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  1. The McCARLEY Line in America.
  2. Moses McCARLEY and wife Ruth of Berkeley County, South Carolina.
  3. Abraham McCARLEY and wife Wineford.
  4. Thomas T. McCARLEY and wife.
  5. Thomas M. McCARLEY and wife Margarette STURGEON.
  6. Thomas Samuel McCARLEY and wives Isabella McKENDREE and Molly.
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The McCARLEY line is through my father, Sam Rhapherd BREEDLOVE, whose grandmother was Maryetta (Mamie) McCARLEY, wife of Samuel Paisley RICHARDS. This is the story of her parents and the McCARLEY line before then.

A.)   The McCARLEY Line in America.

The earliest known person named McCARLEY in America was Moses McCARLEY. In 1729, Moses McCARLEY landed at New Castle, Delaware, with others from Northern Ireland under the leadership of Hance HAMILTON. By 1739, Moses was at Manor of Maske, located on Marsh Creek in what is now Adams County, Pennsylvania. With him were the others who had come with Hance HAMILTON. The agent of the record holder of the property came after 1741 to drive away these Squatters or make them pay for the use of the land of the rocky hills.

Moses and his compatriots were the first to resist the tea tax and among the first the hail the Revolution. They formed McPHERSON's Battalion in 1775.

While it would make a neat story to tell you this Moses McCARLEY and the Moses McCARLEY of Berkeley County, South Carolina, were one and the same, there is evidence that would refute that, especially that the Moses McCARLEY in Pennsylvania is shown as a land-owner after the death of the Moses McCARLEY of South Carolina. However, it is not unrealistic to believe that the two were closely related. Perhaps the father of the Moses McCARLEY of South Carolina was John McCARLEY who was buried February 17, 1758 at St. Andrews Parish, later Berkley County, South Carolina, and he may have been related to Andrew McCARLEY who married Dorcus DALTON, Spinster, August 15, 1753, as recorded by Col. Isaac HAYNE of St. Bartholomew Parish, South Carolina.

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B.)   Moses McCARLEY and wife Ruth of Berkeley County, South Carolina.

Moses McCARLEY of Berkeley County, South Carolina, appeared in the deed records of that county by April 28, 1768. At that date he was about sixty years old. At the age of seventy seven, he wrote his will, mentioning his three sons David, Abraham, and James; a minor grandson Thomas, son of Abraham; two daughters, Elizabeth CAVIN and Jean HEDDLESTON; and his wife Ruthe.

I, Moses McCARLEY of District 96 being now 77 years of age although in perfect health and sound of memory but calling to mind the mortality of man that all must Die Therefore I have thought proper to make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following that is to say first my will and Desire is that my Just Debts be first payd and as for the rest of my Estate I give and Bequeathe as followeth:
Item: I give and Bequeathe unto my son David McCARLEY one hundred acres of Land wheron I now live with the improvements theron which said land I give to him his heirs and assigns forever on his the said David McCARLEY paying five pounds Virginia currency in trade to my son Abraham McCARLEY and also pay to my grandson Thomas McCARLEY ten pounds like money in trade to be payed to the said Thomas McCARLEY which is son of Abraham McCARLEY whin he the said Thomas shall come of age.
Item: I give and Bequeathe to my Daughter Elizabeth Calvin the feather bed and furniture thereof to belonging which I and my wife now lies on together with what puter i possess to be her wright and property after the death of my wife.
Item: I give and Bequeath to my Daughter Jean Heddleston Three pounds Virginia Currency to be payed out of my Estate in trade.
Item: I give and Bequeath to my son James McCARTHY (sic) Three pounds Virginia money to be raised out of my Estate and payed in trade.
Item: And all the rest and Residue of my Estate I give and bequeath to my loving wife Ruth McCARLEY and her assigns for her lifetime then to her heirs
heretofore I set my hand this 21 Day of June 1785...Moses McCARLEY
Witnesses. John FORD; Samuel FORD; Spence FORD
Proved in June Court 1787 by the witnesses. Recorded 10 Sept. 1787 (Book A, pp. 245-246, No. 77)

The fact Moses's will was witnessed by three people named FORD would be an indication that might very well be the family name of Ruth, and these could well be her brothers.

