamin and Elizabeth had a number of children - one source says 22. If there were that many, a number of them are not now known. We do know of these:

James BERRYMAN, born about 1696.
Maximillian BERRYMAN, born about 1698
John BERRYMAN, born in 1700, married Behethland GILSON and died before he became of age, leaving an only son, Gilson BERRYMAN who died April 4, 1749. The given name of Behethland came from her ancestor, Captain Robert BEHETHLAND, who came to Virginia with John SMITH in 1607. Rose BERRYMAN TALIAFERRO named a daughter for her sister-in-law and the name was passed on in the TALIAFERRO family for several generations.
Newton BERRYMAN, born about 1702, died before he became of age.
Henry BERRYMAN, born about 1704, died before he became of age.
Rose BERRYMAN married Captain Richard TALIAFERRO and is discussed on the TALIAFERRO page.
Frances BERRYMAN, born about 1710, married George FOOTE December 3, 1731. Josie Reese is a genealogist researcing this line.
Anne BERRYMAN, born about 1712 in Westmoreland County, Virginia.
Elizabeth BERRYMAN, born about 1714.
Sarah BERRYMAN DOUGLAS, born about 1716, who married a DOUGLAS.
Catherine BERRYMAN KNOWLES, born about 1718, who married a KNOWLES, and
William BERRYMAN, born in 1720, will dated August 20, 1783, whose son was Newton BERRYMAN, 1753-1810.

Benjamin BERRYMAN died after writing his will August 4, 1729, and before it was submitted for probate on August 27, 1729 in Stafford, Virginia. Elizabeth's will, dated June 14, 1762, was probated February 22, 1763.

In 1994 when I put together information for a McCarley family reunion, I wrote this:

While I have disclaimed readiness for distributing all of my family history information in this booklet at this time, I feel most strongly that I am not ready on the BERRYMAN information. It is a confusing subject and if adequate research exists, that research has not come to my attention.

I still feel that way, maybe moreso now. The only line I'm less ready to talk about is my MEEKS line.

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D.)  John NEWTON, Mariner, and his fourth wife, Rose ALLERTON(?).

John NEWTON was born about 1639 at Kingston-Upon-Hull, Yorkshire, England. His father's name was Thomas NEWTON. It seems probable that this family moved to Hull from the county of Northumberland, a part of the NEWTONS of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and nearby Eltringham where the family was located from very early times.

Prior to emigrating to the colonies, John NEWTON lived at Anlaby, a village about three miles west of Hull. There he married three times, the third time at the age of thirty in 1669. Each of the three wives he married in England had one son. To the first marriage was born John NEWTON, Jr., who, after coming to Virginia, married Mary ALLERTON, daughter of Col. Isaac ALLERTON and his wife the former Elizabeth WILLOUGHBY. [COMMENT-10] To the second marriage of John NEWTON was born Joseph NEWTON who married Mrs. Sarah BUTLER by January, 1685/6. The third English marriage of John NEWTON was to the widow Elizabeth LAYCOCKE in 1669, and Benjamin NEWTON, the third son, was born about that same year, since he stated he was "aged 40 or thereabouts" on July 8, 1709. After Elizabeth died, John NEWTON came to the colonies, where his name appears in public records by 1672. He took up residence in Westmoreland County, Virginia, in late 1676 or early 1677. His last marriage occurred before March 16, 1676/7 in Virginia. There he married Rose, whose maiden name may have been ALLERTON. John NEWTON went back to England at some point before 1676/7 and brought all of his sons to the colonies.

Rose had been married before, first to John TUCKER, with whom she had a daughter Rose who married a John BERRYMAN and a daughter Sarah who married William FITZHUGH. Rose ALLERTON(?) married second Thomas GERRARD. With her second husband, she was the mother of a daughter.

John NEWTON and Rose were the parents of three children. Gerrard NEWTON was born about 1677, and was probably a minor when he married Rebecca before October, 1696. At that time his father gave them a gift of 500 acres. Elizabeth NEWTON married Benjamin BERRYMAN and is described in the preceding section. The last child born to John NEWTON and wife Rose was Thomas NEWTON, born probably in the first half of 1678. Thomas NEWTON married Elizabeth STARK or STORKE, a descendant of Capt. Robert BEHETHLAND.

John NEWTON was a Justice of the Peace for Westmoreland County, had a great deal of property in Virginia and in England, and owned two gist mills.

