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  1. George Harkness and wife Mary Sharpe
  2. Edward Sharpe and his family.
  3. Thomas Sharpe
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For YEARS this page has said:

This page is very much under construction. I apologize to having linked to it at this point, but I'm not going back and taking out all the links, either. I do intend to get some information together and set it out for viewing soon. In the meantime, if you want to look at the source code, some of the information I will eventually have on this page can be seen.

Then it had no information showing at all. I've unhidden the text I had, but it's VERY rough draft and never will be anything more than that at my hand. I have not worked on genealogy for more than ten years.

Elizabeth HARKNESS, wife of John Cooper STURGEON was born January 18, 1784 and died August, 23, 1846, the daughter of George HARKNESS and Mary SHARP.

I have will of Edward Sharpe, Sr. in North Carolina. He was a Senator from 1785-1788 in Colonial Legislature of North Carolina. Lived in Mecklenburg Co. area. Roger A. Harkness John Smith of York, S.C. came to America with wife Jean (Jane) and five Harkness boys who were nephews. They lived on Bullock Creek in the old Tryon area of S.C. John died and will probated Feb. 13, 1794. Wife Jean and Robert Harkness inherited all of his estate. george harkness' will!! Edward Sharpe's will. elizabeth harkness..Death: 20 AUG 1846 in AL. Burial: Sturgeon-Patterson Cem - Lauderdale Co,AL. Reference Number: 5600 Marriage 1 John Cooper STURGEON b: 26 SEP 1777 in Mecklenburg Co.,NC. Married: 8 JAN 1805 in Mecklenburg Co.,NC. Children

Sue Hallmark ( wrote on September 9, 2013:

George Harkness born 1743 had a son Jonathan G. Harkness born 1791--he had a son George Harkness born 1850--he had a son Thomas M.L. Harkness born 1882--he had a son Benjamin Harkness born 1899--he had a son Rowe Odell Harkness my father had me Virginia Harkness--you can go to budsherbs1 on then the Harkness tree.

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