The children of Moses and Ruth McCARLEY were:

Abraham McCARLEY, born 1755 in South Carolina, died 1820 in Maury County, Tennessee. Abraham and his wife Wineford are described more fully in the next section.
David McCarley who married Ursulla. This family including descendants are described in great detail in by Jane BERRY McAFEE in The McCARLEY Memories (Farmersville, Texas 1980).
Elizabeth McCARLEY whose married name was CALVIN,
Jean McCARLEY whose married name was HUDDLESTON, and

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C.)   Abraham McCARLEY and wife Wineford.

Abraham McCARLEY, son of Moses and Ruth McCARLEY married a woman named Wineford. Hopefully someday this entry will be fleshed out with details of their lives, but in the meantime I'm assuming from other people's research that their children were:

Ezekiel McCARLEY who married Margaret LANGSTON on April 14, 1808, in Williamson County, Tennessee,
Thomas T. McCARLEY born 1778 and through whom the line will be traced in later sections,
Jesse McCARLEY, born 1779,
Ruth McCARLEY, born 1779
Joseph McCARLEY, born 1780, died 1843 in Morgan County, Illinois, and
Abraham McCARLEY, born 1782.

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D.)   Thomas T. McCARLEY and wife.

Thomas T. McCARLEY, son of Abraham McCARLEY and Wineford, was born in 1778. He lived in Lauderdale County, Alabama in 1840 where the census shows T. T. McCARLEY, one female child between 5 and 10 years of age, and a woman between 50 and 60. Again, hopefully the details will be supplied later, as well as proof that the following actually are the children of Thomas T. McCARLEY and his wife:

Abraham McCARLEY, born 1795,
Thomas M. McCARLEY, born May 9, 1809, in Tennessee, died September 11, 1837, in Lauderdale County, Alabama. The line is continued through this ancestor.
Russell McCARLEY, born in Kentucky, died November 1838 in Lauderdale County, Alabama.
Winifred McCARLEY who married James WILLIAMS February 3, 1820, in Lauderdale County, Alabama,
Robert Rankin McCARLEY, born 1813 in Tennessee, died between 1880 and 1900 in Marion County, Alabama, and
Samuel C. McCARLEY, born 1802 in Tennessee.

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E.)   Thomas M. McCARLEY and wife Margarette STURGEON.

Thomas M. McCARLEY, son of Thomas T. McCARLEY, was born May 9, 1809 in Tennessee, and died September 11, 1837 in Lauderdale County, Alabama. He married Margarette A. STURGEON December 30, 1830, daughter of John STURGEON and Elizabeth HARKNESS whose families are described other sections. Margarette was born 1813 in North Carolina and died 1886. The family, along with other members of the McCARLEY and STURGEON families lived in Lauderdale County, Alabama.

At Thomas' death at the age of 28, the family was young, and the probate papers, though he died without a will, give a clear picture of their family life.

The appointment of Samuel C. McCARLEY (his brother) as Administrator of the estate was signed September 23, 1839, and in the days and weeks to follow the Administrator paid bills, collected debts and inventoried the property.

Received of S. C. McCarley fifteen dollars for ten barrells of corn for Marget A. McCarley this Aprile the 7th 1840

Mr. S. C. McCarley pledge to pay Gibson Luttnell thirty four dollars and 56 cents and oblige me the June the 18th 1840.

It would appear somebody named Seaborne Lytrell was an employee working the property of the estate. The spelling in the following certainly has an i as the first vowel, but spelling elsewhere makes more sense. I have no idea what the vial of drops costing 13 cents was, but I'm guessing that was a brand name. The spelling is a best guess situation. I'm pretty sure of the reading of the numbers, which means the estate was overcharged five cents because of a math error.

