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  1. Samuel STURGEON and the STURGEON Line in America.
  2. John Cooper STURGEON and wife Elizabeth HARKNESS
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The STURGEON line is through my father, Sam Rhapherd BREEDLOVE, whose grandmother was Maryetta (Mamie) McCARLEY, wife of Samuel Paisley RICHARDS. Her paternal grandmother was Margaret STURGEON wife of Thomas M. McCARLEY. This is the story of her parents and the STURGEON line before then.

A.)   Samuel STURGEON and the STURGEON Line in America.

Genealogists have two theories concerning the parents of John Cooper STURGEON. Both seem to agree his parents were probably John Sturgeon and wife Rachel of North Carolina. The problem is that he was not named in John's will; the only children named were Robert, Mary and Letticia. Another possible son was Henry who died prior John's drafing his will.

Even if John STUREGON and Rachel were his parents, though, there is lively discussion about the lineage further back, at least three distinct positions including one that goes through a woman in the STURGEON line. Not having done any of the research, or even looked at it directly, I'm going to bow out of that discussion and leave you with these links: Loretta Beasley's Web Site listing descendants of Samuel STURGEON and The Sturgeon Genforum Messages. . Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages: Sturgeon and Allied families of Warren Co Kentucky

#.)   John Cooper STURGEON and wife Elizabeth HARKNESS STURGEON.

The parents of Margarett STURGEON McCARLEY, wife of Thomas M. McCARLEY, were John Cooper STURGEON, born September 22, 1777, in Mecklenberg, North Carolina, and his wife Elizabeth HARKNESS STURGEON. They were married January 8, 1805, and lived in Lincoln County, Tennessee before moving to Lauderdale County, Alabama. John was a farmer and died in lauderdale County December 10, 1867, buried in Sturgeon Cemetery. Elizabeth was born January 18, 1784 and died August, 23, 1846, the daughter of George HARKNESS and Mary SHARP. The HARKNESS and SHARPE lines are described separately.

The marriage bond indicates the names the couple were called. Issued January 8, 1805, in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, the intention of "Cooper Sturgeon" to marry "Betsey Heartress" is secured by John Sturgeon and Robert Campbell, bondsmen. Family tradition reported by a great granddaughter of the couple, Verna Belue, indicates he drive a freight wagon from North Carolina to Georgia where he met and married Elizabeth. As shown in the information concerning Elizabeth's family recited on the Harkness page, her family was well established in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina by that time, but the story does probably contain some truth as to an early occupation of druving a freight wagon. Other bits and pieces give glimpses of their life. While it's not known precisely when the young family came to Lauderdale County, Alabama, it is known Elizabeth brought a chir in which to sit during that trip. They also brought a variety of apple tree with them which became known as the Sutrgeon Apple. They settled about a mile southwest of the community of Grassy , Alabama, on Highway 49 on the west branck of Anderson Creek which flows through that property.

The great granddaughter Verna Belue (daughter of Asa BELUE and wife Mary Margaret HOWARD and granddaughter of Jason HOWARD and wife Nancy G. STURGEON)recalled:

Aunt Caroline Sutrgeon was grandma Howard's sister. She never married and lived with great-granddaddy Sutrgeon after great-grandmother Sturgeon died on August 20, 1846. Great-granddaddy Sturgeon fell into the fire and ws burned so badly that he died. Aunt Caroline lived and died by herself after his death. She was carding wool one night and fell dead.

The Probate Minutes of Lauderdale County, Alabama, reflect at Book F, Page 479 as follows:
State of Alabama
Lauderdale County
April 12, 1880
Estate of John C. Sturgeon
This being the day set for the final settlement of the Estate of John C. Sturgeon, comes now the administrator and Thomas B. COCHRAN, guardian ad litem for the minor heirs of George STURGEON who has filed his acceptance in writing and denied in writing the correctness of the account herebefore filed: and it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that publication of the day character of settlement and names of administrator and intestate have been made for three consecutive weeks in the Lauderdale News, a newspaper published in the County and no one appearing (except the guardian ad litem) to contest the account and the same appearing to the satisfaction of the Court to be reasonable and correct, it is ordered and decreed that it be allowed and passed. From said account it appears that the administrator has received of assets of the estate the sum of $205.00 and has justly expended in its administration, the sum of $89.10 leaving for distribution the sum of $116.50 which sum according to the affidavit of the administrator filed with the account and giving as fully as he could, the names of the heirs, is to be divided and distributed into ten parts, as follows:

It is ordered and decreed that Jemima H. McGuire was entitled to $11.65 and that the administrator exhibiting her receipt for $10.00, that there is due her $1.65 for which execution may issue. Elvira Mitchell was entitled to $11.65 and the administrator exhibiting her receipt for $10.15 there is now due her $1.50 for which execution may issue. Mary Stone was entitled to $11.65 and the administrator exhibited her receipt for $10.00, there is now due her $1.65 for which execution may issue.