The will of John NEWTON "of Lower Machodack", in perfect health, dated August 19, 1695, was modified by a first codicil on December 21, 1696 and by a second undated codicil. They were proved in probate July 28, 1697. [COMMENT-11] Rose lived past her eightieth year when, on July 8, 1709, she gave a deposition about her husband for the benefit of one of her stepsons proving ownership to land in England. She died between making her will on December 1, 1712 and it's being proven on January 28, 1712/3.

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E.)  The ALLERTONS of the Mayflower.

The assertion is made in The TUCKER Genealogy that Rose, the fourth wife of John NEWTON, was an ALLERTON, of the family of Isaac ALLERTON of the Mayflower. While there were certainly close relationships between the ALLERTON family and the NEWTON family, including the marriage of John NEWTON's oldest son, John NEWTON, Jr., to Mary ALLERTON, I am aware of no proof that Rose was an ALLERTON. However, since it's an interesting theory and an impressive family to tie into, I'll set out a short history of the ALLERTON family through the year of Rose's birth, about 1629.

Isaac ALLERTON was a tailor from London, who married Mary NORRIS, or perhaps Mary COLLINS, on November 4, 1611. His sister Sarah married Degory PRIEST at the same date and place. The parents of Isaac and Sarah may be Edward ALLERTON and Rose DAVIS who married at St. Dionis, Backchurch, London, on February 14, 1579/80. Both Isaac ALLERTON and PRIEST were freemen, a distinction among the Pilgrims of the Mayflower that they shared only with the later Governor of the Colony, William BRADFORD. Isaac ALLERTON, his wife Mary, and his son Bartholomew and daughters Remember and Mary were on the Mayflower in 1620. There was a sailor on the Mayflower named John ALLERTON who intended to settle in the new colony, but he died before the ship made the return voyage. His relationship to the others is not clear. Mary, Mrs. Isaac ALLERTON, died February 25, 1621.

About 1626, Isaac married his second wife, Fear BREWSTER, daughter of Elder William BREWSTER. Fear died at Plymouth on December 12, 1634. They were the parents of Col. Isaac ALLERTON, born about 1630, who after his mother's death was raised by his paternal grandfather. It was this Isaac ALLERTON who lived next to John NEWTON.

Until the death of Fear in December of 1634, the events of Isaac ALLERTON's life in America are well documented, and no other children were born. He left the Bay Colony after a rift developed between him and the leadership of the Colony, had a wife named Johanna in 1644, settled in New Havens and traded with the Dutch of New Amsterdam.

The children of Isaac ALLERTON were:

Bartholomew who was born in Holland about 1612, who came with his family to Plymouth, where he still was in 1627, but returned soon after to England, where, according to Bradford, he married and continued to live.
Remember, a daughter, living in Plymouth in 1627 and not heard of after.
Mary, born in 1616, married Elder Thomas CUSHMAN of Plymouth. She died in 1699, the last survivor of the Mayflower pilgrims.
Sarah was another daughter who did not come on the Mayflower but came later with her aunt, Mrs. CUTHBERTSON, in 1623. She MARRIED MOSES MAVERICK and had children.
Isaac, born about 1630, who graduated from Harvard in the seventh graduating class and who settled in Virginia beside the NEWTONs.

The most promising part of this for finding a line for Rose appears to be the son Bartholomew who, according to Gov. William Bradford, married after returning to England. There were fairly frequent passages across the ocean, considering the circumstance. The Isaac ALLERTON who under this theory would be Rose' grandfather (and whose mother's name was Rose) returned to England at least five times.

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F.)  My Onslow County North Carolina BERRYMAN Line.

I've set out only one of my BERRYMAN lines on this page. The ancestors of my fourth-great grandfather Berryman JARMAN are set out on the JARMAN page. If you're looking for the following people named BERRYMAN, please choose this link:

  • Anne Berryman
  • Augustin Berryman
  • Benjamin Berryman
  • Charity Berryman
  • Christopher Berryman
  • Edward Berryman
  • Fanny Berryman
  • Gilson Berryman
  • Henry Berryman
  • James Berryman
  • John Berryman
  • Joseph Berryman
  • Maximillian Berryman
  • Newton Berryman
  • Priscilla Berryman
  • Rebeckah Berryman
  • Robert Berryman
  • William Berryman

Since I've substantially digressed since I last talked about how this family ties into later ancestors, I'll remind you the line picks up with the marriage of Rose BERRYMAN, daughter of Benjamin BERRYMAN, to Captain Richard TALIAFERRO.

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