Sam C. McCarley
Mrs. Margaret A. McCarley          To J. M. David & Co.
Mch 24

1 pr Shoes
2 oz. Indigo


$  2.25
Augst 211 Vial Batemems Drops.13
Spt 16
1 pr Shoes
1 Bottle Castor Oil

Amount of Seaborn Litterells a/c to 11 Sptr 1841$ 5.01
Octr 1st 1841 By Amt Chgd to S. C. McCarley$15.26
J. M. Davis & Co.

From March 5, 1840, through April 1, 1841, Margarette paid William Butler a total of $.69 for ten and a half bushels of seed oats, and 2/3 then one and a half bushels of sweet potatoes.

Thompson Hannah, Blacksmith, was paid a total of $3.48¾ from March 13, 1840 through September 21 for work including several times sharping a plough.

The money spent by/for Margarette during the period was

In summary, Samuel McCarley reported having paid the following debts:

October 12 1840 & 1841
The Receipt & Accounts
of Margaret A. McCarley

No. 1Joshua Days Receipt for Port 1841$    14.41  
No. 2Sebourn Lytrell by Joshua Lay Rect.15.00  
No. 3Receipt for port in 18405.46  
No. 4Margaret A. McCarley order 184034.56  
No. 5Elijah Lytrell Receipt for work 18402.00  
No. 6Robert R. McCarley Receipt for corn 184015.00  
No. 7John M. Davis & Co. Receipt 18414.36  
No. 8Thompson Hannah Receipt Blacksmith 18403.43¾
No. 9                                                      18415.62½
No.10Wm. Butlers Receipt for 1840 & 18414.69  
No.11John M. Davis & Co. Receipt 18407.13  
John M. Daivs & Co. Receipt 1841 M. A. McCarley
                                      Sebourn Lytrell
No.13Samuel C. McCarley Acct.35.63  
No.14   17.50  

In 1880, Margarette was living in Lawrence County, Alabama, with her son J. N. McCARLEY and his family and Frank McCARLEY the son of Thomas McCARLEY and wife Isabella McKENDREE. She was then 65.

It may be that the Lawrence County 1870 census is lost. Check that possibilitiy.

J. N. McCARLEY was the oldest, born about 1832 in Alabama. His wife's name was Eliza E. J. N. McCARLEY, and the family is found on the Lawrence County, Alabama, census in 1860 and in 1880, but I have not located the family in 1870. In 1860 his occupation is merchant, and he and Eliza live with J. W. J. CARTER. In 1880, he is a farmer, and his mother and nephew Frank are living with the family. While it is possible that this was the Uncle James that Mamie McCARLEY RICHARDS remembered, I would guess that his brother, J. L. McCARLEY, was James. Since Mamie and her brother Mark kept in much closer contact than did Mamie and her brother Frank, and since Mark is shown with J. L. McCARLEY in 1880 and Frank is shown with J. N., it seems probable that J. L. was the uncle that Mamie would have remembered and named as an uncle with whom she lived. Both J. N. McCARLEY and J. L. McCARLEY lived in Alabama, consistent with Mamie's memories. Children of J. N. McCARLEY and wife Eliza include the following: Thomas McCARLEY, born about 1861, and Sarah McCARLEY, born about 1864.

Robert C. (Bob) McCARLEY, was born about 1833 in Alabama. He lived in Prairie County, Arkansas, from 1860 until his death in 1892. He married twice, his first wife being named Elizabeth and his second Matilda C. He was a merchant, quite possibly in partnership with his brother Thomas, in 1860. In 1870 he was a widower, living with his son in the home of P. H. HALEY, employed as a bookkeeper. On the 1880 census, his niece Mamie McCARLEY is living with Robert, his second wife, and the two children. His will, dated January 26, 1888, was filed for probate on December 19, 1892. He left five dollars to his son, ten dollars to his daughter, and the balance of his estate to his widow. Robert and his first wife Elizabeth were the parents of Albert McCARLEY, born about 1861, in Arkansas. With his second wife, he was the father of Annie Lula McCARLEY, born about 1879 in Arkansas.