Nancy G. HOWARD is entitled to $11.65.

Rachel SHELTON is entitled to $11.65.

John M.(?) STURGEON is entitled to $11.65.

Matilda ROTREMBLE is entitled to $11.65.

Margaret McCARLEY is entitled to $11.65.

Nancy G. Howard is entitled to $11.65

for which sums those entitle may issue.

John GUTHRIE is entitled to $2.91.

James Guthrie is entitled to $2.91

for which in favor of each execution may issue.

Two girls whose names are not known but who are also heirs of Jane GUTHRIE are entitled to $2.91 for whiich when the names of the said distributees are ascertained execution may issue.

Thomas B. COCHRAN as guardian ad litem for the minor heirs of George STURGEON is entitled to $1.94. Joseph STURGEON is entitled to $1.94. Clay STURGEON is entitled to $1.94. Frank Sturgeon is entitled to $1.94.

It is finally decreed and ordered that the administrator, upon fully satisfying the amounts found to be due by this decree, is therefore discharged.
W. J. WOOD, Judge of Probate

Another paper in the estate gives the following information as to the residence of the heirs at the time of the probate. While the copy I have at least is not dated, it is before April of 1880 when Jemima had died. She was alive and signed a receipt January 3, 1880. In this pleading, Jemima H. McGuire, Elvira Mitchell, Mary Stone, and Nancy Howard lived in Lauderdale County, Alabama. Rachel Shelton lived in Sumpter County, Alabama, John Sturgeon lived in Missouri, Matilda Rotiamble lived in Arkansas, and the heirs of Elias Sturgeon lived in MIssouri and California. :

John and Elizabeth STURGEON had eleven children, nine girls and two boys.

Elias STURGEON born in North Carolina October 25, 1805, married Sabury KENNAMORE and migrated to Missouri. The couple had one child, Elias T. Clay STURGEON.
Mary Adeline STURGEON STONE, born November 11, 1807, in North Carolina, married Thomas STONE March 20, 1833. She died February 4, 1885.
Rachel Cynthia STURGEON SHELTON, born July 23, 1810, in North Carolina, who married Robert Roan SHELTON February 21, 1840. She died April 9, 1891, and was buried in Sumpter County, Alabama
Eliza Caroline STURGEON was born June 14, 1813, in North Carolina and never married. She died April 9, 1891 and is buried in the Sturgeon Cemetery in Lauderdale County, Alabama.
Margarette A. STURGEON McCARLEY was born July 8, 1814, and married Thomas M. McCarley December 30, 1830. She died in 1886. It is through Margarette my line continues on the McCARLEY page.
Martha Matilda STURGEON BELEW ROTREMBLE was born in October of 1816 and married Hosea BELEW December 15, 1835 and a man with a name resembling ROTREMBLE before 1880.
Jane STURGEON GUTHRIE was born October 23, 1818 and married William G. GUTHRIE May 7, 1835. She died, leaving four children before 1880.
Elvira STURGEON MITCHELL ws born in Tennessee October 12, 1820 and married William C. MITCHELL in 1841 in Laurderdale County. She died in December of 1877 in Sumpter County, Alabama.
Nancy G. STURGEON HOWARD was born November 15, 1822 and married Irvine Jason HOWARD October 10, 1843. She died July 11, 1852 and is buried in the Sturgeon Cemetery in Lauderdale County, Alabama.
Jemima H. STURGEON McGUIRE ws born November 3, 1824, in Alabama married John W. McGUIRE July 11, 1852.
John N. STURGEON, born August 22, 1827, in Lauderdale County, Alabama, married Ursula Jane HOWARD July 23, 1848 and died in Dent County, Missouri, in 1880.

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