J. L. (James ?) McCARLEY, was born about 1835 in Alabama. His wife's name was Lucy A. In 1880 he is farming in Lawrence County, Alabama. His daughter, Hattie R. McCARLEY, was born the previous year. Living with the family is Mark McCARLEY, his nephew, the son of Thomas McCARLEY. Mark's obituary shows that he lived in Lauderdale County, Alabama, throughout his youth. Lawrence and Lauderdale Counties adjoin and are in the northwest corner of Alabama. Mamie McCARLEY RICHARDS is also supposed to have lived with this family, although she's with Robert in 1880.

Thomas Samuel McCARLEY, the youngest son, is the subject of the following section.

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F.)   Thomas Samuel McCARLEY and wives Isabella McKENDREE and Molly.

Thomas McCARLEY was born September 1, 1839, in Alabama. His father's name is not known at this time, but his mother's given name was Margarette A. On May 28, 1960, Thomas married Isabella (Belle) McKENDREE, the daughter of John A. McKENDREE and his wife Isabella LOVING. Isabella was born April 2, 1838, in Tennessee, possibly at La Grange in Fayette County. The spelling of her name may have been IsaBella since this is the way her son John Belle McCARLEY always wrote it. Although he knew little about his family because of the early separation, he knew they were Scotch-Irish, typical blue eyed, stocky build, conservative, with a wonderful sense of humor.

In 1860, very shortly after their marriage, the couple is shown on the Prairie County, Arkansas, census record. In the White River Township are found Thomas McCARLEY, age 21, male, by occupation a merchant, owning real property worth $200 and personal property worth $8,000, and born in Alabama. The second person in the household is Belle, age 18, female, occupation laborer, born in Tennessee. Next door to this couple is R. C. McCARLEY, age 27, male, merchant, real property valued at $200, personalty valued at $8,000, born in Alabama, and Elizabeth, age 27, female, laborer, born in Alabama. This is Robert McCARLEY, brother of Thomas, and his first wife. Also shown on the same census is the family of J. C. McKENDREE who is shown to be age 56, a farmer, realty and personalty each valued at $12,000, and born in Virginia. This is John A. McKENDREE, Isabella's father.

Thomas McCARLEY was a prosperous merchant, having a store in Des Arc, Arkansas. Family tradition reports that Thomas moved to Prairie County for his health. He was a Presbyterian, but his wife, with a strong tradition in the Methodist Church, including being the granddaughter of a Methodist Minister (James A. McKENDREE) and a grand niece of William McKENDREE, the first American born Methodist bishop, remained a member of the Methodist church all her life.

The family lived and the children were born two and a half miles from Des Arc, Prairie County, Arkansas. Thomas and Isabella were the parents of five children:

Maggie Belle McCARLEY was born May 14, 1863. On October 26, 1880, in Guitman, Arkansas, she married a Methodist minister, Homer JAMESON, who may have taught school in Harbin, Erath County, Texas. They were married by Rev. W. C. CONLEY. Her sister Mamie came to visit her in Erath County and met Samuel Paisley RICHARDS, whom she married. Maggie and Homer raised her brother John Belle McCARLEY and a niece of Homer's, Mary, who married Zora B. PIRTLE who was also a Methodist minister. The couple had one or two children, but they didn't live. Maggie died in childbirth February 14, 1898.
Frank McCARLEY was born September 6, 1865. In 1880, he was in Lawrence County, Alabama with J. N. McCARLEY, shown to be a nephew. Since the family was raised by different relatives, his brothers and sisters didn't known where he was for some time. Mark found him and Mark's obituary in 1931 shows him to live in Alabama, but Thelma McCARLEY BERRY's information is that he died in 1926. At this time little else is known about him.
Marcus (Mark) McCARLEY was born October 23, 1868. He grew up in Florence, Lauderdale County, Alabama, and was educated in the schools there. He married Elma BLANKS at Sherwood, Texas, January 15, 1899. They never had children. The couple lived in San Angelo, Tom Green County, Texas, where he had a garage business. According to the San Angelo city directories, his occupation in 1917 was Auto tires' in 1918-19, Gates Half Sole Tires; in 1921, Gates Super Tread Tires; in 1925, Automobile Supplies, Tires & Tubes, Tops, Gas and Oils; in 1929-30 he is a partner in a real estate business with L. E. ARMER; and in 1931 he is listed as individually in real estate. His obituary describes him as a local realtor.

Mark gave his brother-in-law S. P. RICHARDS a car, but RICHARDS never learned to drive it because it didn't Gee and Haw and Whoa correctly. His niece Mary Ruth RICHARDS WILSON remembers Mark looked like Santa Claus and was always immaculately dressed. He wore a Hambray and had no lap. His wife was tall and austere and wore smoked pearls. In 1880 he is in Lawrence County, Alabama with J. L. McCARLEY, his uncle. According to his obituary, he moved to Texas about 1895 and to San Angelo about 1897. In 1900 he is shown on the census in Cisco, Eastland County, Texas. He was a member of the Elks, the Knights of Pythias, the San Angelo Club, and the Country Club. He died July 16, 1931, two miles south of Christoval, Tom Green County, Texas and is buried at Fairmount Cemetery in San Angelo. He died of heart problems while returning from a fishing trip with other men. The car in which he was riding was disabled and being pushed by another car in the group. The obituary shows eight active and seventeen honorary pallbearers and states that he was survived by his widow, his brothers Frank McCARLEY of Alabama, and J. B. McCARLEY of Turkey, Texas, his half brother Tom McCARLEY of Fresno, California, and his sister Mrs. S. P. RICHARDS of Dublin, Texas.
Maryetta (Mamie) McCARLEY was born March 8, 1872. She married Samuel Paisley RICHARDS December 17, 1890. They lived in Erath County, Texas, in the Cottonwood community near Dublin, and they are more fully described on the RICHARDS page.
John Belle McCARLEY was born March 17, 1873. His mother died when he was six weeks old, probably of milk fever. He was raised in Erath County, Texas, by his older sister Maggie and her husband Homer JAMESON, perhaps beginning about the time he was nine years old since he always said he had made his way in the world from the time he was nine years old. Maggie and Homer brought him to Texas and raised him as their own. He married frances Harris (Fannie) COLLIER February 13, 1894, at Dublin, Erath County, Texas. In 1900 the family is listed in erath County at Dublin where his occupation is shown to be piano agent. In addition to pianos, he sold organs until 1902. In 1905 John Belle McCARLEY was called to the ministry, a call he accepted despite his limited third-grade education and being the father of three. His daughter, Thelma McCARLEY BERRY wrote:
Mama had taught school a bit and when Dad 'decided to preach' they lived in Baird [Callahan County, Texas] in 1905. Mama was skeptical - but he knew he could with Mama's help, so he joined the Northwest Texas Conference in 1905 and was assigned to the Central Texas Conference at Waelder [Gonzales County], Texas, a church established in 1885. That's where I was born July 17, 1906 at 6:00 P.M. We lived in Waelder until 1907. Dad rejoined the Northwest Texas Conference and completed the requirements to preach at Southwestern University at Georgetown. Then he was appointed to be at Paducah [Cottle County, Texas], so we moved there when I was eighteen months old. At Paducah 'gyp' water was seventy five cents a barrel. On Saturdays, Daddy would put a #2 tub by the Kitchen Stove and they bathed me (the baby) first and so on until Dad got the last bath - all with the same water. We were in Paducah from 1907 to 1910. That's where I saw Halley's Comet in 1910 - very spectacular!

Dad was appointed to Aspermont 1910-11, where he was friends with Burk BURNETT. The rancher gave him cowboy boots and a Stetson hat. He liked that!

Dad was appointed Business Manager of Stamford College [Stamford, Jones County, Texas] from 1912 to 1913. Wilson and Ina Belle were in the High School Academy that was a part of the college. I was six years old and in Kindergarten, also part of the College.

Mama was quite ill and was in the Stamford hospital a lot for several operations. We lived three months at Matador where Dad was appointed pastor, but Mama was ill so much Dad had to leave the ministry to pay the medical bills and to live daily and to educate the children.

We went into business in Paducah where he had a big hardware and furniture store. Mama's health got critical, so the Christmas of 1914 she was in St. Joseph's Hospital in Fort Worth where she had five major operations under Dr. Bacon SAUNDERS, a good surgeon. Aunt Lucy RUSSELL's (Mama's baby sister) family stayed with us until about February, til Mama could come home. Of course, we had to have help for a long time. Dad hired Mrs. GWINN from Fort Worth for a while, and later there was a colored man named Gilbert who did the chores.

As Mama got stronger Dad re-entered the ministry, being appointed to Miami [Roberts County], Texas from 1915 to 1917. While we were there Jerome married Hattie Georgia COFFEE, daughter of Judge Cleve COFFEE who was a rancher.

Next we moved to Wheeler [Wheeler County], Texas from 1917 to 1918, where Dad bought a whole block lined with 'honey locust' trees. It was a big white house, so as Ina Belle was in Texas Women's College (now Texas Wesleyan) in Fort Worth and Wilson was in the Air Force at Taliffero Field, Fort Worth, Jerome and Hattie lived with us when J. B. McCARLEY, II was born November 18, 1918. The first grandchild! Dad had a huge store covering one half block where we had groceries on the north side, carpets and furniture in the middle, hardware on the south side, and a 'racket-store' (five and dime) in the back and an undertaking building on the west alley. Dad used to say, 'We can take care of any one from the cradle to the grave.'

While we lived in Wheeler the banker D. H. HOLT and Daddy decided they would 'wild-cat' at Burkburnett. They lost everything they had, so they sold their assets and paid their friends '100 cents on the dollar.'

Mr. HOLT and Daddy chartered a bank in Manzanola, Colorado, from 1918 to 1921. That was where I entered High School. Also Hattie and J. B. came to stay with us until mary Louise was born, February 7, 1921. Also in manzanola Ina Belle McCARLEY married George Hubert ATER in 1919 in our house. Daddy did the ceremony and Hattie played the Wedding March. Hubert was a Dental Surgeon.

But Mama wanted to 'come back to Texas' as the children (except me) were there.

So we bought a block and moved to Clarendon, [Donley County] Texas. Dad had a monument yard from 1921 to 1923.

Dad rejoined the Conference and was sent to Clyde [Callahan County, Texas] in November, 1924. Dad and Mama were moved to Petrolia [Clay County, Texas] in 1925.

The Depression hit all of us. Dad and Mother had moved to Turkey to help Wilson in the Hardware Store (he wasn't well, suffering from Leukemia.) That's where a granddaughter, Margaret Ellen McCARLEY, was born October 25, 1928 at Lubbock. J. B. II lived with Mama and Dad, as did Uncle Albert COLLIER (Mama's brother) and sometimes Jerome was there also.

But Dad couldn't save the Hardware Store. He lost it, a section in Cochran County, a farm in Kansas, his home and some acreage in Turkey and a farm. they lived in Mineral Wells one year, then moved to Abilene on the south side, then to North 10th where they had a few monuments. That's where J. B. finished Abilene High. Uncle Albert was ill and was living with them when he died.

Dad spent one summer with Aunt Mamie [RICHARDS, his sister] out of Dublin. But in the fall he and Mama lived back in Stamford on McHenry Street. He was Justice of the Peace for a while. They were members of St. John's church near them.

Dad had four bad heart attacks in 1946. So he moved Mama to 111 N. Ferguson Street to a red brick home. It was a place where the water pipes didn't freeze in the winter and there was an apartment on the southwest corner of the house and he felt Mama would be able to live better. He was right - she did until 1960, dying on march 1, 1960, in Abilene.

On January 18, 1947, Dad died on Saturday night in the bath tub so peacefully. He just laid back his head. The doctor said, 'He never knew what hit him.' The funeral was Sunday, October 19, 1947, at St. John's Church. Lots of our friends came from Clyde. Daddy is buried on the COLLIER lot in the Live Oak Cemetery at Dublin where my granddad and grandmother James Wilson COLLIER and is wife Nancy (Nannie) LINDSEY are brueid.

He was a wonderful, wise, fun person. He sang tenor and loved to whistle. '42' or dominoes were his games and he always smoked a pipe. He was ahead of his time when it came to ideas of raising children. When I was thirteen, he took me to a trial in Clarendon, saying every woman should be familiar with court procedure. He also encouraged each child to finish a University. He said, 'Every woman should be able to make he own living' but added, 'I hope you don't have to.' (I certainly appreciate the preparation since I taught school about twenty five years, helping save our ranch during hard times.) Heredity gave Dad a love of good music and a reverence for books. He cut his teeth on a 'coin silver' spoon - it bore his prints. Someone left him a pair of opera glasses that were mother of pearl in a black leather case lined with red velvet. (Dad let me take them to Colorado Springs to hear Madam Schumann HEINK. She sang beautifully. The one I remember best was, 'Indian Love Call.')

Dad enjoyed good music. I grew up listening to 'red seal records' - I thought everyone enjoyed classical music. He also was a voracious reader. He had a wonderful Library, so there is much to heredity. He was one of the best read persons I've ever known. He had a remarkable mind and good business acumen. He was my Dad!
The Aspermont Methodist Church history book states he was one of the most eloquent speakers ever assigned there. John Belle McCARLEY and wife Frances Harris (Fannie) COLLIER were the parents of four children:
  • Jerome Collier McCARLEY was born march 2, 1895, in Dublin, Texas. His first name was that of his great uncle, the Rev. Jerome HARALSON. His middle name was his mother's maiden name. In 1917 Jerome married Hattie Georgia COFFEE. Jerome died in 1956. Their children were
    • John Belle McCARLEY, II, who was born November 18, 1918, in Wheeler, Texas. His name at birth was J. B. McCARLEY, II, but when he entered the Air Force, they insisted that he have names rather than initials, and he took his grandfather's name of John Belle. J. B. married Mary Ann GOSSETT August 10, 1944, in Clovis, New Mexico, and after her death married Sue BOLGER.
    • Mary Louise McCARLEY CORY was born February 7, 1921.
    • James Wilson McCARLEY, the second son of John Belle and Frances McCARLEY, was born November 17, 1896, in Dublin. He married Margaret O'HEARN and they owned a hardware store in Turkey, Texas. Wilson died May 16, 1939 of leukemia.
  • Ina Belle McCARLEY was born May 26, 1898, in Dublin. She attended Texas Wesleyan College in Fort Worth. She married George Hubert ATER, Sr., in 1918 in Manzanola, Colorado. She died December 29, 1970, in Lubbock where she lived. She had two sons:
    • George Hubert ATER, Jr.
    • John Allen ATER.
  • Thelma McCARLEY BERRY, the youngest child of John Belle and Francis McCARLEY, was born July 17, 1906, at Waelder, Gonzales County, Texas. She finished high school at fifteen and went to Clarendon College, where she finished in Speech under Ruth PIRTLE, the daughter of Zora B. and Mary PIRTLE, at seventeen. She began S.M.U. as a junior in 1924, majoring in Primary Education and Speech. Thelma married John BERRY November 9, 1925, at 12:12 A.M. They were married on her parents' anniversary, as early as possible to enable a long weekend of honeymooning. John had an interest in the BBB Drug (Berry, Bryant & Boushett), but soon after the marriage sold their third to Dr. John BAILEY and built a small house on their ranch. Over the years they built their ranch up to two sections. John worked as an appraiser, appraising all the land for Interstate 20 through the Big Country, and she taught school, teaching all twelve grades at Clyde. She also taught four grades in a two-teacher school at Fairview, just east of the BERRY Ranch. She is active in church and civic work, having been named Outstanding Citizen of the Year by the Clyde Chamber of Commerce in 1982, receiving high honors from the Texas Federation of Women's Club and the Texas Historical Commission, and having been honored with Thelma Berry Day in Clyde in 1988.

After the death of his first wife, Isabella McKENDREE McCARLEY, Thomas McCARLEY married a second time. His wife may have been Frances M. TURNEY, since marriage records of Newton County, Arkansas, report a marriage of Thomas McCARLEY to Frances M. TURNEY on November 1, 1873. He died January 29, 1878, at the age of 38, and his widow is shown on the Prairie County, Arkansas, census in 1880 as Molly McCARLEY, age 25, born in Tennessee. Thomas McCARLEY died without a will, and letters of administration of his estate were granted to J. W. BURNEY on march 19, 1878 in Prairie County. By his second wife, Thomas McCARLEY was the father of one son,

Thomas M. (Tom) McCARLEY, born January, 1877, in Prairie County, Arkansas. He married Lydia V. STURKIE in Erath County, Texas, on September 20, 1896. In 1900 and 1910, census records show them in Erath County, Texas, in Justice Precinct 2. The family later lived in Fresno, California. His half-sister Mamie McCARLEY RICHARDS and his half brother John Belle McCARLEY both were sent plane fare late in their lives to go out to California and visit with him. Thomas McCARLEY died September 25, 1952, in Fresno County, California. The Fresno Bee for September 26, 1952, carried the following obituary:
Thomas M. McCARLEY - Funeral services for Thomas M. McCARLEY, 75, of 2803 Grant Avenue, a retired service station operator, will be announced by the Lisle Funeral Home. McCARLEY died yesterday in a local hospital after a long illness. A native of Arkansas he lived here for 30 years and in California for 41 years. He was a member of the Full Gospel Tabernacle. McCARLEY is survived by his widow, Lydia; three sons, Cecil of Fresno, Hubert of McCloud and Tyrone of Boise, Idaho; a daughter, Mrs. Gladys SILKWOOD of Fresno; a sister, Mrs. Mamie RICHARDS of Texas, 19 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.

Lydia died on March 7, 1965, and her obituary indicates that Hubert was of Medford, Oregon, Cecil was of Morro Bay, and Tyrone was in Nevada. The grandchildren numbered 12, the great grandchildren 26, and the great great grandchildren six. Burial was at Belmont Memorial Park. The children were:

  • Jasper Hubert McCARLEY, born August 11, 1897, in Texas, died in Sacramento County, California, on October 3, 1971, but lived in Medford, Jackson County, Oregon at the time of his death.
  • Cecil M. McCARLEY, born March 9, 1899 in Texas, died October, 1982, while residing at Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo County, California.
  • Charles L. McCARLEY, born about 1901 in Texas, who either died early or was called Tyrone.
  • Tyrone McCARLEY, unless Charles was called Tyrone, who would have been born after the 1910 census; and
  • Gladys O. McCARLEY, born about 1907 in Texas, who married a SILKWOOD.

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